<monkeyfister> we'll shoot Paul Bremer
<stlsaxman> the applause sign is just over the back-drop

<rude^boyee> they must have the bases built then

<Carbon> Damn...I can't watch Operation Infinite FUBAR

<rude^boyee> tech experts in kevlar
<Acela> I'm not gonna watch that shit...Atlanta's winning their ball game!
<monkeyfister> he can finally pronounce Brahimi

<bart> the Monkey hasn't said anything so far...
<zendaba> 26 evangelical ministers no doubt

<stlsaxman> see that scar on his head?

<Editor> truth justice butterflies and kumbaya
<Carbon> Is his scar shaped like a lightning bolt?
<monkeyfister> but how does he expect all these new government people in Iraq to stay the fuck alive/
<Throgg> a president, two vice presidents, twenty six ministers...and the june talyor dancers
<peacebird> Confirmed Rapists and Abusers
<thedrev> did he drink and fall again?
<Editor> it only gets worse

<stlsaxman> fell off a bike
<Acela> As I said a while back his pep talk tonight will backfire
<thedrev> educating children- the ones left alive

<peacebird> fell off a pretzel
<Acela> How're we gonna hand power over June 30?  There won't be anyone to hand it over to!

<chazzz> i wonder what spin MSNBC will put on this

<thedrev> Some have questioned whether Iraqis can self-govern,  like Michael Savage?  Rush?
<monkeyfister> YEAH!!! The SCHOOOOOLS!

<blockbush> did the soldiers get extra pay for the S&M?

<Weezil1> soldiers are in good condition and have been returned to duty. They are exhibiting no adverse effects from their exposure.
<monkeyfister> I knew he wouldn't let us down!
<crazyquagga> he was even lying about the "topsoil being loose" http://www.thismodernworld.com/weblog/mtarchives/week_2004_05_23.html#001549
<monkeyfister> and town torturers
<peacebird> a civil society is emerging? really? where?
<Throgg> there's a strategy...coulda fooled me.
<thedrev> Resent foreign control- NO SHIT!   It's called RPGs dumbass

<Editor> what is this love fetish bush has for the "eye racki" people?

<Acela> Between the insurgo-terrorists camps, peacebird
<thedrev> there's the smirk!!
<bart> we have no interest in occupation?  then why are we occupying?
<chazzz> no occupation, but over 100,000 troops will still be there

<thedrev> Yeah, when they repair a bridge, they sure know they are on the other side from the CPA
<monkeyfister> we're JUST interested in the hydrocarbons underneath
<blockbush> "civil society" I guess our troops are the EXAMPLE
<rude^boyee> he's doin the speech from the place that produced the "iran did the gassing of kurds" report
* Acela starts handing out Pretz-O-Matics
<bart> notice the Chimp isn't taking questions tonight - because he f-ing can't
<thedrev> NO, dumbass, they stand between US and Iraqis
<blockbush> they were too stupid to realize it involved occupation, which was a dirty word
<Acela> He's not intoxicated enough, bart

<Editor> bush luuuuuuuuuvs the "eye racki" people. Why some of his best friends are "eye rackies"
<blockbush> now they imbrace the idea
<Rbaron> Unka Dick how can they have an honest election? They don't have a Supreme Court.
<thedrev> no questions?  awwwww

<peacebird> oh wow, we're defending Iraq now
<rude^boyee> who's gonna question the commander n chief there?

<monkeyfister> that's his new gamut, Bart... One way communication
<thedrev> Hmm... democracy.... voting... schools.... wow, wonder if they will try that here?
<Acela> Get your Pretzel Launchers...right over here

<bart> I wish the camera would pull back so we could see the applause sign flashing
<Editor> thank god for digital cameras

<monkeyfister> 138,000 troops
<poodlehead> exceptional

<blockbush> he can't answer one question. FROM ANYONE
<blockbush> HE"S mentally DEFICIENT
<blockbush> like REAGAN
<Editor> they love this freak
<chazzz> well there won't be any evidence from now on since digital cameras are now banned

<peacebird> "General Abazaid is constantly assisting the level of truth they need in Iraq..."

