Volume 356 - King George II

 December 12, 2000

 Bad Language Day until further notice

  The minutes tick by, it's sinking in - slowly.

  What the Supreme Court has ruled is:

 "Because it's essential to the preservation of our sacred right to vote,
  the America people deserve to know the true winner in the state of Florida,
  we hereby order an immediate recount of every disputed vote in Florida,
  proving you can complete it before the deadline, which is in three hours and six minutes."

 Son of a bitch...

 After dragging their feet for 35 days, now they tell us there's not enough time?

 This isn't right...

 Great Republican Quotes

 "Smirk won't get a very long honeymoon."
   --Tim the Whore, 9:43 CST

 So help me Koresh...
 If the Democrats bend over...
 If they take this like the Washington Redskins took it in Dallas last Sunday...

 (clears throat...)

 If there's a God, I'll have a semi-large hammer 700 days from today.
 If I see some honeymoonin' going on between Smirk and certain Democrats,
 my hammer may need to be liquid-cooled before the primaries begin..

 Not sure why, but I keep hearing "...Chamberlain, ...Chamberlain,"
 echoing in my head and no matter how hard I concentrate, it won't stop.

 The Supreme Court has Ruled  (Update)

 The official transcript reads as follows:

 'lk;jdflkah sd'p Clinton's cock gihas vbna' ;slkdv'ap ojd 'fpoj a'vkn/ZL xmvbpiU ASGFIOP hae'g
 'lkjsbd;viubg SOLKGB NV'A Clinton's cock OLISKB NDV';IKO bS'CLIKbn hsafc'oi8H
 QW'IDPF;KASHN Clinton's cock DV;OUABSDV'KLNBAS'LVKNsd'lk;vnasv

C';IKNA  S;jlbawljugn hb/jksandr vouBWSD A'KSD Clinton's cock NV 'IPASNDV' INASD

'/laksndv;h uadws;oif hqebiuh yfb;iuawb ghf;oiew'aol ksndv'oais nv'ijansf' gipboja sf[ouih
asi'vokna  'K;lnfdsbvn 'ikpand'piahn' 'aisn'vio  ah Clinton's cock sifvnkas  nv'aisnd  l;vjnbba  idi
'lkna Clinton's cock seikbnv';jlaesrouibasjvbas a'kosdnv'ioashnfv'pdan'pgbihnasdubvo'asndvnas
'jaiobsipasn'vknbsvc [as';conas Clinton's cock f uvbn;ojad rnfvdaryb vu;iab;'voahsvka

[sv'oasn dvo'iads nfp'iasniv kanspik'vn'akf nvbask;nva; ksv  Clinton's cock as p iasdnv pivn
'aposdj fgihqfeiugy    fwipyuqwbnr Clinton's cock 'lknv ljsdvcoiahsp' foaj sdvas

Switching from CCN to ABC to CBS to NBC,
nobody has a goddamn clue what this means so far.

Of course, George (Judas Maximus) Steffie announced on ABC at the very first moment
that Gore was finished, over, kaput, dead, out of the water, out of time, deceased and nil,
while NBC and CBS were saying "This is going back to Florida."

George - fuck you.

We know you hate everything that you used to stand for,
but you didn't even read the ruling before you pronounced Gore dead

Tim the Whore says the SC rushed this decision before they were ready
to beat some possibly important midnight-tonight deadline.

As of 9:30 CST, nobody can say anything that makes sense.


 Even the smart people are having trouble deciding what happened,
 so forgive my IQ of 64 when I say it's hitting me slowly.

 The press is giddier than a mother-fucker, so I'm guessing that means Smirk won,
 but aren't they also saying that, after dragging their goddamn feet for FIVE WEEKS,
 the courts have decided there's NO TIME

 I lost an issue.  (w/Update)
 When the server was down, I turned the Dec 7  "Latest" into Volume 352 and it was written over.
 I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a copy of that?
 It was called "He Bag Production," so it must've had a lot of Lennon in it,
 but it will appear as "The Latest" from December 7th.

