Subject: Just a Short Thank You

                   I would love to meet you in DC and be amongst like
                   thinking people but I am in a similar situation as you and can't
                   afford the trip. I am in dire straights indeed,but I make sure to keep
                   my phone and computer link running so I can keep up the battle,
                   and stay in touch with you and Bartcop.
                                     I guess I wanted you to know that as bad as it gets for
                   you or me,we both have to remember it could be worse. Keep
                   your chin up and hold your head up proud. You are a HERO
                   and there are Thousands, tens of Thousands that know it. It's
                   just a lot of us are caught up in our own battles and aren't able
                   to help at this particular time.
                             I do have you on my list for when the better days return to
                   contribute what I can. Thank You for being someone I can admire
                   and respect. Thank You for being a true role model for Truth.
                               I wish you all the best and hope to see everything about
                   your special day on Bartcop.
                           In Solidarity,With Warmest Regards,

             Thank you for your very kind and generous note.  I appreciate your support and
             want to assure you that you need not even think about making a financial contribution.
             The message you have sent, the thought that went into it, and the real sense of compassion
             shown are what matter most.  I think you and I both know that we have to have money to
             physically survive, but I can assure you that without good emotional support there can be
             no healing.  You have given me a gift that I will treasure and always keep with me.
             I thank you and ask that you take good care of you.
             Please let me know how you are doing by staying in touch.


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