<Acela> Except Halliburton board members...he'll suck them
<stlsaxman> "exceptional skill - at raping and pillaging"
<thedrev> Sah-DAMN?

<poodlehead> Falluja? the city we lost

<thedrev> Murder of 4 contractors- much more serious than 800 soldiers
<peacebird> it used to be pronounced Sodom
<crazyquagga> he always used to pronounce it "Sodom"

<blockbush> lets "assist the level of truth" That a good one!
<rude^boyee> tell that to the 900 dead
<Editor> what about us. Remember the US?

<Acela> I will clean up the Bush mess...er, with my Democratic Floor Waxer.
<thedrev> Shared Responsibility - handover to strongmen, just like Afghanistan
<Throgg> the best offense is to pussy out...sure

<zendaba> I'm sure glad we laid off and only killed 600 or so instead of using "overwhelming force."
<monkeyfister> We're trying a new approach, just giving cities back to the Baathists
<chazzz> who will liberate us from Bush

<Acela> What is overwhelming force anyway>?
<Editor> Whats with that wedding bombing
<crazyquagga> he won't mention that
<Editor> another oops

<Acela> I figured 138,000 troops is pretty damn close to overwhelming force
<thedrev> Those responsible for terrorism will be held accountable.. so, when are you going to jail asshole?

<crazyquagga> nor will he bring up abu ghraib
<Acela> But being a liberal, I'm apparently wrong
<crazyquagga> or camp buqqa
<peacebird> Those responsible for terorism will be given an account, a bank account

<blockbush> We spent a lot of money on special weapons - - they should be grateful
<chazzz> what about the ass rapes Mr. President?

<blockbush> it cost a lot of money - if we'd have tried to save, more would be dead.
<thedrev> rape rooms are back!
<Throgg> if we don't re=baathify iraq the baathists will have won. why can't you understand that?
<stlsaxman> notice how "kill" comes before "capture"?

<monkeyfister> there's the set-up
<poodlehead> how do you ask a man to be the last to die for this asshole?

<peacebird> kill em first, capture em after
<Editor> notice the audience he picks..no one will stand up and scream

<crazyquagga> Halliburton overcharged the government--where is his outrage?
<Acela> God damn it...that's it
<monkeyfister> they're gonna bomb the shit out of the holy cities
<thedrev> Koofa... you know this asshole has to just laugh when prepping for these speeches
<crazyquagga> should't he be mad at that?
<Acela> I declare myself a sovereign state...who wants a passport?
<crazyquagga> me!

<monkeyfister> well-paid citizens
<peacebird> Koofa, rhymes with loofa
<crazyquagga> yay
<stlsaxman> no applause to that
<blockbush> the terrorists aren't americans. neither is bush. he should be exiled.

<Throgg> the kind of stable with shit on the floor

<peacebird> we've taken steps, backwards
<Bartender> wtf is wrong with these assholes
<poodlehead> gotta train more 'rackies
<Weezil1> i already had it that way, Bartender.
<Throgg> they've only applauded praise for the military...otherwise silence.
* crazyquagga drinks a shot everytime he smirks

<Acela> Iraq still has a security force?
<Acela> I thought they joined Al-Sadr?
<peacebird> eventual goal?
<peacebird> oxy moron
<blockbush> no applause? I knew there was a scandal tonight!

<monkeyfister> 260,000 to garuntee that we are outnumbered
<Rbaron> Most of them from Sadam's former army
<Throgg> defend thier country?    against who?   us?
<peacebird> oxy contin moron

<thedrev> 13 battalions = 6000 guys, way short
<stlsaxman> hahahaha

<chazzz> rebuilding while still bombing?

