Volume 806 - In the shuffling madness...

 Bonus Section

 Clinton-hating James Woods to play Rudy Giuliani

  James Woods (D-Traitor) will play former-Nazi cum hero Rudy Giuliani in a TV movie
  which will premier on the USA network, right after that wonderful Tori Spelling flick,
 "Mother May I Sleep with Danger?"

 They think we're stupid
   by my good friend John Montgomery

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 [Cheney] is surely the most unpleasant and corrupt politician to run the country since Richard Nixon.
 He doesn't trust Congress any more than we do. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, regardless of
 which political party starts them. Nobody murdered Vince Foster or Ron Brown or JFK Jr or Cliff Baxter.
 But Dick and Condi and the rest of the Defenders are hiding something.
 It may be just gross incompetence.  Maybe.   But their insistence that we're all as stupid as their boss
 is making my bullshit detector scream like Ashcroft in a gay bar.

  Less than 30 days until the premier of sweet corn season.
 Bixby Green Corn Festival - June 27th 2002

 The Bixby Green Corn Festival is a three-day event with carnival rides, musical entertainment,
 concessions, arts and crafts booths, parade and antique tractor show througout the weekend.

 ...uh, ... did you forget the corn, too?

 They get these giant grills, maybe four feet deep by eight feet wide and they place just-picked
 Silver King ears on them and when they're done, they dip the corn in a vat of butter.

 Oooohhhh, it's Heaven.
 I'll have to bring my Chinaco in a flask.

As for the WTC CEO Conspiracy theory, you wouldn't need hundreds of people in on it. All you need
is one - the guy organizing the charity event at the base. Have him invite all these CEOs by saying,
"If you come, you'll get to have lunch with the president - we guarantee it."

And guess who showed up unannounced a little after lunchtime? GW Bush.

They didn't have to know that something was up. All they had to know was that they were getting to meet
the president and talk about defense spending at an Air Force base. $$$$$ What CEO wouldn't go?
And how many of them got the message that morning that they had their bacon saved by this
administration without their even knowing it?

Now let me make a different connection. Remember a few weeks ago there was a story about companies
taking out life insurance policies on their employees without the employees' knowledge? Now ask yourself
that question of whether or not the CEO would let hundreds of employees die while escaping himself.
These weren't Wal Mart checkers with $15,000 policies. How much money did these companies
collect in life insurance on their slain employees?


Jeff, that's too creepy to think about.
I think I'm sorry I brought it up.

 MTV has announced some Ozzy specials are on tap for the summer,
 including his world-famous date with Greta Van Susteren at the WHCD.

 Ozzy just signed for another season of his best-new-comedy voyeur show.

'Evildoers' always perch on oil fields

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 They call it the "Bay of Piglets." In Venezuela, the world's fourth-largest producer
 of oil, a coup ousted a democratically-elected leader and installed a businessman
 in his place, before popular outrage forced the return of President Hugo Chavez.

 The U.S. supports some of the most repressive, anti-democratic, oil-friendly
 regimes in the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. According to the
 May 10 New York Times, the Bush administration is debating what government
 it should impose on Iraq following the removal of Saddam Hussein in Gulf War II.

 I know - how about the president of Unocal?
 Put him on the board of the B.F.E.E.
 And after 2700 Americans die fighting for Bush's Afghan pipeline,
 the Bush Family will be so rich they won't have to steal elections anymore


You overlooked another possibility regarding the ceo's at Offutt Air Force Base.

Did they have to be in on the conspiracy in order to be sent there?
Imagine the Bushies just happened to schedule a fundraiser on that day and saved their lives.
That's one way to get them to keep coming to the fundraisers and giving till it hurts.
I can see the mail piece now:  "Hey guys, remember the last fundraiser?  If it weren't for that,
you might all be dead.  Think about that when you're deciding on how much to give."
Then again, Bush would stoop that low politically, right?


 Bush did try to save Enron
   by Sam Parry at consortiumnews.com

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 As Enronís crisis worsened, Ken Lay got Bushís help in three principal ways:

Bush personally joined the fight against imposing caps on the soaring price of
   electricity in California at a time when Enron was artificially driving up the price
   of electricity by manipulating supply.

Bush granted Lay broad influence over the administrationís energy policies,
    including the choice of key regulators to oversee Enronís businesses. The chairman
    of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was replaced after he began to delve
    into Enronís complex derivative-financing schemes.

Bush had his National Security Council staff organize an administration-wide
    campaign to pressure the Indian government to accommodate Enron, which
    wanted to sell its generating plant in Dabhol, India, for $2.3 billion.

