Volume 360 - Sixes and Sevens

 December 17, 2000

From: keleka@cableone.net

Subject: offer

It just occurred to me to offer you some of that unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth
I've got with my web host.  If you're interested, I can set up a directory for you
and you can store a bunch of stuff there and link to it.

That should save you on bandwidth, etc.
Let me know if you're interested.

Keleka, I appreciate the offer.
I have many problems, one is that I don't know Smirk about how the Internet works.
The way I remember Perkel explaining it to me, "The Latest" gets all the hits
(90% or more) at  bartcop.com  and it changes every day.

If I had a big section that was static, I think your offer would work,
but "The Latest" gets relocated everyday, and I think that causes problems.

Also, there is the math problem.
People have been telling me about this <img src="\"http:yourfriends.com"> deal,
but there's a problem with the math.

Let's say you have 100 meg you can loan me.
Let's also say 3 cartoons = 100K.

So if ten people read "The Latest," they would pull 1 meg of bandwidth from you.
If a hundred people read it, they'd pull 10 meg, a thousand people = 100 meg.
So we're already out of room, thus we have a problem.

If you "hosted" just one cartoon instead of three, that would serve 3,000 readers,
but the others would be left out.  Wait, that's not true.  Your server might accomodate
whoever clicked, and send you a bill for the extra bandwidth.

If I have the math wrong, someone straighten me out.

Bottom line, unless you have an extra 2 gigs a day, it wouldn't help
but I appreciate your offer.

 Bag O' Mail and Toons

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 Great Christmas Quotes

 Clarence Slappy Thomas (R- Pubic hair) has been lying his ass off,
 telling people that there's "no politics" in the Supreme Court, the lying bastard.
 Jesus Christ, Slappy, who do you think you're fooling?

 Let's go back to the Civil Rights Commission Christmas party of 1990.
 Clarence the unqualified idiot was chasing Anita Hill all over the place
 with a sprig of mistletoe trying to get her to kiss him, the pervert.

 Finally, he cornered her over by the punchbowl, snuck up behind her holding the
 mistletoe high in the air and whispered, "Hey, Honeybunny! Guess what's over my head?"

 Growing tired of his harrasment, Anita spun around and said, "Jurisprudence?"

From: trblair@ozemail.com.au

Subject: debate

Dear Bartcop,

Apparently you've been looking for a conservative who can match your
stunning intellectual capacity for debate. Well, I've sent you a few
emails over the past few weeks, hoping for just such a confrontation.

No answer as yet. I assume you're busy, what with your site being overloaded and all.
I'm happy to debate you online any time you like.

Hell, I'll even telegraph a few of my punches, so you'll know what you might be facing
(this is only fair, since I've read most of your arguments at your website):

1. The "votes" that weren't counted in Florida weren't votes. They were unmarked ballots.

2. As for all the many disenfranchised poor folk down Florida way, do we know who they are?
Can anybody, from Jesse down, name a single one of them? Or could it that ... they don't exist?

3. George W's academic history is at least the equal of Gore's. Better, in some areas.

4. Gore's book "Earth In The Balance" is illiterate, anti-scientific gibberish.
For an example, allow the book to fall open at any page.

5. Gore won the popular vote. In how many ways does this not matter at all? Thousands, I guess,
but it's possible that Bush actually won the popular vote. As you'd know, many states cease
counting once a clear winner is known. That's why possibly millions of absentee votes weren't
counted in California. Bush coulda won ...

6. By the way, if the popular vote WAS important, Bush probably could have won it by hammering
the GOP states. Lucky for us he cared more for the electoral college.

7. Democrats - yourself being an example - have lost the ability to argue. All you do is throw up a
few pictures of Bush with a Nazi symbol, or call him Smirk. Weak.

8. If you attack Bush for being part of a rich Washington dynasty,
you've gotta attack Gore for the same reason.

9. If you attack Bush for being in favor of the death penalty, you've
gotta attack Gore for the same reason.

10. If you attack Bush for being supported by big business, you've gotta
attack Gore for the same reason.

And so on.
Any time you want to debate, Bart, any time at all ...


Tim, yes, this is the first I've seen of your e-mails.
We may have something here, but let me ask a few questions:

1. Do you know what the Bush pardons are?

You don't have to agree with me that they're the biggest crimes since WWII,
but you have to know they exist before we can debate.

2. Never, ever, did I mean to say I had a "stunning intellectual capacity."

If I did, I take it back. My point is, if the truth is on your side, even an idiot can win every debate.
With my smart mouth, conservatives should be lining up for their chance to whip me, but,
even after years and years of searching for someone, it's extremely rare to locate someone
like yourself who is willing to get in the ring.

