Graphic War Images
      by David Allen
 I have had discussions with my wife and a few notes from others about posting
 gruesome images to Let me address each objection raised.

 1) These images are shocking and disturbing and shouldn't be posted.

 (picture of small, bloody Iraqi girl)

 War is shocking and disturbing. I am sure this little girl was quite shocked to be
 walking down the street one moment and sprayed with hot shrapnel the next.
 This is reality and reality is very harsh. If these images sicken and upset you,
 then I suggest you hike down to your congressman/senator's office and show
 them to him/her. This is what our government is doing to innocent people in Iraq.
 Ask yourself how you would feel if someone did this to your little girl? Next time
 an ignorant co-worker cracks a joke about what we are doing in Iraq, show
 the picture to him and ask him if he is proud of that. Ask him what this little girl
 did to deserve what happened to her.

 2) These images are needlessly provocative.

 Gee, imagine how provoked the Iraqi people must feel.

 3) What if my children should see these images? It could scar them for life.

 Imagine what it is like to be this little girl and be LIVING these images.
 Imagine what her scars will be like.

 Why are your children so important that you raise a stink about images on the web,
 and yet other people's children are maimed or reduced to a bloody bag of
 shattered bones and you can't be bothered?

 4) This kind of things happens in war all the time.

 And this makes it right?

 Folks, this is being done in OUR name, and rather than sparing ourselves the trauma
 of looking at these kinds of images, we should make copies of them and show them
 to every person we meet. We should ask them, "Are you willing to do this to someone?"
 If the answer is "no", then they need to stop with all this "support the troops" bullshit,
 and bring our soldiers home.

 When someone prattles on about "liberating Iraq", show them this picture. Ask them
 how they would explain to this little girl why we did this to her.

 There is no excuse for doing this to a human being. None! Anyone who claims
 otherwise is no better than the likes of Saddam Hussein.

 David Allen
 Distrusting the Government Since 1984

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