Subject: Circumstantial facts about the Peterson case
  by RJH

To start with, I don't know if Scott killed Laci.
Only Laci, Scott and the real killer (if it isn't Scott) know this.
Anyone else is just guessing.

------- His wife's body was found only two-to-three miles from where he
supposedly fished that Christmas Eve (some sixty miles or so from their home).

The Berkeley Marina is some 90 miles from Modesto.  Since Laci Peterson's body had been in the water quite
some time before it was found, I don't know how accurate a coroner will be able to determine the date/time of
death or how long the body was in the water.  Since Scott stated very early on, within days of her disappearance,
that he was at the Marina, it would be easy for her killer to dump her body anywhere nearby, and make Scott
look guiltier.  It also would have been easy for Scott to do.

Bart reply: Good point - the media never bothers to make that clear.
Did Scott drive past 30 great dumping places, just to get close to the 'good fishing?'

---- He took out a $250,000.00 insurance policy on his wife's life two months before her death,

There have been several stories about this policy, but I have seen nothing that states only two months before
her death.  The two stories we've heard the most are that he got the insurance policy shortly after she became
pregnant (she was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance), or that the insurance was on both
of them, and they got it when they purchased their house, about 2 years earlier.

---- traded in her SUV a few days after she was reported missing,

FALSE.  The SUV was initially impounded by the police, which would make it difficult to trade or sell.
They impounded the SUV, along with Scott's boat and truck.  The SUV was returned, the truck and boat
remain impounded.  He traded the SUV for a truck sometime around the end of January; a month after Laci
was reported missing.  He supposedly did this because the SUV was unreliable, and he needed a truck for
his work, plus he couldn't afford the SUV payments.

---- and put the house they shared on the market  long before her body was found.

FALSE.  Apparently Scott and Laci had talked about selling the house before Laci disappeared,
but they never did anything about it.  The house has not been put on the market.

---- It seems he knew she wasn't coming home (surely a loving husband would have wanted
to keep the house in case she one day found her way back).

Scott did apparently look into selling it, after Laci disappeared, because he didn't want Laci coming back
to it, after whatever happened to her.  If you believe this story, it sounds like he is a "loving husband" that
didn't want her to have to relive the trauma of whatever she went through.  Anyway, about a week after
looking into, he decided not to put the house on the market anyway.

---- On the day the police found her body (and the baby's), Scott Peterson didn't even bother
to present himself at the police station to inquire of the details.

On the day the police found her body, the day after they found the baby's, they only suspected it was Laci
and the baby. The DNA tests that proved the bodies were of Laci and the baby were not released until
after Scott had been arrested, so it would be difficult for him to present himself at the police station.
He was also in the San Diego area, supposedly with his parents, quite a distance away Modesto, about 450 miles.

---- When he was arrested a few days later, he was in transit (no one knows to where),

He did happen to be in a car, and he was in the area of his parentís home.  I have no clue if he was going to a store,
coming back from a gym or about to flee to the Mexican border.  It is my understanding he had been staying with his parents.

---- had dyed his hair blonde (he was originally a brunette),

He says he had been in a swimming pool ... sounds flakey.

Bart's reply: I agree.

---- and was in possession of his brother's driver's license and $10,000.00 in cash.

No substantiation, other than the newspapers reporting it.  I've also heard that he had far less than 10K on him.
Also the driversí license has been reported to be his brother's or one from Florida.

---- A win for [Geragos], though, would mean that a murderer goes free.

I'm glad I don't live in the guilty until proven innocent world this person lives in.

Bart's reply: But you do.
That's one reason this should be talked about. If not for Geragos, Scott would be just another helpless,
"We all know he's guilty" victim of the media scandal machines The public wants Scott to be guilty,
so the money-grubbers are feeding that fire. It's about maximizing profits - not telling the truth.


It seems this person remembers the facts that circumstantially prove him guilty and doesn't seem to catch
the news articles contradicting any of those "facts".  Granted newspapers today hype what sells papers
and buries any admission of incorrect information.

Other than the items I've marked FALSE, when it comes to the alternate explanations I've given,
they come from the same media that has evidence that has proved him guilty in the court of public opinion.
We really don't know what the truth is right now.

Personally, I figure he probably did it, but who knows, stranger things have happened.
Hopefully the facts will come out at the trial.


Bart's Reply: RJH, I hope we get more facts about this non-historic event than we did
JFK's murder,
RFK's murder, MLK's murder, who was Deep Throat?, Neill Bush's lunch with John Hinkley's family
just before he shot Reagan, Iran-Contra and why Bush had to pardon everyone to keep them quiet,
the Poppy Bush Telex to Saddam, what's in Reagan's presidential papers that Cheney must keep hidden,
the racists who ran the Arkansas Project and Clinton's impeachment, the Rape of Florida 2000,
what the B.F.E.E. knew about Osama and his 9-11 motives and what really happened to Saddam's WMD.

Yeah, ...I'm holding my breath, waiting for the "truth" on Laci Peterson's murder.

Thanks for writing that.

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