The lack of qualified conservative opponents has been so profound,
I have been reduced to debating libertarians.

Any time you want to debate, Bart, any time at all ...

How about Thursday, 9 PM CST?

 Next chance you get, you should visit http://www.mikemalloy.net/

 Mike is one of the few non-whores with a microphone these days.
 Koresh knows the good guys need all the support they can get.

From: janor88@flash.net

Subject: She-thing


Just noticed the Dr. Laura game price has been reduced by amazon.com from $ 29.99 to $ 6.99.

ha ha

Laura the Unloved's Kingdom is Krumbling

 Maureen Dowd, another lying whore

 There's no denying Maureen Dowd is a talented writer.
 But why does she have to lie her ass off?
 She attacking Hillary here, and intentionally telling a lie.
 Why do they give Pulitzers to writers who lie?

 The first lady insisted, when her husband's wandering came up, that they
 deserved a zone of privacy. But she always exacted her pound of flesh by
 parlaying his marital slips into her power posts health care czar, senator.
 Now she's the one peddling scalding scenes from her marriage.
 The Clintons have gone from feeling our pain to hawking their own.

 The exact opposite is true, and Dowd knows it.
 The whore press told Hillary they will ONLY give her millions if she talks about Monica.
 The Clintons have millions in legal bills from the GOP-fabricated "-gates," and to get out
 from under them, they need to make a lot of money. The whore press won't pay for a book
 about politics and power, but they'll pay mega-gazillions for a story about Clinton's cock.
 Hillary may HAVE to talk about Monica to escape her negative financial status, but to hear the
 Dowd-whore tell the story, Hillary CAN'T WAIT to "peddle scalding scenes from her marriage."

 Maureen, why are you such a lying whore?

 And it's no coincidence that Dowd works for the New York Whore Times,
 whose managing editior is Matt Drudge, the walking semen-stain

 Complete Dowd Lie

 Last question:
 Why do they give Pulitzers to whores who lie?

From: johnde@va.prestige.net

Subject: A vicious brand of politics was defeated by the slimmest margin

Here is the most recent column by that punk James Lakely...the one who
sent you the letter saying you were the one expousing hate.
I say you renew your call for a debate with this chump.

Click  Here

John, there's no way Mr Lakely would agree to a debate.
I'd make him eat every lie he told in that article.

 When Bob Barr wants to murder his unborn daughter, what does he do?
  Why, he drives his wife to the "abortion mill" in the family car, of course.

 Things I didn't get to - Dept.

 Catching up on some newspaper reading, I read complaints from Repubs
 that Gore didn't want to count all the counties, just some counties.

 That's another really stupid thing to say, and the press just let it ride.

 The counties that had the newer machines weren't the problem.
 You can recount all the accurately-counted votes you want, but it'll never change.
 What needed counting was the votes from the poor counties that had old, broken
 machines that were spitting out thousands and thousands of "unreadable" votes.

 ...and the whore press kept their mouth shut because they wanted President Smirk.

 I read in Friday's USA Today where Frank Smith spent 14 years on Florida's death row.
 He eventually died from cancer, but now Florida finally got around to his DNA test and,
 not that he'd dead and buried in the fucking ground, they proved he was innocent.
 Asst State Attorney Carolyn McCann said, "It's a bad feeling," finding out too late.

 I'll bet Jeb was feeling really bad, too, because the guy died before Jeb had a chance
 to execute the guy. I mean, he was black, so why should he get justice?

 Without even looking, I'll bet Jeb is second only to Smirk in executions.
 Anybody want to bet?
 Smirk has what, 350 documented state-sanctioned murders under his belt?
 How many does Jeb have, another 100?

 I sure hope America doesn't get what we deserve for letting Smirk steal this election.


 December 16, 2000

 We're doing a very short issue today.
 Bandwidth is going thru the roof.
 Let's let the wires cool off a little.

 No matter what, we'll still have a  bartcop.com
 but the pictures/cartoons may have to disappear.

 A typical day of the Treehouse is about 50K,
 but some cartoons are 50K by themselves.

 Debate between Ogantai Khan  and BartCop last night

 The debate last night wasn't what we were hoping for.
 Mr. Khan wants to impeach Clinton for stifling freedom of speech over an issue
 I'd never heard of, the anti-meth making directions, and I had never heard of it,
 so the debate was bloodless and had very little entertainment value.

