Look what they've done to my rights
   by Dragon5

 There is nothing better than being dragged into a war by geriatric pusilanimous Howdy Doody!
 This is not a war that will insure peace and prosperity for the people of this country, or any other country.
 The only things this war will bring are huge profits to few select privileged individuals and corporations
 and a neverending cycle of atrocities. Only a few privileged individuals and corporations support this insanity.
 Who is pulling your strings?   Howdy Georgey.

 It is obviously not the majority of the American electorate. You know all those people you seem to have forgotten about .
 You know, the ones who voted for your opponent in the 2000 presidential election. You know,  the people of America
 who did not give you an overwelming mandate to lay waste to the American and the World economies, not to mention
 lay waste to this planet and its inhabitants. I have heard certain members of your administration mention that the world
 looks to America for moral leadership and that is pure self-indulgent bullshit!!

 Our illustrious leadership is protecting us all these foreign threats either real or imagined yet the greatest threat to
 America and indeed the rest of the world comes from within. Has anyone noticed something missing?
 The anti-war protesters seem to be missing the point.  This is not a war for oil, that is just a little extra prize for
 those who pull the strings. Has anyone seen the Bill of Rights lately?  How many people are being held without
 even the slightest hope of anything resembling even the most basic  human right of due process of law? 

 I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all threats - foreign or domestic.
 The gravest threat to our civil liberties comes from those claiming to defend our civil liberties and the so called
 American way of life.  Supporting a dubiously elected president and irrational policies weakens this country.
 Not supporting him may be only way to save it and the rest of the world from coming darkness.

 Only a miracle can stop madness!
 Only you can stop your Constitutional rights from becoming extinct!

 They are already on the endangered species list.

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