Volume 320 - Scratched

 November 5, 2000

From: mkonieczki@rslusa.com

Subject: DUI Report

Griese pulled over for speeding

DENVER -- Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese takes complete responsibility
for actions that led to his weekend arrest on charges of driving under the influence.

"I'm going to stand up and take it like a man, go on from there," he said Monday.

Note: His blood alcohol was way over the limit. HOWEVER, he was WELL UNDER
the age limit that one can use to claim it was a "youthful indiscretion." Varying reports
indicate that this age limit is either 29, 30, or 40. Since Griese's age is under all three of these,
he would be well within his rights to claim Y.I. and have his driver's license number changed.
Griese will then be eligible to run for President in 25 years.

ha ha

 Sure, let's go back - why not?

 I saw that dirty shit John Ashcroft on This Whore with Cokie.

 He wasn't being the nasty, hateful prick he usually is.
 He was nice and polite and respectful of Mel Carnahan's widow.

 Yeah, those right-wing sons of bitches always get warm and fuzzy
 when there's a close election just around the corner.

Look at him, in his warm and fuzzy sweater.
He's not the Nazi prick we know and hate.
He's not the Bob Jones diploma-accepting, gay-hating Aryan supremist
 that he's been for the last few years in Washington - no, not at all.
He's not the sex-with-a-donkey pervert who DEMANDED more
 and more details about Clinton's cock and Monica's genitalia.
No, he's not the man we've all seen for the last 6 years.

He's a decent, caring, God-loving good guy, who needs your vote.

I hate traitors the most.
Right after that comes the religious frauds, then the whores.
You know how I hate the whores.

John  Ashcroft, you are a religious fraud and a whore.
I hope you get your own show on Fox News in January.

From: mkonieczki@rslusa.com

Subject: At the White House

(quoting CML, below)
"Oh, but he was just a youth when it happened," people are reasoning
about the DUI arrest. Well, excuse me, but he was 30 years old at the time.
When does youth end and adulthood begin?  31?  32?

He didn't stop drinking until he was 40.  Is that when youth ends, at 40?

I'm only 32 now.  Does this mean I have eight whole years left when I can do
whatever the hell I want and squirm out of any responsibility for it?  I see possibilities here.



That youthful indiscretion bullshit doesn't fly anymore.
If the moral wing of the GOP says you finally grow up at 29, well then,
I guess you can't say a 30 year old had a youthful indiscretion.


Michael, great point.
Laura the Martyr did this before she was 30,

and we forgave her, so we should forgive Smirk, too, right?
But why did they both lie about it and try to cover it up?

I thought only Democrats did that kind of thing...

 Smirk - Afraid to "trust the people" with the truth

 He left that line blank, because he knew it was a BIG DEAL,
 so he  hid his arrest record  from the voters - didn't "trust the people."

From: quahog@hotmail.com

Subject: Get out the vote

Hey BartCop -

You know I'm with you in your support for Gore.  But I'm a little concerned about
the "big win" you're assuming we'll see on Tuesday night.  I for one believe that the
polls are probably wrong, but having said that, it's still going to be a very close call.

We need EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT in the country to get their ass down
to the voting booth and pull the damn lever for our man Al, or we're going down.
So please temper all the talk of breaking out the Chinaco with a little dose of reality.

This election is NOT a slam-dunk, and we are fools if we assume Gore's going to
win by any huge margin.  The key to the victory celebration on Tuesday night is
VOTING ON TUESDAY.  Anyone who fails to vote for Gore out of some
spineless apathy or "lack of enthusiasm" better damn well keep their whining
traps shut when Smirk puts his hand on the Boble in January.



Ken, once again I have failed to be clear.
I think Gore's going to win.
I think a lot of Democrats fear the worst.
When they declare Gore the winner at 10:22,
most liquor stores will already be closed.


From: kissfan72@peoplepc.com

Subject: Just for laughs...

Last evening at Sam Houston race track there was a horse
in the 5th race named "Justa Smirk".