<Throgg> he starting to speak faster to cover up the lack of applause.
<Acela> "Economic and independence"
<poodlehead> did he mention schools?
<Acela> Hey, we sure could use that better electrical grid
<zendaba> Rebuilding the infrastructre - all 25,000 of the Iraqis actually involved.

<rude^boyee> the infrastructure that was sanctioned to death

<chazzz> did he mention "stay the course"?
<Throgg> Jenna will be Minister of Education.
<peacebird> a new currency, prolly printed by Halliburton
<Rbaron> Opened the country for Halliburton et. al.

<thedrev> Iraq in the WTO... what a better way to learn how to get really fucked as a country
<Acela> Revenues helping Eye Rackies?
<blockbush> "no applause? I'm just asking to kill more men\\\\\\\\"

<stlsaxman> "Iraq will learn economic depen-  independeance
<JoeBacon> Is it true that Babs and Jenna are hurrying to Massachusettes?
<Throgg> Perle's picture will be on the three dollar bill.
<Acela> Or lining Halliburtonian pockets?
<monkeyfister> Replace Iraq with Paul Bremer... it makes sense... Halliburton works too
<thedrev> SMIRK!
<crazyquagga> yes, we need to teach iraqi children how to make cappuchinos.
<crazyquagga> Now all we need is some electricity and running water--woops!  Spent that on chalk!
<poodlehead> haha.. infrastructure allowed to crumble

<chazzz> when he talks about war he's really talking about peace
<thedrev> Drinking game; take a shot every time he smirks!
* crazyquagga drinks
<peacebird> we're makin progress... ?!?!?!?...

<JoeBacon> hey is the makeup sweating off yet?
<Acela> $13.5 billion, wow
<peacebird> no Joe, but the fake-up is

<rude^boyee> how much we use ta blow it up?
<Acela> Dick Cheney is dancing behind that background
<rude^boyee> 87 billion?

<Bartender> 87 billion is way short
<rude^boyee> 200 billion?

<monkeyfister> Nation-Building which I campaigned against just four years ago.
<JoeBacon> I bet you Andy Sullivan is pitching a tent right now
<poodlehead> whaoa!
<monkeyfister> PRISONS
<stlsaxman> just keep drinking

<blockbush> i heard today on alex jones that people were arrested there for selling food
<Acela> No Smirk
<rude^boyee> a few?
<Throgg> abu ga  rape?

<blockbush> they have to have license
<Bartender> a few are in cape girardeau
<crazyquagga> the estimates were 60 bil, so that's 27 bil that'll wind up in a halliburton account

<Acela> YOU are the master symbol of disgraceful conduct

<monkeyfister> he studdered Abu Ghraib?
<Throgg> abu ga rum?
<Bartender> WTF is wrong with these assholes
<stlsaxman> abu garump?
<rude^boyee> americans will wackenhut a new spate of prisons

<Weezil1> i already had it that way, Bartender.
<poodlehead> haha
<crazyquagga> yeah, CUZ HE'S SCARED
<peacebird> a boo boo grab
<stlsaxman> lol

<thedrev> More money to build a new prison so we can tear down the symbol of OUR FUCKUP
<monkeyfister> applause?
<poodlehead> aboo-garumph
<monkeyfister> huh?

<Acela> Acela Republic passports still availlible
<blockbush> this guy can't rebuild Iraq. who is he kidding?
<stlsaxman> a room full of old white men

<Acela> Hurry before my capital moves to Paris
<Rbaron> He keeps looking for those phonetic cue cards.
<monkeyfister> cattleprods?
<blockbush> all he knows how to do IS FUCK THINGS UP

<zendaba> I wonder who will get the prison rebuild contract?
<peacebird> aboog arab

<Throgg> that applause on the prison remark may have been sarcastic.
<JoeBacon> Yes, thank you Jesus
<thedrev> We used to go to the UN until this monkey got in the White House
<Acela> This guy can't follow the directions in a Lego booklet, much less re-build a nation

<rude^boyee> americans will blackmail the rest of the planet into rebuilding what we blew up
<Editor> oh jesus, he called it Abu Garum
<JoeBacon> Bush's Cue Cards are brought to you by Hooked On Fonix
<monkeyfister> of course the UN laughed it off...
<stlsaxman> Powell's still SoS?

