Dearest Julie:
    I just finished reading your account of the final report of the Independent Council,
Ken Starr. My God, what a brave woman you were to be able to stick to the truth
and endure the wrath of the religiously insane Right Wingers.
    To be truthful, I can understand why they were and still are so obsessed with
President Clinton. He is the ultimate in strength and character. Any time that I'm feeling
down hearted and just get a glimpse of him, it brings me up out of the doldrums. In my
opinion, you have the same kind of strength and when I read in the papers about you
during all of this turmoil, I felt such deep admiration and appreciation for you.
    I'm just so thrilled that Bart Cop has gone to such lengths to honor you, a terrific lady,
and sure wish it were possible for me to be there for the festivities, but there are several
reasons why I cannot be there in person. My heart will be there for you and all the
wonderful people who will be there to honor you.
    Please say hello to Bartcop and James Carville for me.

    Sincerely yours,
    Marian, an old Missourian and a proud Liberal Democrat

Dear Marian,
Thank you for your note and for your kind thoughts.  I agree with you on all counts.
Bartcop has given me an outlet for my voice, for my message.  He is generous, kind, loyal, very funny,
smart (because he thinks I am funny), outrageous, bright, and most important of all, my friend.

He has been simply amazing.  His friends have embraced me and reminded me that Virginia really
isn't Siberia, and I am not alone. My life has once again been made richer by the addition of new
friends across the country.  Together, as one voice, I think we have an excellent opportunity to
make a difference.  The time for the Washington media to tell us what we think needs to end.

An appointed President with his Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and  a never-ending war agenda,
simply terrifies me.  We must stand together and stop the erosion of American rights. Neither my trial
nor the appointment of President Junior happened in a vacuum, it was all part of a continuum.

Florida looked like a reunion of the "Impeachment Gang."  I have never seen anything like it!
And, last but certainly not least, our last elected President...My admiration for President Clinton,
and for Senator Clinton, knows no boundary.  I sincerely believe that he will be remembered
as one of, if not THE, greatest Presidents in  history.  My book, and there will be a book,
will leave absolutely NO DOUBT that there was an attempted coup and that partisan politics
nearly destroyed our country.

I may have sent Starr home to rewrite history, but his allies simply waited it out.
The next opportunity to seize power came in the election of 2000.  Having failed to remove
President Clinton from office, they continue to vent their hatred and resentment even today.
He handles it with his usual dignity but I, of all people, know the extent of their power and abuse.
It can be breathtaking, it always made me think that it is not the country I thought we lived in.
I recognize it less each day... Naturally my case remains under seal.

I am sorry you can't come to DC.  If I had my way EVERYBODY who has supported me
in any way would be there at my expense. Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate your support.
And I also wanted to tell you that I lived in, and LOVED Kansas City.  I was there from 1976
until the 1978 move to Richmond.  I didn't even go back to visit until 1983, I didn't trust myself
not to cash in the return trip ticket and stay there!


If YOU write to Julie, she'll probably write back.

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