Thank you so much for writing me back, I was a little bit down in the dumps
until I opened my email program and saw your reply . You made my day.
I'm all smiles, now. I know how incredibly busy you are, so believe me,
the fact you took some time to reply to my letter when I know there must
be hundreds (orthousands) of emails to wade through, well, I have to say
I'm honored by your response.

You were the victim of a kind of McCarthyism, you remind me of Lillian Hellmann
standing up to the bullies on the HUAC committee and asking them, "have you no shame?"

You personify Hemingway's definition of courage, grace under pressure.
Never forget that you have many, many friends and admirers. You are not alone.
I will always keep you in my prayers. Good luck to you with Bartcop's fundraiser,
I hope it helps you get back on your feet financially.
Again, thank you so much for writing back.
Your Friend In Texas-----

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your kind and generous words.
I appreciate the support that I have been given by
readers of bartcop, it can get a little lonely and frightening at times.

I am enjoying the writing and look forward to getting my story published.
It is my story, it is OUR story.  If the Government can manage to come after me
with the full weight of their power and resources, it can happen to any of us.

I want to stand in the way of that happening.
Thanks for writing, it means a great deal to me,


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