<crazyquagga> grayb.  it's pronounced "GRAYB".  HOW CAN YOU TRIP ON THAT?
<Acela> FreeIraq.com
<crazyquagga> DXM, that you can trip on
<Editor> I swear I then hear him say ABU GARUM
<JoeBacon> Is secretary of state Stepin Fetchitt gonna do the song and dance for Massa again?
<Acela> I hared Garum as well

<monkeyfister> 17,000???
<peacebird> Abu Garum, that's an Indian spice idn't it?
<crazyquagga> abu gollum?

<blockbush> oh they need new prisons. at least his honest about this one thing
<crazyquagga> how do YOU spell khaddafi?
<Acela> Garum, it's like stratergery
<monkeyfister> easy math
<poodlehead> listening on the radio I am a minute ahead
<thedrev> 15 nato nations, 17K troops - 10K brits =  < 500 troops per country

<JoeBacon> Now don't foget Poland
<thedrev> hell, my kid's elementry school is bigger than that force
<Acela> WE sure as hell coulda used an accurate national election

<Throgg> an orderly election! there's an idea!
<chazzz> a governing body of US puppets
<Acela> And a truly elected governing body!
<Rbaron> What does he know about freely elected?
<JoeBacon> Hey is it true Diebold is going to provide the election machines for Iraq?

<thedrev> SMIRK!
<Throgg> o brave new world

<peacebird> the Fall of 2005
<Acela> Fall of 2005, eh
<poodlehead> gubblymint
<Editor> how come I can pronounce the name of the prison but the president cant?

<Acela> You won't be seeing that day, Dubya
<JoeBacon> It's time to pray
<poodlehead> der prawd peepl
<Acela> We hold opinions!  Our media just kills them!
<a_hetzer> only the cable nets are showin the "speech"  haha

<peacebird> mercy of a dictator? huh? what?
<punlemur> ah, ah!
<monkeyfister> This is not quite a plan, let alone an exit plan
<chazzz> http://www.bushflash.com/wmf/diebold.mp3
<thedrev> yes, they DONT want to live under a dictator, which is WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING US

<JoeBacon> I pray that some brave patriot hits President Asshole in the face with a pie
<thedrev> pie would mysteriously come back positive for anthrax

<punlemur> all of one network here is showing the speech
* Acela hands out pretzel mines to everyone
<thedrev> that patriot would be dead in weeks... illegal combatant and all that
<stlsaxman> look at whitey
<JoeBacon> Holy shit it is on every channel here in Los Angeles

<poodlehead> on no channels here in Cleve
<a_hetzer> just cable
<Acela> What the fuck do you know about freedom, asshole
<blockbush> wonder why the lag on the TV

<blockbush> they are afraid he'll have a seizure?
<stlsaxman> only on NBC here

<JoeBacon> Koresh my favorite burned up person, I pray that Jenna and Babs come out of the closet and marry in Boston
<monkeyfister> c u e c a r d
<peacebird> only on CNN in NorCal

<punlemur> stlsaxman: what's your local NBC affiliate?
<Throgg> whatevr you're doing isn't working

<Acela> Come join us in blasting the Shrub!
<JoeBacon> holy shit is is even on UPN here!
<Zomar> I see stupid people.  On TV.

<thedrev> I would give ANYTHING for someone to hack the teleprompter right now

<Acela> Good times will be had by....fucking asshole talking about freedom

<blockbush> the proud people, that ours are humiliating.

<Acela> Eye Fucking Rackies
<JoeBacon> 13 in LA
<monkeyfister> whew! Free... NOT AMERICAN
<thedrev> Free Iraq will always have a TARGET in the United States

<zendaba> Cue Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" now

<Bartender> 32 is a great age.
<Acela> He can count to 32?

