The tax cut: how to make this program work for US economy
   by Der Voron, author of Starcraft

 As you know, the problem with the tax cut program proposed by
 President Bush's administration is that much of the money received in
 this program by big corporations and rich private persons may be not
 invested for economy development, but just spent for buying new
 villas, yachts, super-dear cars, entertainment and other not very
 productive branches of economy's production -- which would certainly
 not contribute to US economy, as President' administration expects.

 How to solve this problem? It is very simple:

 We should issue a law according to which a private person who has
 income/assets above a certain amount (to be specified) and any corporation,
 would have to INVEST, in his/her/its business, all or at least 90 %of the money
 received from tax cut program, during a specified time frame -- say one year,
 till next tax paying period -- and would have to present to the state a report
 describing how this money was invested. Such a report could be included in
 the tax forms which each taxpayer fills out in the due time. If the money is not
 invested within this time, then it would have to be returned to the state. The
 taxpayer would have an option to refuse to invest the tax cut money right
 from the beginning, then he/she/corporation would not receive it.

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