The Recall of Grey Davis
                        by Jim Higdon

                      In its simplest terms, the recall of Governor Grey Davis comes down to this:  the wingnut division of the Republican Party no longer believes
                      in democracy.  Whenever these goosesteppers believe that that there is a key elective position where its occupant is not anti civil rights,
                      anti gay, anti liberal, anti -- well, you know, the usual antis -- the wingnuts will do all in their power to overturn the will of the people, and to
                      install a "leader" who is more friendly to the fascist cause.

                      The primary allegation against Davis is that he "lied" (that word that is only allowed to be used in the media when it is applied to
                      Democrats) to California about the state of our current budget crisis.  Of course this is an allegation that can be leveled against any
                      Governor in the US because no one predicted (with the exception, of course, of myself and anyone else who pays attention to right wing
                      politics) that Bush would purposely trash the US economy, and turn off required federal funding to the states.  Add to that Davis' having to
                      deal with Bush/Cheney/Lay skullduggery in severely overcharging California for energy which Attorney General Crisco refuses to prosecute.
                      Much better to go after Martha Stewart because she's has a disagreeable personality and she is a large contributor to the Democrats.
                      Criscoman is always clear in his goals.  Crime is okay as long as the Bushistas get their cut.

                      The constitution of California is not as strict when it comes to the removal of our chief executive as the US Constitution.  Our state
                      constitution allows for a recall at any time as long as one can obtain the required number of signatures on a petition.  For this recall,
                      900,000 signatures are required, and the last I heard over 700,000 had been obtained.  Gathering signatures on a petition is no Herculean
                      feat as long as one has the money to wage the campaign.  Whenever Republicans get involved, stolen money or quid pro quo money is
                      always available.  So there is little doubt that the anti-democracy crowd will come up with the signatures, even if they have to find signers in
                      the obituary column of the newspaper.

                      It should be pointed out that Grey Davis has few friends.  I don't like him myself.  I don't like him because he's a bad governor, and the only
                      reason he won reelection is because when the national Republican Party didn't want an honest conservative to challenge Davis (Richard
                      Riordan), they wanted the moronic and incompetent Nazi crook (Simon).  We had one of the lowest turnouts in our history, and Davis was

                      What is peculiar about this system is that we choose the replacement for Davis instantaneously to the decision as to whether or not to
                      remove him, and no one is allowed to campaign for the job.  There will be a bunch of names on the ballot that few people have heard of, with
                      no real knowledge of who or what is behind those names.  Most people will likely chose a name that they might know, or they will not show
                      up at the polls at all.  This is why the Repugnicans want Ahn-old to toss his name into the ring.

                      What is at stake is over 1000 miles of the most beautiful coastline in the world that the oil companies want to turn into black sludge, and
                      timberlands with trees taller than skyscrapers, and older than Jesus, that logging companies want torn down in order to protect against
                      forest fires.

                      Even though Davis is a Republican-lite, DLC, governor, he has at least made more of an effort, than our prior Racist Party governors, to
                      protect the environment.  Whoever replaces Davis in the recall will only be in office about two years, but the Repuglicans, buoyed by how
                      fast Monkey Bush could destroy the US, are banking that they will have enough time to chainsaw trees and get the oil derricks built.

                      So that's it in a nutshell.  Any specific questions I'll be glad to answer.

                      Always glad to help out,
                      James Hi

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