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  The truth about an ugly lie - Perkel's view


Marc Perkel wrote:

I am writing you regarding your very inaccurate article called
Rabid Watchdog and it's about Media Whores Online.
In the article I am mentioned by name as hosting/supporting
Media Whores Online. Here's part of your article.

As best can be determined, Media Whores Online originated in Tulsa, Okla., in 1996,
...when BartCop took on right-wing agendas...he received financial help from Marc Perkel

First - as I made it clear to Jennifer Liberto who interviewed me, I do not know who Media
Whores Online is - and I certainly do not host their web site, nor to I support them financially.
I do host - but he is not Media Whores Online.

What you have published here is a total fabrication and you are using my name in the article
and what is published is not what I said. Besides the false facts - I would like to add that this
article is an example as to why sites like Bartcop and Media Whores Online exist. This article
goes beyond mere incompetence. Obviously Jennifer has an agenda here to create a slant against
we few real journalists who are actually reporting what really is happening here in America.
But - you have the right to print anything - no matter how poor the quality is - but you don't have
the right to falsely claim that I am hosting this - and that is Media Whores Online.

Therefore - PLEASE TAKE THIS ARTICLE DOWN IMMEDIATELY. will cost you your reputation.

You got suckered by Jennifer Liberto.
Hope you didn't pay much for that article.

Marc Perkel

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