My brother Marines are dying for nothing - AGAIN!
   by Robert S. Finnegan, Managing Editor, Southeast Asia News

 Irish philosopher Edmund Burke once said: "The only thing necessary for
 evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

 No words could better describe the situation taking place in America today.

 As the illegal war in Iraq bogs down and the body bags start coming home to the
 accompaniment of images of American POW's on CNN, the mood worldwide is
 one of shocked disbelief that events have been allowed to go this far.

 If indeed Americans who have supported this war in the beginning are becoming
 disillusioned, wait until the next curtain comes up. Warfare in built-up areas: the
 nightmare of all military commanders.   Americans seem to love war these days,
 especially when they can kick back in their well-worn easy chairs and sip their
 cheap suds while taking in the deadly events occurring in the Middle East.
 Zombie-like, they exercise a level of egotism that sets them apart from the
 human race. I wonder if the "independent media" will ever show this rotting
 underbelly of the United States on prime time, the supporters of this illegal war.

 In Jakarta, my Indonesian friends now avoid me. This is a bad sign. The radicals
 are having a field day and growing stronger by the minute. America, the Great Satan.
 I used to laugh at that phrase. Not anymore. From where I'm sitting it carries a lot of weight.

 What happened to the lessons supposedly learned in Vietnam? Are we as a nation
 doomed to repeat past mistakes over and over again until finally the American people
 have had enough and attempt to call a halt to this slaughter? What will happen to
 those who do exercise their "rights" - as if we have any left - in an attempt to steer
 our country and our people back on course with the rest of humanity?

 What will the mindless, beer-swilling sheep that comprise the majority of our electorate do
 when they finally realize the gig is up? Will they admit they were wrong, or simply bend over
 and take it in the kiester because they are, after all, the real cowards in our society?

 Will the government turn the military loose on the protesters? Will they fire on their
 own countrymen? What will it take to dislodge the evil in the White House?

 I am afraid that I already know the answers to these questions.
 The one question that looms in my mind now is: Can we still take back our country?
 Or is it too late?

 On a very personal level, I have to say that I am sick of hearing average Americans
 parroting the lies of the administration. Just the other day I was attacked for an article
 I wrote suggesting that a very hard look be taken at what we the people are allowing
 to happen in our name. One reader, who appeared to possess the IQ of a smart housedog
 (apologies to American dogs) actually challenged me to a duel. I laughed at it. I'm not
 laughing now. Not after watching the bodies of my brother Marines being treated as
 they were in Vietnam.

 So, Mr. America, you hot dog eating, cheap beer swilling loser who probably never
 saw a day of military service, I am now ready to take you up on it. You and me stud.

 I specify sawed-off 12 gauge shotguns at 20 paces. I'll pay your way to Jakarta
 - duels are legal here - and may the best man win. I'll even pay for your cremation
 and the Buddhist monks to preside over the scattering of your ashes; it's still a
 bargain in this part of the world.

 My brother Marines are dying for nothing, AGAIN, and I am now one very pissed off Marine.

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