 Too bad some people, like  jcsimao@sonic.net  (below) are afraid to get in the ring.

 On the Comedy Channel, they're advertising a new show.
 It's from the South Park gang, and it's called "George W Bush."

 Sounds like a real riot - anyone know anything about it?

 Quotes from around the world

 "Al Gore is out and it is a bad day for American democracy."
   -- Britain's The Guardian newspaper

"The legal decision shows at the minimum that there
   is something rotten in the Florida of Jeb Bush."
   -- France's Le Monde

 "P.S. We are here."
   -- London's Mirror printed a globe with an arrow pointing to Britain,
       to show they know what an idiot the Supreme Court appointed

 "Because of Bush's linguistic deficiencies, inability to grasp complex issues
  and a deeply right-wing disposition unlikely to favour Africa."
 -- Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper

  The whole world is laughing at that idiot Smirk,
  and wondering why the voter's voice was silenced.

 Woman's Life put in Jeopardy
      Eminem Reconciles With Wife

 CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -  Eminem and his wife have reconciled.
 Kim Mathers and Marty Mathers asked a judge to dismiss their divorce complaint.

 The couple, high school sweethearts who married in 1999, want what is best
 for their 5-year-old daughter, lawyers said.

 The bad boy rapper promised not to kill his wife with their daughter watching,
 according to statments filed by attorneys for both.

 Eminem was arrested June 4 for using a gun to bitch-slapping some dude he thought was
 kissing his woman, the woman he says he wants to kill. Prosecutors have offered to coddle
 the rapper if he pleads guilty to creating a public nuisance.
 Mrs. Mathers is expected to live another 6-8 months.

 Hollywood continues to wretch at the thought of President Smirk
  The lovely Kari Wuhrer from Sliders

"You can shove that stolen victory up yer butt, Herr Smirk!"

From:    jcsimao@sonic.net

Subject:  Love Bartcop.com very amusing

My personal liberal principles

1) Freedom of Speech is OK only if it is mine, otherwise I have the right to threaten
who I don't agree with, talk over people, and call peaceful demonstrators thugs if I
don't agree with their ideology.

2) Tolerance is paramount. I will tolerate only people exactly like me, criminals-not victims,
violence against peace officers, involvement in massive killing by our government in the
Serbian/Bosnian civil war, sex in the white house on our tax payers dollars, bribes and
illegal campaign contributions, lying by anyone, etc. I am very proud to be me.

3) I am not accountable for my own actions. Rules are for everyone else.
There is always a way to spin and snake my way out.

4) Save a tree - kill a baby mentality - Trees are more important than human life.

5) Generally, excessive taxes are OK. I either don't work and I am on the receiving end of a
social service program, or I was born with a silver spoon. In either case, working is not a priority.

6) I am, as a general rule, a dim wit. I believe Bill Clinton should receive full credit for the economy.

7) My favorite - I believe it is only permissible for a criminal to possess a gun.

8) I firmly believe in it takes a village to raise a child - Watts, California

9) Hypocrisy is a way of life for me. I am a protector of the environment, yet I live in a wood house,
drive a car with an internal combustion engine, and use electricity of nuclear origin.

10) I am a protector of freedom, until it is gone.  I used to think everything was great. I woke up
one day and realized we were living in a socialist - fascist country. I realized at this point history
repeated itself and began to doubt things. Could it really be true? There is a parallel between the
Nazis way of governing.

     Then I blame it on someone else. Must have been the right wing Supreme Court Justices screwing
     things up by upholding our constitution.

Joseph Simao

 Joe, you seem to have strong opinions.
 Are you any good in a debate?
 Or do you prefer to parrot Rush's silly cliches?
 You know that Rush can't take calls because he's all horseshit.
 Are you all horseshit too, Joe?
 Or can you defend some of that crap?

 Think you could stand toe-to-toe with the champ?
 If not, do you know anyone who can debate?

 How about whoever wrote that silly crap you chose to copy-and-paste?
 Would that guy enjoy an ass-whoopin'?

 For years, I've been looking for someone - anyone - who could debate.
 I'm on Issue 359 right now, and in all that time (5 years) I haven't found a single
 conservative who can answer very, very simple questions.

 Do you know anyone who could answer some questions?

 Lemme know, or don't write back.
 I've heard from hundreds like you - hit and run
 with no chance of standing your ground in a debate.

 It's sooooo easy to hide in your home and fire off ideas that someone else wrote,
 but how good are you at explaining what that other guy's ideas mean?

 Are you a man or a mouse?

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 It was the last issue written in a democracy.

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