I want to say how pleased I am for you and for Julie that your event was such a
great success. I know Julie and Adam are very grateful. Not only for the financial
assistance, but also the validation, which was long overdue and so sorely needed.

While I don't wish to diminish the importance of the financial help, Adam so desperately
needed to see first hand, after losing so much, enduring the death threats and the humiliation
of his peers and classmates, and having his world upended - that there are people who support
Julie and want to help her. People who appreciate her tremendous sacrifice to do what was right,
instead of what was convenient and selfishly safe. Adam desperately needed to see that there are
good people who respect Julie's courage in the face of such overwhelming power set out to
destroy her. And I feel Julie needed very desperately for Adam to see her public validation.

Thank you for doing what I was unable to do, though I did try to do as much as I could from
this distance and with such difficulty in exposing Julie's dire straits without humilitating her further.
She simply either could not or would not believe me when I told her how many people wanted to
help her and admired her brave stand in spite of what it cost her. She has often spoken to me
with such emotion and gratitude for the gift of validation and affirmation by so many. I think it
did as much for her as the money, which will help get her through another rough spot.

I know that my words are of little consequence, but even though I could not be there in person,
I was there in spirit, cheering Julie with the rest of you who could and did. Thank you for giving
her so much of her self esteem back when others have shunned and denigrated her for her courage.

Linda Starr

Note:  Linda is no relation to the Devil Starr.

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