Scott Peterson
     by Jim J

 Understanding that all of this information comes from the American news media, it is all suspect information.
 1.  Neighbors reported a mysterious van in the neighborhood on the day Laci disappeared.  A woman (who the police
 now say was mentally disturbed) says she was raped in that van, and that the person who raped her claimed that they
 were going to kill someone on December 24th.  The police say that they found the van early on, talked to the people
 who seemed to be living in it, and dismissed it as leading nowhere.

 Excuse me!!!

 A woman claims that she was raped in a van that had no business in Petersen's neighborhood is simply dismissed?!
 The van should have been impounded long enough to have the crime lab check it out.  They could have certainly
 obtained a search warrant under these circumstances.  Once the van was impounded, at the demand of Petersen's
 counsel, they discovered the same type of duct tape that was used on Laci, and blood in the van (although apparently
 not Laci's blood).  But as far as I know, they have not checked that blood against the people who lived in the van for
 a match, nor have the looked for a match on other missing persons.  This is incredibly bad police work, and suggests
 that the reason that they never impounded the van to begin with is because they had their sights set on Scott Petersen.

 2.  Apparently the autopsy showed that Laci, and the baby, had organs removed intentionally.  Not likely something
 that Petersen would do if he, as prosecution claims, was simply trying to dispose of the body.

 3.  The location where the body was found means absolutely nothing.  I have a sailboat a few miles from there.
 a).  The currents are strong in the bay, and swirl off in many directions.  The body could have been dumped in
 San Pablo Bay and floated into San Francisco Bay on a neap tide.
 b).  The mud around that part of the bay is loose and deep.  If a body were weighted down there, it is as likely
 to sink in the mud, as it is to surface.

 4.  A neighbor claims that he definitely saw the Petersen dog, and a woman who he is pretty sure was Laci,
 walking in the neighborhood after the time that it is known that Petersen had left for the bay.  How many
 pregnant women that look like Laci do you figure walk around that one neighborhood?
 5.  Within the last two years other pregnant women have disappeared in the area between the bay and Modesto,
 and those cases remain unsolved.  One of them washed up almost exactly where Laci's body was found.  She got
 no publicity because she was a black woman.
 6..  If Petersen was being hounded by the press literally camping out in his front yard, and following his car around,
 is it really that suspicious that he would change his appearance, sell the car, and move out of town.  My feeling is that
 the Modesto police made it very clear from the beginning that they were focusing solely on him.  But even still, he did
 not acquire the services of a criminal attorney until after he was arrested.

 7.  The fact that Laci's family burglarized his house, and the reaction of the Modesto police was "no crime has been
 committed here," shows that the Modesto police are far more interested in furthering their reputation than dealing with crime.

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