" U.S. Forces give the nod   (brungidy brung, brungidy brung)
 - (guitar riff) say goodbye to your country."
             -- Midnight Oil


 Your defence of your articles on the soldiers on Letterman who were returned POW's
 and on Private Lynch struck me as incongruous, but I put it down to the fact that you're
 a man of contradictions who, when writing during or after a session on the Chinaco or
 the wacky weed, shoots from the lip without necessarily engaging the brain.

 You're saying my positions have been inconsistent?
 I look forward to reading your examples.

 This is O.K. by me, because mostly you're Clinton-like-a-laser focused on bringing down that
 obscene little faker that is currently your President.  However Mark G's letter, and your reply,
 has prompted me to throw my hat in the ring and offer another point of view.

 As an Australian ex-serviceman, I know a little about the military. In '69, I was in Subic Bay
 in the Philippines, and I met a lot of American guys on R+R from Vietnam. I'll never forget what
 one of them said to me, and I quote- "man, the gooks, they're gettin' screwed bigtime".

 That's not a nice thing to say, but it's certainly understandable in wartime, especially when many of
 those men were dragged 12K miles away from home to fight in a steamy jungle against their will.
 If somebody was shooting at me, I would say many bad things about them.

 I don't need to remind you , but it requires stating that 1,000,000  women and children were killed
 in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during that conflict. You have published pictures that I've sent you
 from anti-war demos in Australia.(#999 and #1042), and the motto was, "Remember Vietnam".

 While the average guy in the forces (no matter which country) is honourable, well motivated and
 honest in his desire to protect his country, the people that control the power behind the scenes often are not.

 I agree...

 I doubt that you can name me a war in the last 50 years that involved the military of the U.S. that was
 genuinely in defence of your country. To the contrary, those good young men have been called upon to
 commit bloody slaughter on people who are nowhere near as well armed or provisioned, and for no
 good reason than to pursue a ridiculous political point of view held by the morons who occupy the
 political offices of your country, or to benefit the obscenely rich in your country, or in dubya's case, both.

 I don't get your point.  Are you saying I should view servicemen with more distrust?

 Also, those in power choose the men in the military who are not so honourable to perform dreadful acts
 (Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, the training of terrorists at Fort Benning ), and to carry out covert acts of
 violence against other nations, often against elected governments that don't toe the U.S. line.  Also, the
 military hardware that America sells to any sociopath who's of use has kept the world destabilized for years.
 The only thing your country  has to fear is not that someone will attack your country, but that the machinations
 of the C.I.A. and their associates will bring retribution in the form of an organised terrorist attack.
 ( How many sites have you directed me to that show that the events of 9/11 were at least motivated by
 the current regime, and at worst planned, trained and allowed to happen.

 You've often said that if the F.B.I. hadn't been sniffing Clintons zipper, 9/11 may not have taken place.)
 Anyway who's going to attack a country which holds 10,000 nuclear weapons, 30,000 metric tons of
 poison gas and bio-weapons, and thinks they can hear a God who's promised Armageddon?

 Mate, I've loved America since I was a child, and when you love something as a child, even
 when you grow up and see that nothing's perfect, you still love that which you loved as a child.

 So I'm praying like crazy that the good people in America can take back the reins of power of the world's
 greatest democracy, but I leave you with a quote from Chris Floyd, that you directed me to....

 Intellectualism and peaceful co-existence are mocked by the barbaric, dyslexic, brutal behaviour of the
 world's most powerful man, though in all likelihood he's nothing more than an icon of "the shadowy military
 oligarchy, created after world war 2 - the infamous 'National Security State' , a military-corporate complex
 financed by the looting of the public treasury, protected and promoted by a hydra of secret agencies and
 covert armies, driven by the fomenting of ceaseless war, which now, having reached it's apotheosis, stands
 triumphant and alone, having at last devoured the body politic upon which it has fed for so long."

 Good luck, mate, and
 God (no definition) bless you and yours


 Coop, we agree that Bush is a murdering bastard, trying to take over the world,
 but how does that fit into my liking the POWs on Letterman's show?
 Where was my inconsistency?

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