Dueling Quotes

"Q:  Just one other thing, if I can. Does the President know more about what Senator Santorum said?
         Does he have any feelings about his comments? Do they think they were inappropriate or appropriate?

Ari: I haven't personally talked to him, so I don't have anything direct from the President to share.

Q:  So you all are just making a conscious decision to just keep clear of this one?

Ari: Let me put it to you this way. The President typically never does comment on anything involving a
       Supreme Court case, a Supreme Court ruling or a Supreme Court finding -- typically. And in this case,
       we also have no comment on anything that involves any one person's interpretation of the legalities of
       an issue that may be considered before the Court.  --Wednesday's White House Press Briefing, 04/23/03,

"Good afternoon. The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in a case about admission policies and student
 diversity in public universities. I strongly support diversity of all kinds, including racial diversity in higher education.
 But the method used by the University of Michigan to achieve this important goal is fundamentally flawed. At their
 core, the Michigan policies amount to a quota system that unfairly rewards or penalizes perspective students, based
 solely on their race. So, tomorrow my administration will file a brief with the court arguing that the University of
 Michigan's admissions policies, which award students a significant number of extra points based solely on their race,
 and establishes numerical targets for incoming minority students, are unconstitutional."
    --Dubya, who just made a liar out of Ari the Forked Tongue   Bush Discusses Michigan AA Case", 01/15/03,

 Yo Bart,

 RE: the jet that crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11.

 My cousin's husband was at a military base on a hill overlooking the Pentagon.
 he said that plane came directly over his head and the jet exhaust blew his hard had off.
 He dove on the ground and wartched as the plane slammed into the helipad and Pentagon.

 He was very ghenuine about that day, I believe him.

 Joe in CT

 Joe, thanks for that.
 I believe that's the first eyewitness report of the Pentagon crash that I've seen or heard.

 Subject: BC Radio is coming right along!

 Latest soundbite shows conclusively you are DEFINITELY improving Bart.
 Loved the bee story.  Your accent is perfect for radio.
 Keep it coming!


 VCR Alert

 Wow - that West Wing was an adrenaline pumper, wasn't it?
 Of course, NBC's whore promo department promised us a kidnapping,
 but they decided to make that happen "soon," instead of "tonight," like they promised.

 These same NBC losers did this constantly with Homicide, always showing misleading
 promos and editing the previews to just flat-out decieive the loyal viewers - that's horseshit.
 Hell, I have more credibility than NBC's promo department, and it shocks me every time
 I say I have more integrity than some multi-billion dollar global conglomerate like NBC/GE.

 But the promo department aside, damn, what an episode!
 The writer's device of a poker game is one of television's great equalizers, from the gang at MASH
 to the crew of Star Trek - The Next Generation.  Matter of fact, in ST-TNG's great series finale,
 the last word spoken were, "Would you like to join the game, Captain?" and Picard acted tons
 without saying a word and then closed the series with, "I should've done this a long time ago."

 Besides the poker game, (weren't there three different sessions?) the shooting was fan-f-ing-tastic television.
 Off the top of my head, Ill say only Aaron Sorkin and David Chase can create this kind of overwhelming tension.
 It reminded me of the Sopranos episode when Tony killed Ralphie and had to bury him quickly.

 And who knew Charlie was Luca Brassi?
 Bartlet said, "When Charlie hears about this, not even Sonny will be able to call him off," and sure enough,
 Charlie came barreling thru the Oval Office doors after, apparently, disabling or slipping past the Marine on guard.

 And Matthew Perry - I completely bought his character. I was surprised as hell that I didn't see "Chandler" standing there,
 and doesn't he look sharp in a siut?  And CJ, claiming she showed "cat-like" reflexes during the shooting.  I played it back,
 and poor CJ is just standing there like a befuddled Smirk (Sorry, Allison), staring straight ahead while the other two pulled
 her to the floor.  And the look on Sheen's face when the M-16 boys burst into the Oval Office, "Peter, ...I have to go..."

 ha ha

 Great episode, guys, but where was Amy?
 Her fights with Josh are the best!

 Subject: the bees

 Hello B Cop,

 I would geuss you may have visited some girlfriend relatives and upon returning
 decided to relax, argue, get crocked and take a couple days off.

 I'm sorry, I'm already lost.
 If I had a romp with a girlfriend lately, could you relay all the details?
 Koresh, I hope you have video of it.

 I suspect that you may be having a tough time finding conservatives that are
 willing to argue because your site is not that popular yet.

 True, I'm pretty certain that 99 percent of America has never heard of the site.

 It certainly isnt something that draws conservatives. I read it because it is already funny. As far as Im concerned,
 anyone who doesnt recognize smirkymcwarhardon as damn funny, wouldnt know funny if it chomped their ass.
 You seem like you are a lonely sort and obviously looking for any reason you can think of to ditch your tired liberal ways.

 So, ...you see through my charade?
 Yes, ..I am lonely. I don't like my tired liberal ways, I want to ditch them.

 If only someone would emerge from the shadows and show you the way, then you would, I suspect, be
 quite willing to see the other side and probably embrace it wholeheartedly. I have emerged from the shadows.

 Wait, we are talking about a girl, right?
 Otherwise, I don't want to play.

 Unfortunately, there is a problem. I am rather set in my ways and dont like to argue.
 I will bring the debate to you for point one, then I expect you to do each even numbered point of contention.

 OK, ...

 I will be fair--If you give me the red-ass,  I will admit it. You, of course may do what you please.
 We both know that no matter how you dress, the red-ass is recognizable, even on an international stage.

 I have no comment.

 Bart, If you dont mind a brief rejoinder to your childhood days, when even the girls used to
 push you around and give you indian burns--LET THE GAMES BEGIN !

 I am unfamiliar with the term, "indian burns," and I'm from Oklahoma.  (It sounds sexual in nature.)
 I'm also confused by "the girls used to push you around."  That's a wild thing to say.
 As a Catholic virgin, I would've welcomed any physical contact with those Britney skirts!
 Several of them could've had their way with me if only they had asked.

 ...but yes, I think a friendly debate with you would be interesting.

 Let's set it up.

 Iraqis Buying AK-47s for Self-Defense

  Click  Here

"Every Iraqi I'd estimate now has two or three guns. And we will use these guns against Britons and Americans,
 if they do not go out of Iraq," car mechanic Dhiab Hamad Khaleifa said Wednesday.

 He spoke along a dusty roadside at a Kalashnikov market outside Baghdad - an impromptu affair of pickup trucks
 and men waving assault rifles. Potential customers blasted rounds into the air to test the wares.

 The Iraqi military, once the Mideast's largest, simply abandoned its arsenal when officers and other soldiers slipped
 away ahead of U.S. forces. Looters were quick to appropriate mortars, 50-caliber machine guns, rocket-propelled
 grenades and guns from abandoned bunkers, trenches and depots.

 Policing all those weapons or trying to round them up through amnesty programs could be difficult.

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