Subject:  No, they're not


I have three kids from 18 to 19.
I told them all, and their homies, to get off their Playstation asses and go fucking vote.
How many did? My two girls, that's all.

I guess they really want to see the Middle East up close and personal, because that's where they're headed.
God bless them all.

Greg in Mayland
By the way, Daschle deserved to lose. He sucked!

Subject:  Re: Why kerry will defeat Bush

Well, as of this morning we know that all those writers who said the masses were on our side, those guys who
write so well and actually try to get their fact straight -- those guys f--ked up in a big way on this election.
I am so disgusted with Michael Moore, Jimmy Breslin and others who suggested liberals enjoy a sizable majority.
Compared with 2000, this one wasn't even close.

Of course I don't think the vote count was entirely accurate, but one thing is clear: there are a lot of really stupid
f--king people out there who were willing to vote for Bush.  Stupid, selfish, arrogant, cowardly, ignorant, superstitious,
petty dimwits who care more about getting cheap fuel for their Hummers ("my penis is smaller than yours, nyah, nyah")
than whether their own children are going off to die in the desert sometime in the next 20 years.  There's nothing more
depressing than watching millions of Americans march merrily off in the direction of the 14th Century.  No doubt we'll
soon hear mention of a Witch Burning Amendment making the rounds on Capitol Hill.

In voicing support for Kerry, the American Conservative stated, "Bush has behaved like a caricature of what a right-wing
president is supposed to be, and his continuation in office will discredit any sort of conservatism for generations."  Our task
for the next four years is to ensure that this prophecy comes true.  Our goal should be the clean and swift demise of
conservatism, that we might rejoin the rest of the world, currently in progress in the 21st century.

Keep it flyin',

Subject:  Blog comment

Bart Dude,

If your blog had the ability for us normal bartcop losers to post comments
I'd have spent the evening with you andthe others.

As it is, I'll have to take my glass of wine somewhere else.

Steve, I'm not sure how to explain this, but allowing anyone to comment would be a disaster.
Because of the personal and combative nature of  it really, really rubs the unstable
conservatives the wong way.

If we allowed anyone to post comments, those who are afraid to meet me in the chat room
would seize the chance to take their cheap shots and it would be unreadable.

Conservatives have two things on their mind:
Hillary's genilatia
Their fantasies of Bart having sex with black men.

If we opened the gates for everyone to post, Freeper cowards would post more comments
about those two subjects than all other posts combined.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to see it.

Subject:  Fear, politics, elections and horses

As I look at the vote tally tonight it is amazing to me that 52% of our nation could vote for George W. Bush.
After all, there is little or no truth in the man, and anyone can see it.  So, I reasoned, why would anyone vote for him,
especially when he did not even win a majority in the last election?  And, by logic I further reasoned: Kerry will win in a landslide.
Well, in searching for an answer, I should note that I did something today that I have not done in about 20 years.
I went for a horse ride.  Although I grew-up on a farm, for the past 30 or so years I have lived in the city.
Well, when I went to an old friend's house in the country today to watch the election results his 15 year-old
daughter invited me for a horse ride.
I was amazed that this 15 year-old girl could walk into a corral with two horses, saddle both up, and lead both out for our ride.
The horses were many times more powerful than the girl, and many times her size.  Yet this young woman was able to command
and control these powerful animals at will.
Again, not being very smart, it took me some time to realize that her control was based not on any fact, i.e., her physical
dominance of the beast, but rather the lifetime of programming that had gone into convincing the horse that it was under control.
In its simplest form, the horses actually feared this young girl.
In my mind, the American populace is in a similar position now.  After 3 years of being beat down with the September 11 attacks
and terror warnings, we are like the powerful horse, able to buck-off our master and run free, but afraid to do so because we have
been programed to believe that we cannot.
Like the horses I saw today, we have been corralled, saddled, and ridden.  I shudder to think that our future now depends on the
benevolence of those who throw us some hay while in our corrals, and take us out to ride us when they wish.
Bob in San Diego

Subject:  Thanks for blogging

Hey Bart,

Thanks very much for blogging the election results.
I hung with you until signoff.
Despite the outcome, you did a great job and your effort was a huge success.

