Wow, we haven't had a  VCR Alert  this exciting in months.

 We start with a new, Wednesday edition of Survivor - Amazon. Tonight, the girls
 strip off their clothes for food. Hey, that sounds like a crime in most states, but I
 have to watch because Mrs. Bart is the biggest Survivor fan in Joklahoma.
 The second hour is the returh of West Wing, starring my good friends Martin Sheen
 and Bradley Whitford (He did not say it!) Tonight, Abby hires Josh's girlfriend to
 saboutage (damn those French) a piece of her husband's legislation. I think the fight scenes
 between Josh and Amy are among the best moments on that show. Smart women are so sexy!

 By the way, with West Wing back on the air, does that mean the war is over?
 Now, halfway into the sure-to-be-exciting West Wing, Wanda's new show premiers,
 hence the VCR part of the alert. I hope her show is as good as it should be.

 Then in the third hour, you have the always-good Law & Order.
 But at the same time, let's talk about The Shield.

 The Shield is doing a cool thing. Their season finale is next Tuesday, so between now & then,
 they're replaying the entire second season, two shows per night. Tonight's repeat of the season
 opener is damn riviting. Vic and the gang go to Tijuana to kidnap a Mexican drug lord, which isn't
 all that easy to do. But the hard part is getting him past the border guards and back to into California.
 That's not easy to do with a car shot full of bullet holes. The scene where Vic is talking to the border
 guard is among the best this show has ever done. Calling Alfred Hitchcock!

 By the way, and here's the brutal language part - next week's season finale should be a monster.
 There are so many explosve plot lines that will all come together at once. One of them involves Julien,
 the gay, black  cop who's also religiously insane. He went to some church deal to "get rid of" his
 homosexuality so he could marry a woman who has a ten-year old son. To his credit, he told the woman
 of his "past" orientation before they got married

 When his old boyfriend got out of jail, he came to see Julien and wanted to stay with him until he
 got on his feet. Julien told him no, that he was married and that he wasn't able to help.
 (Hey, Julien, give the guy $300 and tell him to go away.)

 But the old boyfriend commits an assault, so Julien told the cops working the case his name and
 where he could be found. When they dragged the guy into the cop house, he starts screaming at Julien.
"You won't even admit who you are, Julien.
 Your dick in my ass makes you gay. My dick in your mouth makes you gay!"

 That's frank and brutal talk, but it's the kind of language angry people use.
 It's part of what makes The Shield. one of TV's best dramas.

 You can imagine how that went down (pun intended) with the other cops. One of the asshole cops
 posted pictures of Julien on the cop bulletin board that said, "Anal boy has AIDS," and stuff like that,
 then they called his house to tell the ten-year old that his new daddy was "a queer," and Julien didn't like that.
 Previews from next week show Julien, who's almost as big as Baldwin on NYPD Blue,
 tearing into the bastard cops - that'll be fun to watch.

 In another story line, Vic and his gang are going to rob the Armenian Money Train.
 The Money Train is weeks or months worth of cash that the Armenian mob is shipping back home.
 They show the biggest pile of cash I've ever seen, probably hundreds of millions of dollars - but things
 go wrong during the armed robbery and people are killed.

 Next Tuesday's The Shield oughta rule totally - catch the build up starting tonight.

 So if you like cops shows that are real, and you haven't seen The Shield, tonight would be a great time
 to invest an hour. If you do, you'll stay for the also-riviting second episode that follows the Tijuana premier.

 But that's not all.

 Times vary, possibly, but on HBO tonight, they're playing possibly the greatest boxing match of all time.
 Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns

 If you're a boxing fan, you already know about this one.
 THIS is one of history's greatest boxing matches, and it didn't even go three rounds.

 Unlike the Tyson bitefests that aren't even real boxing, when the bell starts the first round, both of these
 magnificent champions came to the center of the ring and started slugging.  Toe-to-toe, they traded giant
 haymakers, one after another for three solid minutes.  You won't believe you're eyes.

 I forget what words he used, but at the end of the first round, the announcer says something like,
 "Holy sweet Mother of Koresh - have you ever seen a round like that in your life?"
 It's that good.

 Apparently both men had orders to not willy-nilly around.
 Big, hard bombs landing on chins, one after another.  Boom!  Boom!

 The second round?  Same damn thing.
 Pounding like you've never seen unless you were watching the pay-per-view back in 1985.
 Hell, if you don't like boxing, this could turn you.
 The third round was more of the same. Obviously, this fight wasn't going to go 15.
 Yes, Virgina, when men were men, boxing went 15 rounds.

 Two minutes in the third round, one of the champions goes down.
 But after this fight, you'll want to buy the loser a car.

 Eight minutes of excitement that boxing just doesn't have anymore.
 If you have to, go buy a VCR so you can catch this legendary boxing match and The Shield.
 If you don't have a VCR. watch the first three rounds of the fight, then switch to FX.

 You just don't get entertainment this good very often.

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