MORE Advice :) like you need it...

I noticed the past several weeks that you're getting advice, complaints and criticism at every turn.
That's good and bad - the good is that you are embarking on a journey to the next level - radio and
much more "spotlight" is going to be on you.  Also, 2004 is drawing near, crazy shit is happening every
day around the world and it seems like people are starting to look around for some answers - AND
YOU'RE ONE OF THE SOURCES FOR ANSWERS.  Now you can toss these words in your next
glass of Chinaco if you want, but along with BIG success and BIG steps comes... gag... the bad... responsibility.

You are the best entertainment going and I know it probably will KILL you to "think before you speak/type"
- but I sure hate the thought of you losing a lot of people who will love 99% of what you do, but leave you for
that 1% that they don't.  It wouldn't hurt to tone down the N word - when YOU use it,  it seems like you condone it
- if you want to piss off the GOP, then say THEY perceive the Afro Americans as ...etc - but YOU don't .

Semantics get real touchy and you're not talking about losing just a few folks now - you're knocking on some
big doors.  I already gave you grief about the Christian thing - sometimes there is just no need to bash certain things
- the old "pick your battles wisely" - and I want to see you deluged with subscribers and success... but you will do
what you will and I will continue to support and read and wish you the best - but dude, - if you want to spread the
word to MANY MANY, then curtailing just a LITTLE, will get you MANY - not curtailing a LITTLE, will lose a lot.

Red Ass on and you're the man.  DON"T GIVE UP - look back at where you started!  A year from now,
you'll be laughing at these times - keep plugging!! It's important.  I use SO much of the stuff that I learn here
in chat rooms and writing and I see others doing the same thing - it's entertainment, but it's education too.


Sometimes I miss the old days when only a hundred people were reading.
These days, when I say, "Welcome to," somebody gets pissed off.

I get mail:
"...if you'd just use cleaner language..."
"...if you'd stop picking on the Catholics..."
"...if you'd stop being a Zionist puppet..."
"...if you didn't hate Jews..."
"...if you didn't mock religion..."
"...if you didn't mock the Cowboys and Tiger Woods..."
"...if you didn't bash the Greens and the Democrats..."

In the words of the great philosopher Popeye, "I am what I am and that's all that I am."
If I bent every time someone said, "You should be more like this," I'd be a pink tutu Democrat.

That's why the upcoming radio show won't have some suit as executive producer.
I can't have some weenie screaming, "You can't say that," every time I open my mouth.
My only bosses will be the listeners. If they want to fire me, that's OK.
I was happy before I started the newsletter, I'm happy now, and I'll be happy when the whole
 bartcop  thing runs its course. But until it does, I think I should just say what's on my mind.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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