<blockbush> is he talking as if the dictator is in the present?
<Zomar> A Free Iraq will always have The US to ram a mop handle up their ass...

<chazzz> oh no
<blockbush> i don't think Rove is as smart as he's cracked up to be, either.
<chazzz> he's mentioning Sept 11
<poodlehead> learned new terms

<thedrev> Yeas, and we should have stopped in Afghanistan
<punlemur> we're learnding!
<monkeyfister> he said "We're going to make you free-- NOT American...
<thedrev> dumbass
<rude^boyee> range alerts
<blockbush> if that is the case
<Editor> 911911 911 911 911 911 911 911 911

<rude^boyee> dirty bomb
<peacebird> bringing Orange Alerts to the world
<stlsaxman> like risen and dirty bomb

<rude^boyee> boooga
<rude^boyee> boooga
<rude^boyee> boooga
<rude^boyee> boooga

<JoeBacon> and there will always be dumb white trash wenches from West Virginia to force them into perverted acts
<poodlehead> ah.. the bali nightclub

<monkeyfister> you dirty bomb
<Acela> 9/11 = Boo

<stlsaxman> like risen and dirty bomb
<peacebird> war on terra
<JoeBacon> oh give me, your dirty bomb
<Zomar> HAHAHAHA we did not seek this war on terra....

<thedrev> we did not see this war on terra.. because we were too busy with missile defense
<peacebird> do our doodie

<Throgg> as if west virginia didn't have enough problems
<poodlehead> must keep our focus and do our dooty

<Acela> Warra Onna TERRA

<monkeyfister> hope you're voted out
<Acela> Bush didn't seek it
<Zomar> Prenit War Hardon

<Acela> Karl did
<Editor> he's on a freaking RELIGIOUS crusade

<poodlehead> seem to impose, that's what they do
<Bartender> why is the online church called church of fools
<monkeyfister> the tragedy of your election

<JoeBacon> a more effective dirty bomb could be made out of Kandy KKKrowley's underpants

<chazzz> Taliban like rule, like Bush wants here?
<zendaba> Starting in Saudia Arabia and Pakistan

<Acela> Talibush!  Talibush!
<peacebird> women are brutalized at ABU GHARAB
<poodlehead> always exportin' violence
<Acela> God, I wish we were the live audience
<Acela> We'd own his ass
<rude^boyee> free kuwait elections
<peacebird> his very red ass

<grammysherry> Wmd
<grammysherry> AGAIN
<monkeyfister> well, they do all that just to kill

<JoeBacon> Times like this make me glad that I left Klansylvania
<Acela> Weapons of Mass Dumbassitude

<Throgg> WMD...
<punlemur> Gannett might be having all its stations air the speech
<thedrev> "I still want your Muslim votes..."

<poodlehead> consumin' zeal an' without conscience!
<zendaba> He's talking about himself again!
<monkeyfister> and the BFEE is different - how?

<chazzz> only "seek" wmd's, he's lowering the bar
<Acela> Muslims R My Friendz

<peacebird> advanced and changed? fo real deal?
<thedrev> "Change lives in the Middle East... by putting a broom handle up your ass"
<Editor> business partners
<Acela> Science?
<Zomar> Oooooh. Lookit the trained monkey...
<Bartender> Science is for naive fools who believe we have actually identified all of the fundemental forces of nature.
<Weezil1> somebody said Science was fascinating

<JoeBacon> well, he's gonna have a problem getting muslim votes since Fuck Face locked thousands of Muslims up in prisons with no electricity
<blockbush> did he apoligize for not seeing 9-11?
<poodlehead> a tragedy of history
<stlsaxman> gannett- that's it

<Acela> The fuck you know about science, Mr. Fuck the Stems Cells

<monkeyfister> I like Bart's "know your friends" bit on his page today
<Throgg> what about the new UN resolution? he gonna say anything about it?

