From: Robert DeLay

       Subject: One more try

       Bart -

       Long time ago, I made the effort to get the telephone number of one of those left-wing monthlys in
       order to inquire about WHY the contents of "The Turner Diaries" was not made generally known.
       At that time (early 90's) the militias were forming and were publicised everywhere.  Occasionally,
       you would hear a reference to the "Diaries" as their "Bible".  I got a copy, my lower jaw hit the
       floor, and I went off trying to make those contents known to the public.  The militias were
       becoming accepted cultural institutions, and their agenda was brutal genocide !
       So I got this guy on the telephone and he ridiculed me, asserting again and again that he had
       read the book and it was a "ridiculous satire" and nobody with a brain would see it any other way.
       Intimidated and "in my place", I hung up the telephone.
       One year later, 168 people were blown to bits in Okie City; a copy of "Diaries" found in the
       escape vehicle.  Some years later, Byrd drug to his death in Texas, perpetrators cite "Diaries"
       as their inspiration.  Apparently, some of us don't recognize good satire when we see it.
       In light of the NRA's official "coming out" as racists and anti-government, anti-tax homophobes, I
       sent Bart chapters 22 and 23 of "Diaries" earlier this week.  The values expressed in those two chapters,
       in which thousands are brutally murdered, etc., are precisely those of the NRA.  Now Ashcroft has
       re-interpreted the 2nd amendment for the gun lobby.  "Diaries" is all about the gun people, and guns
       is the issue that triggeres "the revolution".
       I might be weird, but it seems OF UTMOST URGENCY to me that the contents of "Diaries" be
       made generally known and always accessible to everyone who wants to see what the right-wingers
       and the NRA are all about.
       Robert Delay

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