Dear Julie,

Where in the world can I possibly start?
Maybe what initially struck me about what has happened to you was due to
my own experience with the "justice" system when I was younger. Growing
up, I was a very unassuming kid. All the way and through high school I was
a well-behaved honor student who never caused anyone a bit of trouble.

Well, one day when I was 17, I took it upon myself to jokingly criticize the wrong
people. The backlash was fierce, to say the least, as persons of authority sought to
destroy my life in such ways that truly sent me into shock.
(Hey, it was Texas. . . I shoulda known!)
Once I had gathered my wits, I decided to fight. I did not realize how lonely
a fight it would be, however. I found myself abandoned and betrayed by people
either too weak-minded to stand up for anything remotely resembling principle,
too unconcerned for anything that didn't affect them personally, or simply afraid
to do anything that could put themselves in the line of fire. Any romantic fantasies
I had ever held about fighting the good fight with a groundswell of righteous support
went completely out the window. I witnessed firsthand how those we trust to be fair
and honest often  exercise nothing more than petty self-interest, perverse vengefulness
and simple downright arrogance. And even more painfully, I saw how those we think
we can count on often mysteriously vanish when things start to get just a little too "risky."
It was a shockingly rude awakening for a 17 year old from Podunk, Texas.
Well, I stuck to my guns anyway, because I can draw on a personal reservoir
of stubbornness with the best of them. In the end, you could say I didn't
lose -- but I don't know if I would call it victory. Those who had sought
to harm me made "reparations" for the damage they had done, among other
admissions and concessions. But basically nothing else changed. Any
"victory" was as lonely as the fight itself had been. And for a very long
time thereafter, I remained once again quiet and unassuming.
I remember following the whole Starr/Clinton saga as it was unfolding, but
many details, as you well know, weren't exactly forthcoming in the media.
I was very happy when Starr's vendetta against you failed, but I had no idea
until later just what kind of destruction he had shamelessly wreaked upon
your life. When I did learn, I was outraged.
I wish I had known sooner. I wish we all had, so that we could have started
offering support long before now.
For all the years and millions he spent on his petty crusade, Starr's burning
desire was to get a conviction. Eventually, he became so desperate, he sought
one anywhere he thought he might be able to get one; it mattered not who it was.
Then he ran into you. What you did, dear lady, was confront Starr with a
definition of the word "conviction" that had never been in his vocabulary.
I dare say, he never did understand it, and it made him all the more irrational
and vindictive. If more people were to seek out your definition of conviction
as opposed to his, the world would be a drastically better place.
You risked everything for nothing more than the truth. You did not bend to the
threats, the harassment or the slander being thrown at you. You endured far more
than I ever had to -- and more than I could ever imagine having to endure. For that
Julie, you have my utmost and undying admiration. "Admiration" is such an inadequate
word. I can't really find the right words at the moment.
What I can say is this: During my own fight those 16 or so years ago,
I was  left to go it alone, and that was a very painful and disillusioning
experience. But I promise you today, through your continuing travails as a
result of this crime committed against you (and I'm certain Bart and
everyone else will agree with me here), you will NEVER have to face anything
or anyone alone again. You will NEVER be without true friends who appreciate
and admire you. You will NEVER again be confronted with accusations,
attacks, or any other attempts to cause you harm without the close comfort
of true friends who will stand up and fight with and for you. We will always
be here for you. I know you don't really know any of us yet, but thanks to
Bart, next month you will. And you'll see that I mean what I say.
Thank you for showing me that there are still wonderful people in this
world worth fighting for. You are, without a doubt, the bee's knees. :-)
See you on April 27!
With Deepest Appreciation,

Subject: Your very kind letter...

Dear Karl,

If I failed to see your letter, written in March, it can only be because I would need it more
at a later date.  Like today!  This was the morning that I needed your letter and I am so
very grateful to you for sending it to me.  Thank you.  And certainly we will survive this
day and those to follow, I am simply tired of so much struggle.  Perhaps it is that I am
spoiled, I had moved 13 times in as many years when we moved to Arsenal Drive.

I swore I would never move again, and I didn't.  I was divorced soon after that last move but I
bought the house and stayed...for twenty-three years it was home.  We moved on September
10, 2001, and our lease here ends on June 8, 2002.  I confess that I just want to go home.
And I am well aware that I have no home, I also can't find a reasonable substitute.  If the cost
is right, the schools are terrible.  The school here is rated at half that of our school from our
past life.  Surely we don't have to sink lower that this!  I can't find anything that allows me to
stay in the area and is still affordable.  In part that is because our belongings are in storage and
nothing allows us to have them with us because of space.

In other words, the housing that we can't afford anyway still does not allow us to have the
comfort of our own belongings with us.  And that leaves me where?  With a deadline staring
straight at us, I am in a panic about what will become of us.  I wanted to get my book
completed, published, and then perhaps see if I could actually run for office .  I thought perhaps
a congressional seat in 2004 and that gives me enough time to sell my book, probably movie
rights, get back on my feet, and then try to get elected as a candidate who will actually represent
American citizens as opposed to corporations!  Novel idea I realize...

In the meanwhile I don't want Adam growing up in an atmosphere of "temporary."  Obviously that
is exactly what is happening, the only thing worse is that I can't even provide that!  I am attempting
to stay in this area so that I can give him some continuity, moreover the truth is that I need it as well.
I called the owner of a house three doors away, and that is never used, to propose a one year lease.
The owner is in Richmond and although he is not interested, he gave me the name of some Democrats
here who are reported to know everybody in town.  He thought they might be able to help.

I am going to get on the phone now...Sorry for whining, that is what happens after years of isolation,
you have to whine at the people who least deserve to be asked to tolerate whining!  Not to worry,
this too shall pass... And thank you again for your generous letter, it means a great deal to me.


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