Frankie, Frankie say it ain’t so!!!!
                       by Richard L. Fricker

                              TULSA---Along Yorktown Ave. between 21st  and 25th streets Cascia Hall
                      prep-school students are searching the grounds for the lost idiot alumnus.
                      But not to despair, he has been found, on the front pages of papers coast to
                      coast and on CNN, and still an idiot. Mrs. Keating’s little boy Frankie has
                      once again shown us all how easy it is to be a world class ass.
                              While the usual anti-papists and Catholic bashers take his resignation
                      from the Bishops National Review Board as sign that the Catholic Church is
                      attempting to cover up a multitude of sins. Oklahomans, Catholic and
                      Non-Catholic, know this is just the latest in a long line of mean spirited
                      statements by a frat brat who was a joke in school and whose only claim
                      to fame is daddy’s money and his wife’s connections.
                              Not only was his remark equating Bishops to La Costa Nostra ill advised
                      it was hypocritical in the extreme.  Keating was complaining that the Bishops
                      had been “hiding information.” Well that depends on what you call hiding, Frankie.
                              When Keating as governor was questioned about his purchase of a state
                      airplane he danced and dodged every question. He even refused to divulge who
                      was riding on the taxpayer aircraft, he claimed it was to protect business
                      leaders who might be considering moving their operations to Oklahoma.
                      Others suggest he kept the identities secret because he didn’t want taxpayers
                      to know just how politicized the plane had become, or that maybe there
                      were some passengers the public didn’t need to know about. Republicans hate
                      scandals, especially about Republicans, right Frankie.
                              It’s never been fully explained why the governor, who made it a point
                      to have more than adequate security, would have the state troopers assigned to
                      protect him stay at hotels separate from his. Why? Just as one can only
                      wonder why the gov would use troopers’ credit cards for certain purchases so
                      they wouldn’t be reflected on his own expenses. Why? Ask Frank and see
                      what his position is on secrecy.
                              Frank never told the public that he used state troopers to move his
                      daughter back from school in Virginia. It seems the happy troop flew to
                      Virginia packed up the little missy and then the family flew back to Tulsa
                      while state troopers drove the Uhaul. Your tax dollar at work.
                              Nor did Frank ever explain about that weekend in Bohemian Grove,
                      California with the good ol’white boys of the ultra GOP. That’s one of those
                      weekends when all the rich and powerful white boys bond and make plans for
                      running the country. Interestingly all proceedings are not open to the public.
                      Democrats need not apply.
                              Little known is that during the bonding weekend, drums, loin cloths and
                      face paint may be optional, the governor and all other politicos are not allowed
                      to take phone calls or have visitors. If the Oklahoma City bombing had taken
                      place that weekend the dead would have had to wait until Frank surfaced with
                      a fresh nazipublican smile before they could die, it wouldn’t do to have his
                      picture taken with a three day old corpse. As Frank found out, bleeding and
                      dying children are worth lots of votes if  you can make it to the nets.
                              Frank kept lots of secrets when he was governor. And made a lot of
                      mean remarks about teachers, inmates he was about to kill, and voters who
                      refused to elect his wife and give the happy couple a free trip back to
                      Washington D.C., their REAL home
                              But alas, Frank’s fortunes seem to have fallen. After calling teachers
                      slugs and saying the best method of dealing with teachers was homicide
                      Frank has, to put it not too succinctly, pissed off the pope.
                              But, that’s ok he once described the Pope as a nice old man who
                      misread the Catechism when he opposed the death penalty. As with his fellow
                      Republican Governors, George Pataki and George W. Bush, Frank got a real
                      buzz out of killing people. Nothing like hauling a unarmed man out of a cell,
                      strapping him to a table and then hiring someone to kill him for you. Those rites
                      of passage just aren’t what they used to be.
                              Not to fear. Frank still has lots of money. But it may be only a matter of
                      time before the people paying him the big bucks to sit on various boards take
                      stock of this laughing stock and think to themselves, “ How long before this
                      goof says something we have to live with.”
                              The GOP caught on early. Frank wanted to be Attorney General but over
                      played his hand, pissed off the Bushies and they handed him his head on a platter
                      by disclosing that he had a long standing open palm policy with the old man Dreyfuss
                      to the tune of $10,000 a year, just to help with the kids education. Frank never
                      mentioned what happened to the money after his daughter got the free ride through
                      the University of Oklahoma Law School. OU--always looking out for the needy.
                              Thus Frank leaves the Review Board, probably in worse shape than he
                      found it. Bishop Gregory has learned he might  want to check people out a
                      little more closely before pandering to the ultra right and Catholics, well now the
                      world knows what we in Oklahoma knew all along---- keep newspapers on
                      the floor when Frank Keating comes to call.

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