Subject:  Address Request

Help!  At long last I am able to individually thank each of you for the
support and validation you have so generously, and so often, given me.

You are the real heroes and you deserve what is, in many cases,
my long overdue thanks.  Perhaps the most obvious outcome of
"Juliefest, DC" is the fact that I finally feel calm enough to sit down
and begin the process of writing to each of you.  It is certainly one
outcome, please see my column re the whole week-end and for my
"Juliefest,DC" personal report. It should be in Bartcop's hands by
Wednesday at noon my time, after that I know he will post at his
earliest convenience so be on the lookout.

In the meanwhile, I have one further request.
Between us, Bartcop, Christian, and I have most, but not all, of the information
I now need. If you attended "Juliefest," if you supported the event, if you have
made a PayPal contribution, if you have made a financial contribution, and if you
have written a note of support to me, called me, or been there for me, I REALLY
would like to personally thank you.  I would be grateful if you could email, to this
account, your name, address, email info, phone number if you are comfortable
with that, and any other pertinent information you think I might need.

I will then cross check my existing list with that of Christian and BC and
HOPEFULLY I won't miss anybody.  I will safeguard this information and
assure you it will not be shared beyond the three of us.  I will also let you
know as the mail starts to go out.  I trust that I will have properly thanked
every single one of you by no later than my 95th birthday!  Actually, the fact
that I felt so overwhelmed for so long should be celebrated because it tells
you just how many notes I am lucky enough to need, and want, to write.

And speaking of writing, I think it is finally time to compile all the pieces
I have written and continue writing.  I think it is time for a book.
What do you think?

Please know that each of you, in your own way, are making that a possibility.
I will make it our reality.


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