 I guess it was the issue with that angry rant against that New York writer
 who was dumping on Yoko - Oh, I just gotta have that back.

 If anyone, for some reason, has a copy of that - e-mail me.
 Maybe you sent it to a friend and have a copy in your "Out" folder?
 I lost an issue - years ago - and somebody had a copy.
 It sure would be nice to have that issue back.


 I haven't heard anything from anyone, so I guess that issue's gone.
 Don't get me wrong, I don't think my writing is anything to brag about,
 but that issue had some heartfelt, primal anger that somehow made me feel
 like I was helping John Lennon a little by speaking out for Yoko.

 I remember one line -
 If I was dead, and somebody was attacking Mrs. BartCop,
 I could count on you to come to her aid, right?

 Anyway, I guess there's always a tiny chance it was saved by someone
 who only checks in once a week, so let's cross our fingers.
 If I still believed in prayer, I know the Caths have a patron saint for lost stuff
 and another patron saint for lost causes - both would seem to apply here.

 Lastly, (applause) we shut down work suddenly tonight when the blizzard hit.
 (Have you seen a national weather map? Look at that monster in Oklahoma.)
 So I'll have to send today's Part II up tomorrow.

 Between Smirk's illegal takeover, the bandwidth crisis, John Lennon etc,
 it hasn't been the happiest week, but do we let shit like that stop us?

 Fuck no!
 We fight back!
 They can't stop us unless we give up,
 and that's not going to happen.

 Let's put this in terms even ditto-monkeys can understand:

 Let's say we had a big, big horse race every four years.
 The Democrat horse was running against the Republican horse.
 This year the race was especially close.
 Both sides claimed victory, and neither side would admit losing.

 You see, it was a photo-finish.

 The Democrats, wanting to prove they won, are asking the judges to look
 at the photograph taken the exact moment both horses crossed the finish line.

 But th Republicans got the judges to proclaim "irreparable harm" would be done
 to the Republican horse if anybody checked that photo to see who won.

 All we want is to check the photograph.

 If the photo shows the Republican horse won, we'll admit it and be peaceful.
 But if the photo shows the Democrat horse won, OR the judges REFUSE
 to let us see the photo that proves who won, we will NOT be peaceful.

 It's that simple.

From:  DARVI@prodigy.net

Subject: Great Republican Quotes

I came across this quote in one of my dusty history books.
And I pass it along to you to ponder.

"While other leaders freely engaged in personalities, he appeared to be cool
and devoted, patiently searching out the 'theoretical' errors of his colleagues
and presenting them in a dispassionate spirit. It was precisely his lack of brilliance,
his plainness, which inclined us to believe that he said."

Sound like anyone we know?
No, it's not about Shrub.
Who is it, then?

Joseph Stalin, who had to de-power the mega intellectual know-it-all Leon Trotsky
in order to take over from the master of Soviet Russia, Vladimir Lenin.


Written by: jac_versteeg@pbpost.com  of The Palm Beach Post.

Subject: Reminder:

It was President Bush the Elder who set the modern standard for pardons
by lame-duck presidents. On Christmas Eve 1992, after he had lost to Bill
Clinton, Mr. Bush pardoned Caspar Weinberger, Robert McFarlane, Elliot
Abrams, Clair George, Alan Fiers and Duane Clarridge.

That collection of Cabinet officials, advisers and CIA spies was caught up in
the Iran-Contra scandal. The key pardon was for Mr. Weinberger, who faced a
trial in which he might have had to testify about President Bush's claim that
he was "out of the loop" on Iran-Contra. The pardons saved Mr. Bush's bacon
and foiled independent counsel Lawrence Walsh.

Don't listen to testimony, don't count votes.
Secrecy is a Bush family trait.

For more, read the Big Story

This is the most illegal, incestuous election in history.

