Subject:   RE: I missed your party

Dear Ms Steele,
I'm sorrier than I even thought possible that I didn't make it to Juliefest. I wrote you
a short note of support some time ago, which you so gratefully replied to, but I would
like to share with you why I was unable to come thank you in person.
I am a police dispatcher in San Diego and a die hard liberal (read-underpaid, overworked,
surrounded by conservatives all day long, dutiful public servant). Since early in the Clinton
witch-hunt, I have voiced my opposition to the right-wing evil-doers at every opportunity.
I am not one to be silenced just because I'm surrounded by idiots.
 When your story started popping up in the news, I ranted to everyone I could get to listen to me,
about the injustice being done to you. No one would listen. It was only one of my many rants,
and well, some people will just never "get it". Anyway, my frustration has been building for years,
to near fever pitch. I don't have extra money around to donate to the candidates so I do my part
by volunteering every election season to precinct walk, phone bank etc...But somehow this hasn't
been satisfying enough for me, but I have been at a loss as to what else I could do.
 Well, after the election theft last year, and the ensuing rape/shredding of our constitution by this
far-far-right administration, I made a decision. I'm going to law school, so I can get in the fight
with the best of them and work for the good guys! I am determined to spend the second half of
my life fighting for the civil rights of my fellow Americans, and I just want you to know, that your
experience was a major inspiration for me in this decision making process.
 So, I planted myself on the graveyard shift, and am working full-time and going to school
full-time in order to reach this goal of mine by the time the chimp gets his final ride on
Air Force One in  Jan 2005. I tried and tried and tried to find a way around my work and
school schedule, and enemic bank account, to get to D.C., but I just couldn't make it work.
I wanted so badly to meet you, and bartcop, and a bunch of other liberals. I was fantisizing
about who else might be there, thinking maybe Smokin' Joe would come sign some books.
Turned out all that came true and I missed out big-time.
By the way, I think your book idea is long overdue!!
I can't wait to read it.

 Bartcop is hinting at a Juliefest West, I'm sure I could swing that one.
All I need is a half day to drive to Vegas! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
 I'm sorry this has been so long, but thank you for letting me share with you.
I am enclosing my mailing address and phone number (I wish it was a big check),
if you are ever in San Diego, or would like to come to San Diego, I would love
to meet you, shake your hand, and say thank you (and buy you a Grey Goose).
Thank you again for having so much integrity!

Dear Amy,

I am SO proud of you!  And flattered that I played some small
role in your decision to go to law school! The real credit is all yours.

We are going to have JuliefestWest, and we definitely need to get you there.
Please watch the site for info and then check your schedule.
After that, please check in with me so that we can make it happen.
I really want to meet you and congratulate you in person. And please let me
know how school is going, I will be thinking about you.  When you graduate
it would be wonderful to have some Grey Goose in San Diego with you!

Also, don't send money or even think of it.  You gave every time you
told another person what was happening, please continue if time allows.
If Starr could come after me, no ordinary American is safe while partisan ends
can be made to seemingly justify their means.  You also gave me a gift that
can't be bought for any amount of money.  You did that when you shared
your goals and by telling me that what happened to me was instrumental in
your decision to pursue those goals by going to law school.

I just might have to come watch you graduate before we break open Grey Goose.
You take care of you, and keep me posted, I care about how you are getting along.


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