Best regards,
H.W. D

HW, thanks for that.

Subject:  There is no God

As I reflect on whether to hurl myself in front of an on coming train, blow my
brains out or move to France, I am confounded by the people of this country.

When did it become more important to keep two guys from getting married
than to let your kid be sent to Iraq to die for nothing?

When did the right to have an automatic weapon become more important than
invading another country for no reason?

When did the right of stem cells become so fucking important?

When did the poor and ordinary masses of this country become brain-washed
into thinking that being a republican is consistent with anything that happens to them in their every day life.

 How did we get to this point, when 50,000,000 citizens in this country can be manipulated by lies, slogans and deception.

Maybe I should just hang myself now before the recount.
Help me, Bart.


Phil, you got enough rope for two?

Subject:  I want out of this country

These morons who voted for Bush - I hope to god that their kids are the first ones sent to Iraq.
I hope to god that there is another terrorist attack and that a nuclear bomb is dropped right on those "red" states!

This is a nightmare.  It's going to be like living under Hitler.

We got people interested in voting, only to have them discover that, no matter what they do,
the people with the money and connections are going to take what they want anyway!

I'm not voting anymore - what's the point?  My vote doesn't count anyway.
I don't want to live here anymore.  I can't stand the stupidity...and the pride in the stupidity.

Maybe this country needs to be brought to its knees before its citizens wise up.
I don't want to be here anymore.  This country isn't even worth fighting for!


I sense some anger in your note.

I know you feel that way right now - it's natural.
But we'll get past this - somehow - and build towards the future.

I doubt Hillary will lay down like Kerry and Gore did.

Subject:  Ohio is the new Florida

Yer a betting man...
I'll bet you $5.00 that this sElection isn't over.
The Provisinal Ballots AND the Absentee Ballots are not fully acounted for yet.
The Shrub has Ohio by a thread of 15,000 votes.
Kerry Camp says theres 250,000 uncounted votes in Ohio alone.
The Provisional Vote Count will take 11 days.
THIS is the next Kobe/Scott
The masses want a drama...TPTB have set the stage...

NOTICE...Shrub has not recieved 270 EC votes YET.
ALL day...the TV and radio went on and on about how it could be a tie if BOTH got 269 EC votes...

(much snippage)

Dude, Kerry gave up - we lost.

Subject:  You Knew This Was Coming

(freeper gloating)

Yes, I did.
I knew it months ago.

That's why I kept screaming at Kerry to wake the hell up and start fighting.
He refused to fight, and we're forced to live with that refusal for the next four years.

Gore refused to fight and Kerry refused to fight.
I tried my best to get each of them to join the battle but they refused

I wonder why that is?

Subject:  Not me

Sorry, I know the Democrats and the GOP will ask me to unite behind the elected President,
but that is just a bunch of political correctness.   The GOP pulled every dirty trick in the book.

They called people and told them to vote in the wrong places.  They told people there would be arrests
for child support and parking tickets.  They sent out flyers saying Democrats would ban the Bible.

They had their churches denying communion for Kerry supporters.  If anyone else ever tried to sink
to that level, the GOP would scream (and did scream) that the Democrats were trying to steal an election.

Now that their dirty tricks won the day, they want me to forget all about it and put it all behind me for
four more years.  So in the next campaign, they can do it all again.  Sorry, I am not putting this all behind me.
The GOP politics of hatred and lies are what divided the nation.  The GOP can't stab someone in the back
and then say: "it is time to stop stabbing people".