 Bill Clinton never came close to committing serious crimes like these, but the GOP
 impeached him just because Clinton kept kicking their asses in election years.

 Meanwhile, the gelding Democrats return the favor by fawning over the illegal fraud.

 Crimes? What crimes?
 George Bush is my President!

Flush Rush

Subject: okie terrorism

>From the June 3 Nation, p 20:

In Oklahoma, according to SB 822, the threshold for "terrorism" could be as low as
"any conduct...calculated to damage or destroy property...or produce a state
of adversity, anxiety or fear...to coerce a population or government into granting
demands, altering rights ...or effecting any industrial, political or economic ends."

I certainly get anxiety when I read Bartcop, and I also see you
making demands of the government and trying to effect political ends.
I guess in Oklahoma that makes you a terrorist!


You have the right to remain silent.
No, wait, we threw that right out with the Constitution.
You have no rights in George Bush's America.
Prepared to be tortured.

 A great Ted Rall cartoon

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 Another old friend pulls his knife

While I could not donate a lot to you or JHS, I did until your true self came out.
You and your friends over at Freeper Jr want to push some loser just because her name is Reno.

When your friends over at Freeper Jr locked my thread and blocked me from posting,
that shows that you are all just losers. You really do not want Democrats to win,
just lose so you all can cry in your beers.

There are other places besides you and JHS to donate money to.

William S

William, sorry I can't be all things to all people.
I'm not a big Reno fan, but she's running against Jeb Bush.

I'd prefer Reno or McBride to Bush, and for that you bring out the knife?

Since I don't know what "Freeper Jr" means, I doubt I have many friends there.
Your contention that we are "all just losers" because somebody blocked
a post of yours over at "Freeper Jr," is, I'm afraid, flawed and faulty logic.

And even if your reasoning was sound, why punish JHS for something
that I or the people at "Freeper Jr," allegedly did to you?

Have a good life.
I'll remember the old William S.

 Big Dog wows them in New Zealand

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 Last night he won hundreds more fans with a rousing speech in downtown Auckland.
 Holmes described Mr Clinton as a rock star, and he lived up to his billing.
 He finished his speech to gasps from women in the audience.

 The "why can't we all just get along" speech seemed to strike a chord with the audience,
 some of whom looked close to tears as they gave their final applause.


The federal government is going to spend $235 million to buy back oil and gas
leases for the protection of the Florida Everglades and miles of beaches.

Now wait...
Didn't the President say that drilling in Alaska was not an invironmental hazard.
So now drilling in Florida is an invironmental hazard.

Maybe..............just maybe, this doesn't have anything to do with the environment.
Could this be an attempt to get more votes in Florida for Jeb and George?
Oh please, perish the thought!


 What does Cheney have in his pants
 that makes him so damn dangerous?

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Mail Bag

Are you sure Salon has gone "whore" on us?
I went to site and they had Spinsanity and a pro Clinton article
and Tom the Dancing Bug and some other stuff.
But I trust your judgement.  You hate Bush more than me.

That's impossible.


Rockytop, when a publication gives a total whore like Horowitz ink,
that publication has no integrity at all.   They live in Whore City.

Bob Novak is a tax-cutting nut, but he's no Horowitz.
Buchanan is a crazy racist, but he's no Horowitz.
JohnMcLaughlin is a sexually-confused, overbearing dictator with
delusions of godhood, but he's not a complete whore like David Horowitz.

Horowitz is Ann Coulter without the free french fries.

Horowitz is everything that's wrong with journalism today.
He'll witness a fender bender and call it in an "another Horoshima."
Horowitz is a guaranteed miscarriage of journalistic ethics.
When I'm outright lying, I'm more honest than David Horowitz.
Anyone that would give him ink is totally whore-driven.

Same for the vulgar Pigboy, Laura, Hannity and O'Reilly.
They get paid by the personal slur.  That's their sole function.
They fabricate absolute rubbish, then swear on Christ's body that it's true.

One reason Conason & Lyons aren't household names and filthy rich
is because they aren't wild and crazy whores. They are reasonable gentlemen,
using facts and logic and quotes from the guilty to make their point clear.

If Conason & Lyons constantly made news because they said crazy shit like
"We need to invade other countries, kill their leaders and force our
God down their throats," they'd each drive a new Jaguar, but they don't,
so they drive whatever it is that they drive.

So, on one hand, I don't really know enough about Salon.com to characterize them,
but anyone who'd hire Horowitz is after that ditto-monkey dollar, not the truth.

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