Justice Thomas' Wife Works On Bush Transition
  New York Whore Times, December 12, 2000

Click  Here  for the whole incestuous story

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11- The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said
today that she was working at a conservative research group gathering resumes for
appointments in a possible Bush administration but that she saw no conflict between her
job and her husband's deliberations on a case that could decide the presidency.

The comments from the justice's wife, Virginia Lamp Thomas, a former Republican
Congressional aide, came as a federal judge in Nashville said Justice Thomas faced a
serious conflict of interest as a result of his wife's work for the Heritage Foundation.

The foundation has close ties to the Republican Party and would probably have a say in
the hiring of key government officials if Gov. George W. Bush assumed the presidency. In
e-mail distributed on Capitol Hill earlier this month, Mrs. Thomas solicited resumes "for
transition purposes" from the government oversight committees of Congress.

A decision by Justice Thomas to recuse himself could alter the outcome of the case now
before the court, which is weighing whether to allow a manual recount of votes in Florida.
On Saturday, by a vote of 5 to 4, the court blocked the recount for now. Justice Thomas,
who was appointed to the court by President George Bush, Governor Bush's father, was
in the majority.

If Justice Thomas were to recuse himself, it could result in a 4-to-4 tie in the case now
before it, which would allow the ruling by the Florida Supreme Court to stand.

"There is no conflict here," Mrs. Thomas said in an interview. She insisted that
she rarely discussed matters before the Supreme Court with her husband and that
Slappy therefore should not consider recusing himself from the landmark case.

DubYa Lost Black Vote 9-1
the Washington Whore Post, December 12, 2000

Click  Here

Smirk began his bid for the presidency committed to getting black votes.

Smirk beggeed the NAACP to "give me a chance to tell you what's on my heart,"
admitting that "the party of Lincoln has not always carried the mantle of Lincoln."
He campaigned with Colin Powell, and gave big speaking roles at Nazi-Con 2000
to any Uncle Tom willing to sell out his race.

But on Election Day, black rejected the lying son of a bitch a 9 to 1 margin,
one of the worst records for a Nazi candidate in American history.

From: mrte@home.com

Subject: The Phoney Twins - Scalia and Slappy

Not only would Bush be an illegitimate president, but it is growing more
and more obvious that an illegitimate U.S. Supreme Court is trying to make it so.

"First we learned that Rehnquist's lawyer son is helping defend Microsoft against
private antitrust lawsuits and the judge participated in a key Supreme Court vote
in a Microsoft antitrust case.  Federal law says judges should disqualify themselves
from cases in which their wife or child is known to have "an interest that could be
substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding."

Then we learn that two Scalia lawyer sons work in law firms defending Bush in
the U.S. Supreme Court.  Now we learn that Thomas is guilty of the same infraction.
To date, neither Thomas nor Scalia have recused themselves from the Bush case,
even though they have already made decisions severely damaging to Gore.
While it seems we can't force them to do the right thing and recuse themselves,
even though they appear to be breaking federal law, we can sure shout "illegitimate"
to the skies.  This has now gone beyond the credibility of the U.S. Supreme Court.
We're now into questions of the legality of the U.S. Supreme Court."
        - Politex, 12/12/00

 Visit  Bushwatch.com

From: jcaicedo@lycos.com

Subject: Guns

BC, do you realize you're starting to sound like the gun nuts that you preach against?
I mean really, you're talking about gun grabbing when not too long ago you were
talking about how the repubs. want to (via the NRA) arm everyone and allow guns
in just about all public places. No wonder liberals are always being ridiculed.

Jorge, I see much confusion in your note.
"Gun grabbing" usually refers to those who want no guns.
You have the wrong guy if you think that's me.

In a few hours, we're going to be told our votes don't count.
They will then control the White House, the Congress, the Supreme Court,
the military, the press, the airwaves and every other goddamn thing.

When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come?
I won't go without a fight.

As far as "liberals always being ridiculed,"
shall I carve that on your tombstone?

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