Subject: American Reality
  by Phillip Schuman

Dear Bart:

Hard lefties, assuming you're talking politics and not pacifists, know the
history of many of this country's military involvements. They're mainly phoney
put-up jobs, with a manufactured casus belli, and deliberate propaganda lying to
sell the war on false pretenses, to get the public to go along with the secret
purpose. (The sinking of the Lausitania, 'Remember the Maine,' alleged Mexican
attacks that made us take the Southwest, phantom torpedo attacks on the Maddox
in the Gulf of Tonkin, baiting Saddam into invading Kuwait, no WMDs, Soviet
airstrips in Grenada, Noreiga was Hitler with voodoo, Khadaffi had death squads
in the US, babies out of the incubators, baiting the Japanese into attacking us
and foreknowledge at Pearl Harbor, Sandinistas were arming the El Salvador
rebels, receiving Soviet MIGs, and coming for Harlingen, Texas).

That's what 9/11 was, word. With the essential fall guy, for whom there is no
evidence of  participation. We had Osama under continuous telephone monitoring
up until May of 2001, and US and Israeli intelligence had assets who had
penetrated al-Qaeda, as DCI Tenet revealed in a public address, calling al-Qaeda
completely penetrated. There was no evidence from these sources of his connection.
FBI Director Mueller has said that not a shred of paper has been found, in the
extensive domestic searches and the FBI's review of documents found in
Afghanistan, to link al-Qaeda or bin Laden to the alleged  hijackers or the operation.
The connection they had is to Hamburg, Germany and neo-Nazi support.

So your writer is correct in at least one respect. If you wanted to deal out the
death penalty or take revenge by killing the people who did it, you'd begin and
end with Americans, others in the minority. But they're the untouchables, the
shadow government, est. November, 1963, if not before. The crimes of the US
military industrial complex against the people of the United States were often
blamed on the CIA, but it was the US Army that released bio-agents into city
crowds, exposed people's genitals to radiation, sent unprotected troops to
ground zero of nuclear test sites within minutes to see what would happen,
contaminated a huge area with anthrax, that probably developed AIDS, has done
the training to herd the American people into concentration camps, and far worse
things. The Army seized the WW II German and Japanese medical torture
experiment documents to study them for tips and techniques.

Already, back in '62 or '63, the Joint Chiefs proposed that Kennedy approve
staging terror attacks on US personnel and assets at Guantanamo Bay,
and killing civilians in Miami and in DC, in order to whip up public support to
invade Cuba. Their plan included 'hijacking' airplanes, and either crashing them by
sabotage or shooting them down, killing all aboard, or, they said, they could
stage the hijack crashes with 'drones.' They explained the operation would
involve taking a larger military plane, repainting it to look more like the target
civilian airliners, piloting it by remote control to a rendezvous with the civilian
airliner, dropping the merged radar signatures below radar, with the civilian
airliner continuing below radar to a landing strip, the drone taking its place,
and then crashed by remote control. They explained they'd restrict access,
control the press and information, and easily sell that story. In order to make
that switch work to fool ground control, THEY'D HAVE TO TURN OFF
THE TRANSPONDERS, which identify the planes on screen to the controllers.
(Where have I heard that before?) In either case, downing the civilian
airliner in reality or staging it, the bastards suggested a very sympathetic group
on the plane, like Boyscout troups, Little League teams, nurses, like that,
for maximum public outrage.

This was part of the proposed Operation Northwoods, from Freedom of
Information Act  photocopies of the original JCS unanimous recommendation
of this  course of action to Kennedy, including all the explicit plans and
explanation I laid out above.

Same guys proposed Operation Dropshot to Eisenhower, a pre-emptive nuclear
sneak attack on the Soviet Union, to kill 80 million Soviets immediately, and
countless millions later, and proposed the same thing to Kennedy. They were
projecting with luck we'd only lose a couple major cities, maybe 2 to 10 million
people. The Soviets only had about 30 ICBMs in '63, maybe 10 on alert,
much less in the '50s, no bombers that could reach our country, and the EMP
pulses from our first strike would knock out the electronics of the missiles on the
ground, disabling them, mostly. But the JCS also projected the Soviet Red Army
could sweep across Western Europe and occupy it, and we wouldn't be able to
stop them, and a few or more of their missiles could hit us.

Robert Strange (actual middle name) McNamara always said there was a
group in the Air Force that wanted to start WW III. During the Missile Crisis,
Kennedy used RFK as a back channel directly to Khruschev. Khruschev's memoirs
said Kennedy had RFK tell him that he didn't know how long the military would
obey his commands, that he feared they'd attack against his order. There
were Army Intelligence personnel in Dealy Plaza, now known as fact.

Eisenhower named the military first in the military industrial complex he warned
the country against, that they were too powerful and could gain too much
control. Reagan's OMB Director David Stockman said the last Carter defense
budget of $135 billion had $45 billion in waste, fraud and abuse, and then
Reagan doubled the budget on the books, with an additional $90 billion a year in
black projects, totally unaccountable and unreviewable by Congressional
oversight, and even the Pentagon's own Inspector General office. They can't
account for $2 trillion in spending? That's 2,000 billion, misplaced, stolen, embezzled.

As vital as defense of the country is, the military cannot be put on a pedestal
and given a pass. It has been misused more often than not. As much as we can
honor the service of our young men and women in the military, the purposes for
which they risk and sacrifice life and limb are not ones they choose, and like
the rest of America, they have been betrayed at the top. Gen. Butler, Commandant
of the Marine Corps and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, called
war a racket, and our military interventions, acting as high class muscle enforcers
for the money boys at City National Bank (now CitiBank) and Chase.

And as much as this country deserves to respond to an attack, to give the
knee-jerk response that it was intended to provoke is not the thoughtful course.
They wanted cover to attack Afghanistan, and America (and you) fell for
it, just as the majority of Americans still think doing Iraq was a good idea.
It wasn't, and there was no legitimate reason to attack Afghanistan.


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