Today's Bonus Section

Let's play the connect the dots

 Dot # 1:

On July 5, NSC counterterrorism head Richard Clarke addressed a meeting in the
White House Situation Room. "Something really spectacular is going to happen here,
and it's going to happen soon," he reportedly said.

 Dot # 2:

Bush went on vacation.
(from the article 'Genuflecting before the truth', by Gene Lyons, posted on your site)

Let me add some details to dot #2:
Cheney went on vacation. Ashcroft went on vacation, on a chartered jet.
Need some more hints?

How about this:  they all knew that some people from Saudia Arabia, recruited by
the CIA, were going to hijack commercial jets and crash them into landmarks.

Need any more hints?  Check out any number of of so-called 'conspiracy websites'
and get some real facts about things that went on before, during and after the events of September 11th.
Suspend judgment, and look at them with an open mind. Think about the facts presented,
then go back to the top of this message and try to connect the dots.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Have fun!
Next week we'll try a game called 'impeach the bastard'.

Lee Holbrook

Hey I want to play!


  The Beginning of the End for George W. Bush
 Liars, Morons or Both?
      by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

"Bush Knew," the New York Post screamed last week. Did he? Hell if I know.
 Here's a man who subverted constitutional law in order to seize the White House
 in a judicial coup d'état, who claimed while campaigning to be a "compassionate
 conservative" but turned into a Genghis Khan right-winger as soon as he took office,
 and who told us upfront after 9-11 that his administration would routinely lie for the
 sake of the "war on terror." No one can deny that the Bushies and their corporate
 sponsors benefited enormously from 9-11; the post-Taliban Afghan pipeline deal
 (closed March 7 in Islamabad) alone is worth billions of dollars.
 Under normal circumstances, even the suggestion that a president would deliberately
 stand idly by as his citizens were slaughtered en masse would be appalling. George
 W. Bush, however, tells Congress to go to hell whenever it requests documents or
 summons his staff to testify. Such a man is capable of anything.

From: Warren G

Why is everyone tolerating this?!?!
"White House officials told reporters that the blunt warnings issued yesterday and Sunday do not reflect
 a dramatic increase in threatening information but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats."

U.S. issues new warnings on terror
White House tries to counter Bush's critics

As U.S. officials continued to issue warnings yesterday about the possibility of attacks
by suicide bombers and terrorists, the White House quietly acknowledged that the threats
are not urgent and that they are partly motivated by political objectives.

Warren, we are in a party of sick sheep.
They are afraid to stand up and be heard.

It sickens me.

Laura the Hooker

 George W Bush, political terrorist
    by William Rivers Pitt

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"And yet comes Wednesday, and an extraordinary series of revelations. An article in the May 21st
 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail reported that, "the White House quietly acknowledged that the
 threats are not urgent and that they are partly motivated by political objectives" and that "the blunt
 warnings issued yesterday and Sunday do not reflect a dramatic increase in threatening information
 but rather a desire to fend off criticism from the Democrats."

 Be sure to check

 Britain warned US on al-Qaeda hijackings

  Click  Here

 Britain gave President Bush a categorical warning to expect multiple airline hijackings
 by the al-Qaeda network a month before the September 11 attacks.The confirmation
 of repeated British intelligence warnings about al-Qaeda hijackings comes amid claims
 that the US intelligence community has now received further information of an imminent
 second wave of terrorist attacks on America.

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