Subject: Here's some "monkeymail" for you

 Hey Looser, bite me!  You liberals make me suck.

 ha ha
 Already, you can tell this might be pretty good.

 1.  Liberals must be stopped at all costs and by any means whatsoever. mean, at the expense of the Constitution?.

 These are the same people who support the American Communist Loony Union,

 Excuse me, would that be the A.C.L.U. to the adults?

 ...which defends the North American Man-Boy Love Association,
 dedicated to sexually molesting young boys.

 ha ha
 ...are you sure you're not talking about Catholic priests?
 Did you know they let go 435 priests in the last 18 months for alleged sex crimes?

 But seriously, you'd be surprised how little I know about NAMBLA and the ACLU's help.
 As a rule, I'm with the ACLU, but I don't know the NAMBLA story.
 You want to write a column about that?  I'd let you say almost anything....

 Liberals have absolutely no morals, no shame, and with our concerted efforts they should
 have no future either.  I repeat: They must be stopped by any means whatsoever.

 ha ha
 You remind me of Fred Carver - is that his name?
 This guy rocked - you'd love him.

 He was on Stern a lot a couple of years ago.
 I thought he was the funniest guest Stern ever had.

2.  The Democratic Party is organized crime on a rocket-sled, and its principals must
 be captured and incarcerated for the good of the nation.

 ha ha
 Dude, you're like manna from Heaven.
 I've been looking for a co-host for my radio show.

 You ever done any radio?
 No problem - me neither!

 I'll give you $500 a week - we're gonna be sooooo rich!
 One thing - you have act be just like you're acting now.
 ha ha

"What Buddhist Temple?"

 I agree - what Buddhist temple?
 If Gore committee a crime, why didn't they arrest him?
 Was it Hannity or Rush who told you to bring that up in a debate?

"I promise the most ethical administration in history."

 And he delivered.
 Plus, he didn't have to pardon his co-conspirators like Bush did in 1992.

"Forget the Electoral College, we're talking about who won!"

 If you're talking about Florida, it's a good thing the Crooked Court ordered Florida
 to stop counting ballots "before it caused irreperable harm to petitioner Bush."
 Counting the ballots just means the terrorists win, right?

3.  All unions are corrupt, without exception and without salvation.

 ha ha
 All Fords are green.
 Gee, that was so easy to say - and so false..

Anyone wishing to refute this with me had best go read the U.S. Department of Labor site
begun under the Clintonistas, recording the Perp Walk which union officials have so richly deserved.
(Be prepared to spend hours; the details are staggering, and irrefutable.)

 Yeah, there's where I'll spend today and Thursday.

Perhaps you are too slow to keep up with the big boys in this issue, but I use hyperbole
and insults because the Democrats and particularly the liberals deserve nothing else.

OK, make it $600 a week, but you don't get dental.

Moderate Dems were hijacked years ago and Political Correctness has enslaved them into now
being unable to dare defy a handful of malignant anti-American trash who rule their party.

ha ha
$700 a week - and not a penny more!
But, ...didn't the Dems get hijacked towards the center, which would be towards you?

Terry MacAuliffe deserves a jail cell right next to Slick and Shrill, and if Dems had
even half a brain they would be LEADING the call for that and not denying it to their dying breath.

I'm so old, I remember when you had to be found guilty to go to jail.
If MacAuliffe (congrats on the spelling - I have to look it up each time) is guilty of something,
why doesn't this out-of-control, warlike and bloodthirsty crime family family have him arrested?

Any response to that?

ha ha
The Dems should call for the blow job guy's head, so to speak,
and let the BFEE continue to rape, murder and pillage?

$800 a week - and not a penny more!

Bush will win in '04.

Considering his opponents are too afraid to speak, I think you're right.

There are NO reasons NOT to vote for Bush in '04, you sick liberal anti-american scum.

ha ha
$900 a week - and you pay your own parking!


"Liberals---a disease we can and we MUST cure in our lifetime."
   -- Adolph Hitler, 1937

 Dude, thanks for the quote, and think about a price.

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