Subject: Chandra Levy's Death

Hi BC,
On "Good Morning America" this morning Diane Sawyer interviewed James Starrs, a forensic
professor who intimated that Chandra Levy may have been strangled.  Of course that hasn't
been determined yet, but I believe I did mention that in the very first astrological report I wrote
for  Here is that portion from the August 1, 2001 article:
"Chandra probably died a quick but violent death. This is shown by Mars, a malific planet,
co-ruler of her Scorpio 4th, exactly on the cusp of her 8th house, of death. Mars also squares
her Neptune, ruler of the 8th. Transiting Jupiter and Pluto together, are setting off that square.
Mars, together with Neptune, indicates some kind of choking or strangulation."
In addition, I also noticed, the pictures of "Rockcreek Park", where her body was found show
her remains were found near water.  I also mentioned that possibility in the same article:

"Here we have an incredible picture of the likely manner of her passing. Water signs on the
cusps of the 3 "ending" houses, and ruling planets prominently connected to water as well. That
should alert us that she could die from drowning, or be buried near a body of water, and a
large body of water at that. Considering that Neptune is in expansive and limitless Sagittarius."

No need to post any of this, just wanted you to know that this one appears to be going like I called it.
The entire article is available in the Opinion Page Archives.

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