<blockbush> i wanted to know that too bartender
<monkeyfister> reclaim their heritage?
<Throgg> sounds like he's wrapping up
<crazymike> how was the "speech"
<thedrev> Burning hatreds will die away... when Kerry wins the white house

<peacebird> yes, I do, and your Pretz-O-Matic too
<Zomar> And Mr. Fuck the Hubble Telescope that doesn't find WMDs.
<JoeBacon> you didn't miss anything
<Acela> Wooosh!

<monkeyfister> It'll take YEARS to comb through EBAY
<Editor> They can now grow Teeth with stem cells but bush has slowed and banned the research.
<Editor> So when you lose your next tooth thank bush for the space
<poodlehead> fluff, all of this

<Acela> Iraq to Afghanistan in 2.7 seconds
<stlsaxman> Throgg i think he already did... two seconds
<Throgg> ah
<zendaba> Afghanistan coming to life again - all 5% of it we still control
<Acela> My FELLOW Mericans!
<Acela> Liberty!
<thedrev> Defeat WHAT enemy???

<JoeBacon> you know how to make Bush persevere?
<Acela> And God 4 ever!
<monkeyfister> peril and violence inflicted by us

<Throgg> well...that was pointless.
<crazymike> could you see the bike injuries?
<blockbush> is he talking about SCIENCE?

<peacebird> this hard-on ground
<monkeyfister> OY!
<Editor> God is not blessing this country
<blockbush> that's weird

<JoeBacon> Make the fucker try to count past 10 without taking off his socks and shoes
<Acela> NOOO!

<Zomar> MayGawBlesshRCuntry.
<Editor> Fuck this god delusion
<Acela> Not Chris the Screamer!

<grammysherry> haha Joe Biden just said he said "nothing new" haha
<peacebird> go TRUTH!!!

<stlsaxman> "American troops will be under the control of American Gubmint... with the cooperation of the UN..."
<Zomar> Fucking Koresh.  CNN is creaming in her jeans.
<Acela> We're the man/woman!

<Throgg> OK, Brit Hume just said he was recieving a standing ovation even though NO ONE IS STANDING
<Editor> God hates Bush
<Editor> God thinks bush is a FREAK

<thedrev> CNN: No Apology, No timetable for withdrawl of troops
<blockbush> that was a very short speech
<peacebird> he's a dang blasted LIAHHHHHHH

<rude^boyee> a kremlin speech
<Acela> God:  Bush ain't mine...I'm not that baby daddy!
<thedrev> kremlin speech indeed
<Throgg> stalinist speech

<Acela> Der Bushlin Hitleroffen

<thedrev> "No New Policy Proposals" - CNN
<Acela> From Das Whitestag

<blockbush> his speech was shorter than Moore's standing ovation at Cannes
<rude^boyee> he's gotta have bodyguards in the war college?

<rude^boyee> look at that dewd behind him eyeballin the generals
<peacebird> blockbush, heh

<Acela> Acela Network: No New Evidence of Intelligence From Bush
<Zomar> President Quayle would never have been THIS incompetent!

<Throgg> krauthammer sez the speech will 'stop the panic'.
<poodlehead> right-o Zomar
<crazymike> acela - that's the headline of the night!
<blockbush> they're scared of the generals
<blockbush> if I was them, I would be too
<stlsaxman> as soon as he leaves my anti-war lawn sign goes up
<blockbush> they are prolly scare to walk outside at all
<Acela> Great!  Let's go to press with it
<peacebird> the Iraqi Alamo?

<blockbush> I would be too, considering what they have done

<blockbush> they are just lucky . our side is non-violent

<Acela> Thank god for baseball!
<rude^boyee> listen to the souza
<peacebird> it makes for a good venting session here

<crazymike> the winner of american idol is taking over in iraq on june 30???
<blockbush> what Panic is this supposed to stop?
<Acela> Who the fuck is talking to Chirs the Screamer?

