The Danger of Willful Blindness
                       For 3 months in the Yucatan, I didn’t meet anybody from any country that didn’t think Bush was an imbecile and a disgrace (except for
                       one couple from Indiana). In the Cancun airport, though, it was like returning to the fantasy zone- dimwitted Americans who love Bush,
                       despite his destruction of the American budget and economy, and his embedding us in a pointless, reckless, dead end war that has turned
                       the world against us. “Well, good for him, I hope he does more like that (invade rogue countries),” said a macho American guy. I was
                       stunned. “I wonder how you’d feel if you had a kid in the Nat. Guard? Who should we attack next? Syria, Iran, Egypt? You think we can
                       fight 1.4 billion Muslims? Bush has locked us in a 20-40 year war when we could have probably crushed Al Qaida if he had concentrated
                       everything on them.”
                       Nothing was getting through, though, and nothing will, with the 40% of the voters that have bought into right-wing talk radio hate and ridicule
                       Republican agenda. Incredibly, they really believe that Bush is protecting us. The 800 dead and 11,000 wounded and evacuated don’t
                       matter. The 135 dead in April and the 900 wounded don’t matter. The generational religious war Bush may have started doesn’t matter. The
                       serial lies don’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter. Our wounded are horribly injured by massive artillery bombs that explode upward into the
                       faces and skulls of soldiers- above the body armor but below the helmet. Of course the administration doesn’t want pictures of wounded, of
                       coffins, of funerals- the chickenhawks don’t want the price of their arrogance and blunders seen by the populace. That’s the only reason. It’s
                       unpatriotic to not show these pictures and honor these victims of Bush’s Oedipal complex, and for far too long, the craven media has been
                       shirking their job. They are beginning to remember it, as they prodded and poked our blithe “What, me worry?” President in one of his rare
                       news conferences.
                       Nobody should be surprised at the prisoner torture scandal- we all knew it from the first shocking pictures of the shackled hog tied hooded
                       Afghan prisoners in Guantanamo. This was sensory deprivation torture, along with denying sleep- the easiest way to break someone. Do we
                       do that?, I thought. When you say prisoners have no rights: no right to be judged, no advocate, no appeal, no hope, no future- torture is the
                       inevitable result. After all, these aren’t humans- these are creatures with no rights- whom are they going to complain to? Now they say 24
                       prisoners have died in our custody.
                       The blind panic with which our military turned to Baathist Generals to police Fallujah is indicative of how lost we are in Iraq. Here’s a flash-
                       within a month, some of these newly reconstituted Iraqi Army units will be fighting us.
                       The greatest danger America has ever faced is the willful blind ignorance that allows partisan voters to not see the truth- to live in an
                       alternate reality where Administration motives and actions are invariably noble and critics unpatriotic. When the next major terrorist attack
                       occurs, these delusional fools would gladly squelch 220 years of hard-won American freedoms. They need to have their faces crammed into
                       the slime and sleaze of this Administration before it’s too late. Fearless warhorse Lautenberg did that with his double barrel Chickenhawk
                       speech, and Kerry's people must do the same, every second day, along with a hopeful vision of an America of regained pride and
                       Michael Hammerschlag

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