I will never support someone who thinks it is acceptable to torture people for no good reason.
I will never support someone who thinks it is necessary to kill a hundred thousand innocent civilians
just to get their oil.  I will never support someone who claims to be a Christian but giggles about signing
death warrants.  If his only problem was that he was ignorant, arrogant, bigoted, small-minded,
short-sighted, mean-spirited, spoiled, dishonest and juvenile, I would still tolerate his opinions.

But when he puts on his phony religion and uses that to justify murder, war, torture, hatred, oppression,
and prejudice, then I will not ignore that.  Those are not the teachings of the Bible I read, and I will stand
against deceitful religions as long as I live.

God fights his own battles, but we have to defend ourselves from people who claim they are doing God's will for him.
And freedom is worth fighting for.


Subject:  Kerry is a coward

Kerry's a COWARD!
He throws away our efforts and hopes. He's complicit with this NeoFascism!
Don't give me the "stability" and "for the good of the country" bullshit!
Gore took a LOT longer to cave in and demoralize the party.

Is the Democratic "leadership" purposely poisoning the well?

Harry, this didn't just happen.
Kerry caved in this summer.

Subject:  Kerry concedes, now it sucks for all of us


Well, it now truely sucks. I see myself using my Italian heritage to
establish residency there so my family can then change citizenship.

Why? Easy. We're going to invade Iran in the next 4 years, which will
cause us to need to re-institute the draft, and we'll end up occupying
Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan for the next 20 years. I have a son who's
almost 2 and another on the way in March. I don't want them to have to
serve in an army that's living in the ashes of some messianic lunatic's
attempt to bring Jesus back to Earth tomorrow. Know when to step onto
the life rafts.

Movie to see: "Alexander," since it will (probably) paint a picture of
where the world is going to be: an Empire expanding into the desert in
an expansion that will not be sustainable.

Election "over," time to check out.

Subject:  So....what now?

Another four years of angry yet impotent blogging for the loyal opposition?
Or do you all get out and organize that resistance movement, even at risk of your personal safety.

You just know that PATRIOT was created for this moment.
Surely enough Bush opponents own enough guns to do something about this travesty.

No, liberals think guns are bad - we're completely defenseless.

Blogging and discussing won't stop the draft, it won't stop the joint Israel/US attack on Iraq,
it won't stop the decimation of whats left of the working to middle class.

Isn't it time for you Americans to put down the keyboards and break out the weaponry????
What the fuck else do they have to do to you????


Paul, it's going to take a LOT more than this to wake the democrats up.
We're content to wallow in failure - we don't want to win.
Take away Bill Clinton and you have to go back 40 years to find a Democrat with balls.

We're afraid to lead.
Like children, we want to be taken care of.
We live in a fantasy world where playing fair and being polite always wins.

Democrats will continue to lose until they get some BartCop attitude in them.

Subject:  Badly wrong

Well, there's no hiding it. I was wrong. Badly wrong.
To me, this election means that 51% of this country has a fundamentally different view of reality than I do.
Gay bashing apparently works. A majority of people in this country apparently believe that "moral" values
mean what goes on in the bedroom and nothing else. A majority are OK with torturing people in Iraq.

A majority are OK with invading countries without pretext or true cause. A majority support privatizing Social Security.
A majority support overturning Roe v Wade. A majority support replacing the income tax with a national sales tax or flat tax.

You wanted George W. Bush, America. Now you got him.
With no checks and balances in Congress. Enjoy.
John S

Subject:  Note

Note to Kerry: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!....

Note to Bart...

Thanks for being a bright light during a time when
pitch black evil that oozes from this mis-administration.


Ken, Kerry has quit.

Subject:  Due Diebold


I can't believe that that many people really voted for Bush.
I'd love to see a diagram of all the districts that have electronic voting machines
(sans paper trail) and how many of those were a slam-dunk for Bush.
I smell a rat...again.

My husband and I were fantasizing about moving to another country this morning.
If the election results are really accurate and not just another cheat then we truly don't fit in
with the so-called majority Neo-Con Fundamentalists' mindset in the U.S.
They are ignorant, narrow-minded and arrogant.