<peacebird> pass out the Bolivian Marching Powder
<chazzz> I hope Bush's poll numbers go below 40 after this

<Throgg> "a realistic vision of the endgame', sez Krautty.
<stlsaxman> lol peacebird!
<crazymike> THAT's how they should pick the new owner of Iraq -- a super reality show just like Apprentice
<Throgg> where do they get this shit?

<blockbush> Bush must hate that
<peacebird> good idea crazymike
<Acela> From the makers of the hit show "The Apprentice"
* monkeyfister lights spliff of excellent homegrown

<rude^boyee> best speech ever
<rude^boyee> a democrat on cspan
<Acela> "The Clerical Leader"

* peacebird leans over against mk and inhales deeply
<blockbush> best speech?

<Throgg> I don't wanna see 'Survivor' fro Abu Ghraib.

<Editor> "Well look how they applauded him Mildred" I guess he knows what hes' talking about

<crazymike> the first challenge --- Who can spend the longest time in an Iraqi prison
<Acela> Survivor: Najaf

<chazzz> I hate those Republicans that call into Cspan praising Bush
<rude^boyee> a real caller
<Zomar> His best speech ever will be his concession speech.  Our long national nightmare will be over.

<blockbush> did they have to pipe in applause?
<rude^boyee> misslead the american ppl
<JoeBacon> oh god, Pink Tutu Biden joins Tweety in the Suck Fest

* monkeyfister turns on the aromatherapy oil warmer
<peacebird> misled the American ppl

<blockbush> i don't think he makes a speech. it's just comments or drivel
<rude^boyee> empire building
<monkeyfister> is Biden wearing the tutu?
* peacebird turns on the black light

<blockbush> i don't think he's capable of speech
<crazymike> is bart here? I had a great BCR idea

<Acela> Did I see Kerry getting measured for suits during that blowjob?

<rude^boyee> lot more bs
<rude^boyee> not believable
<JoeBacon> Oh Biden, shut up and slither off the screeen in your pink thong
<Acela> Oh, I need confirmation
<blockbush> he's being lauded for have the brass balls and cheek to stand up there
<blockbush> and face us after what he's done/

* monkeyfister finally exhales

<peacebird> yes, Acela, do it
<blockbush> that must be it
<Acela> Did anybody see Crossfire two weeks ago?
<peacebird> Acela, give us another clue

<Acela> Tucker was wearing a pink shirt and a leapard-print bowtie
<JoeBacon> Hey folks, if YOU are Schroeder, would YOU talk to President Asshole?
<blockbush> He's being praised for shameless lying

<Acela> That wasn't an illusion, right?

<Acela> I did see that, didn't I?

<crazymike> I had a great idea today: After Kerry wins, he appoints Bush head of Iraq
<Throgg> Biden's a press whore, like McCain.
<blockbush> i hope tucker is bi

<Daedalus> hey peace
<monkeyfister> nien, ich will nicht

<JoeBacon> tweety going back to sucking Chimp ass
<zendaba> Good idea crazymike.
<peacebird> send Tucker to Iraq dressed like that...
<zendaba> He can live out his days in the "green zone"

<Zomar> McCain is a battered spouse.  Can't leave a dysfunctional relationship with the GOP.
<crazymike> no dangerous bikes there either
<JoeBacon> why is Tweety talking about beheadings when Tweety is giving head to the Chimp 24/7?
<blockbush> tucker can be a female there

<Acela> Staying course is a prescription for failure
<Acela> Who's making sense?  Get them off the air now!!
<peacebird> beheadings--- must be a new code word for bj's

<Zomar> Tucker might be real popular in the interrrogation rooms.

<JoeBacon> I say arrest Michael Teeney Weeney Savage and put that closet queen on the front line
<blockbush> beheadings, make people crazy with anger at the iraqis

<rude^boyee> boosh is my hero
<Throgg> Biden is actually making some sense.
<blockbush> so it serves the Homeland
<JoeBacon> and send Bareback Andy back with him

<Acela> President has to lead?!
<stlsaxman> some crazy shit
<Acela> Blasphemy!!

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