From:  John Pastorok

 Subject: bush never awol!!

 your site is entertaining and really funny.
 but i must give you some facts you may not like that are absolutely irrefutable.

 Who told you that saying, "These charges are absolutely irrefutable," that meant it was true?
 If I stated that you were a screaming monkey with a boot sticking out of your ass, would it be true?
 Wait, I think I tricked my own self, there.   But seriously, why would you say something that crazy?

 1. george w.bush was never awol !

 Sure he was. Haven't you seen the documents on
 Who told you those docs were fake, Rush or Hannity?

 2. george w.bush never insider traded!

 By definition, he had to have.
 He was on the accounting oversight committee (What a joke!) and he sold his stock just before
 the stock crashed on the "little people."  If you're saying Bush is much too stupid to have known
 anything about the books he accepted money to keep, I might buy that, but the evidence says
 he's stupid and greedy, and that he doesn't mind breaking laws.

 3. george w.bush never used cocaine!

 ha ha

 How could one man guarantee the actions of another?
 Could you answer a couple of questions?
For what crime or crimes did little George do community service?
How many times has George been arrested?
How many times has George been convicted?

 You can't answer those questions because Bush refuses to say and his good puppy press
 refuses to ask him, even tho they went back 30 years to investigate Clinton - who was elected.

 remember the 90's?

 Yeah, I do. Do you remember punctuation and capital letters?

 Republicans leveled one charge after another at bill and hillary clinton.clinton

 That's the first true and accurated thing you've said.

 defenders would sneer and gloat, taunting and baiting republicans with the following phrase
"show me an indictment,show me a conviction".any charge (no matter how overwhelming the evidence)

 We were able to sneer and gloat because there never was any evidence against him - ever.
 Clinton is the most investigated man in history and they never found any evidence of any crime.
 Why would you say the evidence was overwhelming?  What evidence?
 If they had any evidence, why did they impeach him for sex?.

 Besides Kenneth Starr, there were countless House and Senate investigations, and every network
 and every cable outfit was working 24/7 for years to find something - anything - and they came up dry.
 FOX News and MSNBC and CNBC were created JUST to look for Clinton "crimes," but they never
 found any, so they all jumped on the Monica bandwagon in an attempt to look less stupid.

 ...that was not accompanied by an indictment and conviction in a court of law was,
 by clintonian standards, absolute indictment and conviction meant total innocence,
 complete vindication and it-never-happened-you-stupid-motherfucker.

 Good Lord, do you blow your friends with that filthy mouth?  The reason they didn't indict is because,
 after all those millions and all those years, they never found anything and you can't handle that truth.

 so, before you attempt to dispute the 3 propositions above (which you cant, because they are indisputable),
 answer the following...has dubya ever been indicted and convicted in a court of law for being awol?

 No, but unlike Clinton, Bush has never been investigated.
 Clinton came up clean after all those years and all those millions, but the Bush family always gets a pass.
 The man some call president is a lazy idiot who never worled a day in his life, so why would you think
 he'd volunteer for community service?  He didn't volunteer, that was his sentence - but for what crime?
 Bush says his crimes were "long ago," so the press said, "OK, no story there," and dropped everything.

 Plus, I'm going to let you in on a secret:
 If you make a wild claim that isn't true, you need to use caps, a bigger font and lots of exclamation points.
 If you do that, a falsehood becomes the truth - I've seen that trick on Newsmax and FOX, both.

 for insider trading? for cocaine use?...since he has not, that means allegations he has done these things
 are total horseshit...unless and until you can produce an indictment and conviction, george w.
 (courageous  honest and steadfast) bush is totally innocent,and the things you allege are absolutely false!

 jack pastorok

 Jack, if I shoot your dog, and my friend the sheriff refuses to investigate, is your dog still dead?
 I think he is, but according to your rules, your dog is alive because the sheriff is my friend.

 Boy, don't you look stupid now.
 You're dragging a dead dog around because the sheriff refused to do his job.

 Jack, you're a monkey.   Monkey see, monkey do.
 FOX and Rush say Bush never committed any crimes, and you buy that.
 Until America gets a free press, those crimes will remain unreported.

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