The Europeans were wise to have 'encouraged' all the Puritans & religious nut-cases
to leave for the New World a couple hundred years ago. Too bad they continued to breed over here.
Might it all boil down to bad genes? Glad my ancestors were just horse thieves.

Dawn in Flunky Florida

Dawn, Kerry ran such a horrrible campaign, I don't think Bush needed Diebold.

Subject:  Democratic R.I.P.


Was that loud screeching last night the death-cry of the Democrats?
It sure seems like it.

No party can save the U.S. from debt and war now...only a concerted
'civil rights' style movement against fascism and big corporate money.

Now that Dubya's got a 'clean' mandate, the Democrats are done as a force, and you're right;
it's all their own fault. No blaming Nader this time...he was even less of a factor than last time.

In ice hockey, we'd describe their performance as 'going into the corner with a dozen eggs and
coming out with none of them broken.' No elbows up, no gloves 'kill' instinct, which the
Repugnants have an ample supply of. Maybe it's better this way...their time is clearly done and
the US could use a brand new party.


We will continue to lose until we decide to fight back.
Kerry refused to fight and he lost.
Gore refused to fight and he lost.
Clinton fought and he win BIG - twice.

All it takes is the will to win.

Subject:  Let's vote with our wallets

Dear Bart,

What the hell happened!  I cannot believe these election results!
Has the entire country gone nuts!  Bush is going to us this as an excuse to push through his extreme agenda,
bankrupting the country and destroying the environment in the process.

Voting at the polls didn't work; I say we vote with our wallets.  This morning I called up my home town newspaper,
who endorsed Bush, and canceled my subscription.  It would be nice if all other anti-Bush people canceled
subscriptions with pro-Bush papers.  Maybe they'd get the message.

Also, we should illustrate our purchasing power.  What if all us anti-Bush types went on a shopping boycott next week?
We could demonstrate our economic power.

I don't know if it would be enough to stop that arrogant jackass from starting wars and destroying civil rights, but it would be a start.

Bart, please talk with your friends in the internet community and see if you can organize this.  We're counting on you!


P.S.  my Republican county stronghold in PA went for Kerry.

P.S.2 the only good thing about this whole mess is we'll still have you around to amuse us for the next 4 years.

Subject:  donation

Bart, I never bothered to write before -- I mean, what would I say, "megaditto?"
Please, even gerbils should have more self respect (apologies to gerbils everywhere).

When things were going well (as I naively thought), I guess I figured,
"Well, somebody else can afford to give money to Bart."

But Bart, we're sliding down the avalanche now, and I can't see anything but darkness.
Maybe you can keep things going.  Maybe a little cash can help.  Use it to buy tequila.
Put it all on a draw to an inside straight.  Do whatever you can to keep going.

We need you, Bart.
Good luck.


Subject:  moral values was the hot exit poll topic?

Besides being extremely disappointed and figuring they'll steal Ohio any way
they can, especially since the Bush Lawyer Commandos have already been
dispatched, I am disgusted and bewildered by the American public. I know, I
know, we have already established that the voters are stupid sheep, but for
some reason I held onto the belief that it was so OBVIOUS that this
pResident is a bald-faced delusional liar that people would turn him and his
ilk the hell out of the White House.

So exit polls say "moral values" was at the top of the list of concerns?
What the hell does THAT mean? That lying is moral? War is moral? Winning at
ANY cost is moral? Since when did Christianity stop promoting the whole
meek-shall-inherit-the-earth thing, and the judge-not-lest-ye-be-judged
concept, and as-you-do-it-to-the-least-of-these-you-do-it-to-me (meaning
Jesus) deal? God. I am positively disgusted by these pseudo-Christians, who
wear their Christianity as a banner yet act in ethically corrupt ways.
Nobody seems to see this total disconnect.

And yes, I go to church every Sunday.


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