He was SCRATCHED.  haha..

Best Regards,


ha ha
Brian, good one.

We're going to scratch another Smirk Tuesday...

 More Truth
 Or does the truth matter ever more?

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 The thing that irritates me the most, however, is Bush's heavy-handedness when
 dealing with youthful defenders today, when he knows full well that he got by much
 of his life without having to be accountable for some of his misdeeds, or mistakes.

 In 1994, Bush campaigned on a platform of getting tough on juveniles.
 He promised that if a kid was old enough to do the crime,
 then he was old enough to do the time.

From: Nmmeeks@aol.com

Subject: Those wacky texans


i knew republisheep in Texas were insane but i had no idea how completely
insane they were.  Two republican legislators demanded that a small article
warning children of the dangers of the internet be taken out of a textbook
because it had a picture and a reference to Al Gore.

First of all ithink this is advance retribution for the big ol' ass whuppin
Butch is getting Tuesday, but since the article was about the dangers of the
internet i can only assume that the republicans want out children in harms'
way.  Now unlike Bill Bennett (R- Gaping Sphincter), i wouldn't go so far as
to suggest the republicans did it so they could prey on the kids because i'm
not a low life will whore my morals for cash kind of guy.



 I caught Smirk's brother on a couple of Sunday talk shows.

 He seems like an intelligent, articulate, reasonable man.
 I didn't see that deer-look in his eyes when asked each question.
 Matter of fact, he actually answered the questions asked of him
 instead of falling back and repeating the Rove-approved script.

 He seems so much smarter than that idiot brother of his.
 Why did they run the stupid son of Bush?

From: rhenderson@austin.rr.com

Subject: Rush Rules!!!

Nice site.
Too bad you wasted your time on it because Bush is going to win!!


Robin, the math says that's possible.
Tell me, you voting for the drunken, cocaine candidate or Al Gore?

PS. I'm sorry about Rush ruling your life.
       I hope - someday - you get free.

From: RatBikeRandy@aol.com

Subject: Gore lies

I'm glad that you at least report Gore's lies.  I feel sorry for you however,
since you obviously do not believe that people should work to earn their own
living.  You are pro-death (abortionist).  You want to confiscate more money
from income earners than is necessary (we have a budget surplus now).
Maybe one day you will awaken your eyes to terrible things that liberals
have done to OUR country (yours and mine) in the name of liberalism.

One last note.  You will notice that I did not use name calling toward you or
other liberals as you must resort to since you do not actually have any ideas.


Randy, you up for a debate?
You sound like a guy who could put me in my place.
Since I have no ideas, it should be easy for you to dismantle me.
Thursday at 9 PM CST is good for me, how about you?
Maybe you could explain that surplus thing to me, too.

By the way -
you're voting for a man who was reared by a woman who was "pro-death?"
Would George enjoy hearing you talk about his mother that way?

Nancy Reagan is pro-choice, so is Betty Ford.
Are they really "pro-death?"
That sounds so negative and sad, can you explain yourself?

See you Thursday, unless you're concerned about losing
to a fellow who does not actually have any ideas...

On last night's SNL, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey (meow!)
got in some good shots on Smirk and his wild drinking binges.

Click  Here


Then, Tina explains that confusing electoral thingy...
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Tina gives great news...

  For the archives...

Oscar winner Kim Basinger says,

Get a leg up...


 Read  bartcop.com  every day!

 On this DWI thing...

 Every report I've seen has said, "Bush was stopped, it was determined he
 was drinking, he went to the courthouse and paid a fine of $150."

 Where's the part about being handcuffed and put in a cell to sober up?
 Did he post his fine and go home drunker than shit?
 Or did he spend the night in the drunk tank with the other drunks?

 Why can't the press do their job and report what happened?

Altered National Guard Records?
   More trouble for Smirk

 Full story at  smokingjet.com

 Click  Here  for the forever version

 Flood of hot stories at AM-POL

 Gene and Morrie - Breaking the Nat Guard Cover-Up

 Tamara Baker - Proves Smirk is a Congenital Liar!

