The View from Canada
   by Tim Gauthier

 Hi Bart:

 I have been a regular reader of your site, and I want you to know it gives
 me hope that not all of our neighbours to the south have turned completely
 into insane warmongering bible thumping election-stealing loonies.

 It is a pleasure to read such a wonderfully irreverent site, especially given
 the fear that seems to permeate the mainstream media in your country.
 Up here, where Bush is apparently unaware we are separate country from
 you folks, he has unleashed his ambassador, Paul Cellucci, to tell us how
"disappointed and upset" Americans are that Canada has not joined them in
 the war against Iraq. Celucci indicated that we would be punished for this,
 no doubt through further trade penalties. "Security trumps trade," is how
 he put it.

 Bart, I'm scared. I lived through Reagan's surreal presidency (when we had
 a lickspittle Prime Minister named Brian Mulroney who was Blair to Reagan's
 Bush), and I watched with fascination the short train wreck that was Bush 41,
 but I can't see how you guys are going to recover from Bush 43. He really has
 altered your country in so many fundamental and frightening ways.

 He has cowed the mainstream media completely. Anyone who criticizes his
 administration gets frozen out, so no one dares cross him. Your cable news
 stations are battling to see who can be the most right wing and the most mindlessly
 pro-Bush. Your government has changed so that much more power is now
 concentrated in the executive, and you have set up the framework for a very
 effective police state with The Patriot Act. He has destroyed your public finances,
 yet all I hear from pundits is the horrible damage the Clinton years did to America.
 Are you guys living in Bizarro world, or what?

 Bush has also opened up your government to group of religious fanatics.
 I have nothing against religious people in general, but we are talking about
 the uniquely crazy "I believe in the apocalypse" type of religious person,
 and It scares me witless to think of some whacked-out god-monkey having
 access to America's immense arsenal.

 Tell me you'll save us all, Bart.

 The Worried Canadian
 Tim Gauthier

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