Senator Clinton and the impotent freep.   Hillary wins!
     by Patty R

 Dear Bart,

 My friend and I were ecstatic to meet Hillary Clinton at a bookstore in DC on Thursday.  In the following pictures
 you can see the pathetic image of the usual suspects that crawl out from under their rocks whenever their puppet
 masters tell them a liberal needs harassing.  The Freepers (all six of them) came to pester, annoy and belittle
 Senator Clinton and anyone who believes in fairness, decency and justice.  They (the same six) did the same to
 Al and Tipper Gore and Sid Blumenthal at their respective book signings.  During the war they were seen
 lurking in the shadows of peace rallies.

 Unfortunately for the Freeps, Hillary was at the rear of a long narrow room and completely oblivious to their presence.
 Person after person congratulated her for her strength, dedication and compassion.  Senator Clinton was surrounded
 by hundreds of people who expressed their gratitude for writing the truth about the Scaife-funded witchhunt.

 Oddly, the Freepers think that they are a thorn in the side of the liberals and progressives but they actually embolden
 and energize us.  They provide such a clear contrast between the Right and Left.  They rarely manage more than a
 dozen or so lonely and dour souls at each gathering and the faces of these people illustrate the ugliness and hate that
 resides deep within their souls.

 The bottom photo shows a regular at these functions.

 She goes by the name "Angelwood" even though her looks and demeanor are anything but angelic.
 Katherine Wood's mouth is usually hidiously twisted as she spits out hateful insults.  Whenever I see her
 I wonder what makes her so angry.  My mother used to tell me that the face reflects what is in the heart.
This woman's heart must be a rotting mass and black goo must run in her veins.

 Another regular (seen in front of the line of Hillary admirers) in the blue shirt is Kristinn Taylor who seems to be their
 ringleader.  I've sometimes speculated as to why he has a girl's name.  Was he born with a case of microphallus,
 perhaps confusing his parents?  It seems that through his misogynist behavior he is compensating for something.
 One of the women in the group kept raising her placard in front of her face whenever she spotted a camera.
 Perhaps this is one Freeper who is still capable of shame.

 A rather portly and hairy man who calls himself Doctor Raoul was in charge of the bullhorn.  This man looks like a
 stroke waiting to happen.  It was difficult to hear the shouted insults as the noise from the traffic drowned it out and
 no one seemed to be paying attention anyway.


 The line of Hillary admirers snaked around several blocks and the poor Freepers looked dwarfed by comparison.
 The Freepers, overweight, unhealthy chain-smoking sad-sacks, seemed about to keel over in the DC heat and humidity,
 whereas the mood among the book buyers was happy and upbeat despite the fact that some had lined up hours before
 the senator's arrival.  We struck up conversations with one another and the general consensus was that the right-wing is
 in it’s death throes.  Their lies are being systematically exposed and more and more people are questioning the propaganda
 of the corporate owned media.  Al Franken's smack-down of Bill O'Liely was considered to be evidence of this.
 Bill Moyer's brilliant speech posted on the web is further evidence.

 The Freepers are fast becoming irrelevant.  Their first few appearances had a certain shock value and many outraged
 people have tried to engage them in debate.  This is pointless as their mission is not about policy or ideas or anything
 other than their effort to disrupt, demean and belittle.  Lately I've noticed that they are simply being ignored which
 seems to infuriate them.  One or two people shouted things like "moron" at them to which they feigned offense,
 shouting back "mean spirited".  Ha ha!  A Freeper calling anyone mean spirited!

 After the initial curiosity the crowd eventually turned back to their conversations about things much deeper than anything
 the Freepers could ever understand.  These sad humanoids have become a joke and no one is interested in, or offended
 by their fake protests.  They’ve simply become too boring.


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