Subject: So Julie sends me this email...

I wasn't going to come to Juliefest....I thought "why on earth would I come to DC
and party with a group of pissed off people like me?" But I wanted to at least send
this wonderful woman a measly $50.00 so I did...after a few Chardonneys...
(sorry but unless Im playing in Playa del Carmen the tequila just doesnt fit)
and I also could not resist sending her a note...quoting a line that touched me
from "The Lord of the Rings"

Even as I sent it I thought "oh brother jeff, hasn't she ALREADY
been through enough without your platitudes?"

And by God I got this back....and I'm coming...
and if you're there Mr. Tequila Man....Ill buy you a few.

I'm there, Dude
You did a good thing - sending Julie the note and the fifty.
She told me she spend most of Saturday answering mail.
See you at Mr. Carville's place...

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for both your contribution and your "words of wisdom" from "Lord of the Rings."
I have to say that I understand completely.  I doubt anybody would want to be put in my position
and yet, having been put there, I cannot ignore the reality that it is also an opportunity for all of us.

The Internet has provided all ordinary Americans with a place for our voices to be heard.
Mainstream media has not recognized that they can no longer speak for us without accuracy
and get away with it. I see the party in Washington as an opportunity to come together and
find one voice, one platform, through which we can raise our voices and be heard.

We need to organize our strength and take advantage of our numbers so that we aren't asked
to sacrifice one more right. Thank you for your support.  It is time to make lemonade and
every voice, thought, perception counts.


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