threatens  with lawsuit
                       Jackson Thoreau wrote a column, revoke screams "libel"

                      Need more evidence that right-wingers want to shut down all free speech in the U.S., except for the kind with which they agree?

                      It all started when I received an email from World Net Daily, one of numerous right-wing Web sites that pollute cyberspace, which I
                      occasionally monitor when I have time - which is normally between 2 and 3 a.m. The email detailed a campaign to revoke Michael Moore's
                      Oscar on grounds that "Bowling for Columbine" was fictitious, not Bush, as Moore said in his Academy Awards speech.

                      So that got me to write a letter to the Academy Awards - you can do so at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy
                      Foundation, 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211-1972, or [fax] 310-859-9351. I urged them
                      not to revoke Moore's Oscar and threw in some choice comments about many conservatives' hateful nature. I made a few wild
                      accusations, just to put that tactic back in their faces and maybe get some right-wingers to further prove my point that the hypocrites
                      can dish it out but canít take it.

                      Sure enough, they took the bait. Liberal Slant, one of several excellent sites I have contributed to for numerous months, was among those
                      that printed my letter at I then learned that Liberal Slant received the following correspondence from
                      "Jim K.," apparent Webmaster of a site set up to instruct right-wing followers exactly how to write a letter to the Academy:

                      "This is absolutely disgusting -
                      'These are many of the same people who called for the murder of Chelsea Clinton after Bush took over the White House

                       Click  Here
                      I expect this to be removed from your website immediately, or you will be hearing from our attorney. We have never,
                      and would never, advocate the murder of a child due to someone's political beliefs. This is in fact libelous, and you should
                      know better than to publish crap like this. Jackson used the phrase 'hateful, venomous propaganda.' This repugnant article
                      is nothing but hateful, venomous propaganda. If Jackson Thoreau really wanted to be a journalist, he could have contacted
                      me personally and asked me who we are and what we stand for.
                      Jim K.

                      Now unlike many conservatives who want to stamp out freedom of speech by people with whom they disagree, I have no problem
                      with someone writing to disagree with something I wrote. I don't even mind those who insult me - I've developed a thick skin, as you
                      can imagine. All that crap just slides right off me.

                      But when a conservative - who more than likely rails against lawyers and lawsuit abuse - threatens legal action to remove or change
                      something I wrote, that gets my blood boiling. That just further goes to prove my point that many conservatives want to limit liberals' speech
                      and stamp out any sign of hope for us, to the point of hate campaigns as the one against Moore and legal threats against what I write.

                      "Jim K." wrote that he was offended about my saying, "These are many of the same people who called for the murder of Chelsea Clinton
                      after Bush took over the White House   Click  Here

                      We can argue over whether or not I am not saying these ARE the same people, though my intention, by inserting the word "many," was to
                      say these are LIKE the same people. I do not believe I libeled anyone for the simple fact that I do not specifically know who is doing the
                      Revoke the Oscar Web site beyond some hateful conservative and did not specifically name anyone. How can you libel someone who
                      does not even identify himself? If you say, "Members of the Skull and Bones Secret Society are evil," you are not libeling anyone because
                      they do not identify themselves. If you say, "Many of the members of the Skull and Bones Secret Society are evil," you are further distancing
                      yourself from specifically targeting anyone.

                      For all I know, some people who write in to revoke Moore's Oscar agree with Derbyshire that Chelsea Clinton should be killed to keep
                      her from entering politics. For all I know, some of them could have been involved in the conspiracies that killed JFK and RFK and the
                      suspicious plane crashes of JFK Jr., Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone. But I don't know that for sure, although I want to make it clear
                      I have strong suspicions. So I find a way to voice my suspicions. So I do so by using wild, general accusations, much the same way
                      conservatives have done so for decades against Clinton and others they hate.

                      And for his statement that I should have contacted him before writing anything, how can I contact someone who is not there?
                      Should I try a psychic hotline? And why should I contact him? If I want to hear more lies, I can just turn on Fox News or CNN.

                      Although I do not believe I have libeled anyone because the Webmaster of this Revoke the Oscar Web site does not identify himself
                      and I did not name anyone as such, I have no problem with rewriting that sentence to make it clearer. Liberal Slant's editor did that
                      to say, "These people remind me of the people who attempted to show how someone could be justified in murdering Chelsea Clinton
                      after Bush took over the White House. They use the same hateful, venomous propaganda. The National Review saw fit to publish
                      some of this 'crap'. Click  Here
                      I have no problem with that rewrite. My problem comes when a conservative who probably lobbies against attorneys he doesn't like
                      hypocritically uses an attorney to stifle the free speech of someone with whom he disagrees. My problem comes when a conservative
                      who has his own Web sites and the mainstream media to dictate to comes over to a liberal Web site and tries to dictate what people
                      can and cannot say. I have a HUGE problem with conservatives wanting to not only dictate to people in the mainstream media but
                      in places specifically set up for liberals.

                      I also have a problem with using less than full names to make a legal threat. The Revoke the Oscar Web site contains no information
                      about who is behind the Web site, only a webmaster's email address. A friend discovered that the webmaster reserved the domain name
                      by proxy out of Scottsdale, Ariz., through Go Daddy Software  on March 29. That means he hid his identity even to register the
                      Web site. And he threatens me and Liberal Slant without giving his full name.

                      Furthermore, I can't find a single mention of anyone campaigning to revoke Moore's Oscar in a mainstream news article, except an
                      AP story on Heston leading the National Rifle Association that barely mentioned that the NRA Ė surprise! - was working on such
                      a campaign. Some supporters of this campaign have said the mainstream media has covered the issue, but I can't find that evidence.

                      When Clinton was president, conservatives could say whatever they wanted against him without being called unpatriotic or being
                      threatened with legal action. You can't do the same today against Bush, but that won't stop people like me. I'm not afraid of standing
                      up for what I believe in, even if I'm called a traitor and even if I'm threatened with legal action.

                      Remember that the majority is not always right - in fact, it's usually left. Better yet, the majority is usually left out.

                      Jackson Thoreau is co-author of We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House. The updated, 120,000-word
                      electronic book can be downloaded on his Internet site at  Click  Here . Citizens for Legitimate Government has the
                      earlier version at Click  Here  . Thoreau can be emailed at

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