 Steven C Day - The Many Oxymorons of Smirk

 Dave "Doctor" Gonzo - Smirk's Drunkenness

From:  Hbm925@aol.com

Subject: (no subject)

You all must be fucking insane calling Rush Limbaugh nazi you
propaganda spreading motherfuckers oh god bush got a dui 30
years ago CLINTON perjured himself did you post that you
socialistic asshole you kind of people is whats wrong with this
country when you go around half cocked I bet your for gun
control you fascist pig

Dude, nice hat.

From: seanog@metconnect.com

Subject: birdbath

Dear Bartcop:

I checked Bird's site - what a (censored).
The boy's problem is no sex, no drugs, and no R&R (check out his choices
for "Great TV" - "A-Team," "Dukes Of Hazzard," "Magnum PI."     Pitiful.
If he's 25, he saw these when he was a kid. That's like me saying TV
hasn't been the same since "Dick Van Dyke"). And didja see his picture?
What a (censored). Now I understand why he has so little experience with blowjobs.

That said, (a) why did you bother with him? He can't even spell (for one thing, he's one
of those idiots who thinks the contraction of "They Are" is "There"). Judging from his site,
his opinions are basic jingoism and standard, mail-order Clinton-hate and
(b) why didn't you use at least the medium hammer in the debate?
You were conciliatory, even agreeable at times.
Don't you realize force is all these people understand?

Oh well. All I can think is that his attack was like Bill "Spaceman" Lee's
old "eephus" pitch - it comes to the plate so softly it's tough to really spank it.

Sean O'Gara

(a) He started out talking like he had a pair, making a big fuss in the chat room.
(b) But in our debate, he was polite and unsure of his history,
     so I didn't want to be accused of using excessive force.
     For the next debate, I'd like to find someone a little more in command
     of his facts and if he had a chip on his shoulder, would be extra gravy.

 The other guys says, "No, I think he's a jack-ass."

Buchanan endorses Gore?

The Birmingham News
News staff writer

Patrick Buchanan says voters don't have much of a choice between Gore
and Bush in Tuesday's election, but Gore would bring more experience and
know-how to the White House.

"In my judgment, Mr. Bush has a very pleasant and attractive persona,"
 Buchanan said during a campaign swing through Birmingham.

 Would you do this at the White House?
 By Christian Mitchell-Livemore

 Click  Here

From: mrsjudyochristian@yahoo.com

Bush, Judy O'Christian caught leaving sleazy hotel room!

Good LORD! Damn the liberal paparazzi!

This story is all over the news, thanks to a leak by
that demoncrat AL GORE!

(Karen Hughes, Bush's PR chief, told me to say the following. It's all wrote out
 on 3x5 index cards, just like they done for Ronnie. As I am a True Christian, I know
 I can add a word or two without retribution, as Jesus is telling me just what to say.)

 They are blowing this all out of proportion! GW BUSH and I met at the Super 8 Motel
 for a prayer session, as Bush has done countless times with countless other
 True Christian ladies. This was entirely innocent! This is yet another instance of Gore's
 using leaks, like the fact that both governor Bush and his running mate, Dick Cheney,
 have arrest records, marking the first time in history that not only one, but TWO
 candidates for the highest office in the land, the leader of the free world and his VP,
 were not only drunks but also had criminal records. We did our best to cover them up
 but the damn liberal media can't keep their nose out of where it don't belong!

 We Republicans rightly pointed out the fact that the evil Clinton smoked pot,
 and we rightly tried to demonize him with that fact. Now the demoncrats are
 acting so high and mighty! It makes me sick! To all the voters, I urge you to
 forget these nasty issues (as you've obviously done with all others) and
 Vote BUSH because you will BURN IN HELL if you don't!!!!!!

 And anyway, Jimmy Swaggart wasn't even in the room with George W and me.
 He was in the adjoining room, and he finally quit peeking, after George W
 moved the furniture to block the door. So there!


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