Tuesday Night TV

 After 24 shows, they murder the hero's wife for no reason.
 The bad guy (Nina) had a dozen chances to kill her and passed,
 then in the last seconds we see her bloody body what, stabbed? Shot?
 It was a senseless murder, no doubt designed to remind us that there
 is evil in the world, like we needed that after 24 hours of carnage.

 It looked like they really needed another hour to wrap it all up,
 but the show is called 24, not 25, so they crammed what they
 could into the last 60 minutes and I felt like the audience was cheated.

 The Shield was in top form with another great episode.
 It's the best cop show on TV, no argument there. Last night, the Black Muslims
 took over the corners that Vic's crack dealers use and they threatened Vic's empire.
 The show's at its best when Vic's back is against the wall.

 The season-ender of Frasier was excruciatingly horrible.

 This was, just two years ago, the funniest sit-com on TV and now it's pure crap.
 Good Koresh, did the money turn them sour?
 Grammer is getting what, $3,000,000 a week and the others a mill each?
 That kind of money will murder a funny bone.

 If you missed it, go to church Sunday and thank Him.
 The plot was Niles gathered Daphne's warring parents for a get-back.
 It was more grating than when Laura the Unloved fired her mother from KFAI.

 For some reason, Hollywood has always mistaken complete misery for entertainment.

 I'm so old, I remember when Uncle Tanoose came to stay with Danny Thomas.
 It was the most obnoxious show on television, until Doctor Bombay spent a few days
 with Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee. (That Brit dude from Bewitched - don't pester me for details.)

 That was the most obnoxious show until Jack Benny met that "...YYYYyyyeessss????" guy.
 That was the most obnoxious show until Jack Carter visited "Stretch" Dick Van Dyke.
 That was the most obnoxious show until Gomer spent the weekend with Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee.
 That was the most obnoxious show until Buddy brought his viola and his German Shepherd to Rob's house.

 It just goes on and on... the torture, the aggravation!   It gets so f-ing bad, you glance at the clock
 and try to figure out how much time is left between you and the end of the seemingly endless torture.

 Who DO they do that?
 That's not entertainment - it's torture.

 Tonight - the exciting season-ender for West Wing.
  Will CJ's Secret Service agent be alive at the end of the show?

 I believe they're promising TWO assassination attempts.

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