International Law for (Republican) Dummies
                      What everyone knows they know about Right and Wrong

                      You live in a nice-sized town, a friendly place.  Nice neighborhood,
                      yet across the street is the 'haunted house' of a family of recluses
                      (think Robert Duvall in To Kill a Mockingbird).

                      Now there's a man in that house that EVERYONE hates, and
                      the fact is he killed a younger cousin there by poisoning him.
                      No one ever knew where he got the poison from, and rumours
                      are that it came from your house, before your family lived there.

                      He'd been jailed, and let out after ten years, after a lobotomy was
                      authorized by the State.  He returned to his house, and no one ventured
                      near him, nor did he ever come out of it.  He was shunned by the entire community.

                      Nor did he verbally or physically threaten anyone, but you
                      felt on edge and tense for years, when gazing at that property,
                      only surrounded by the long unkempt grass and creaky shutters.

                      But then you read an article, and it triggered greater fear in you.
                      It claimed that a lobotomy wasn't permanent, and that often a
                      lobotomized person could revert to being more violent than before.
                      All of a sudden, the media carried story after story of crimes
                      committed by 'lobotomized DeathBeings' or something catchy
                       ... you really became afraid.

                      In less than an hour, said the article, an innocent victim
                      could fall prey when the lobotomy was 'reversed'.  (You
                      dismissed other evidence that this 'lobotomy effect evidence'
                      was the whim of three scientists, who were trying to open
                      their own mental health center at the same time)

                      Every night for a month now, you sit at the window protecting
                      yourself from a certain death by a crazed DeathBeing that
                      you were certain had your house in his targeted warped vision.

                      You spoke to other neighbors about it, and they suggested
                      you were overreacting, that the scientific community had
                      dismissed this theory as bunk, but this convinced you more
                      than ever that you were RIGHT, and their ignorance of the
                      THREAT wasn't going to stop you from protecting yourself.

                      So, having bought yourself a new rifle, you took a slam of
                      whiskey, brought out your gun, went over to that house after
                      work, in full daylight.  You knocked on the door, and were
                      amazed to see a beautiful little boy and girl, standing
                      innocently in their home.

                      And you shot each of them, and went in and shot the
                      DeathBeing/father.  Dead, all three.

                      And you went home feeling heroic, because the DeathBeing
                      would never threaten anyone again, and his other four
                      children could now live in Peace and Prosperity.

                      And did your neighbors thank you?
                      And did the police leave you alone?
                      And did the Mayor thank you?
                      And why aren't your friends calling anymore with party invitations?
                      And do your friends talk amongst themselves about your 'mental health?'

                      And how do you feel as a Murderer?
                      Or is it a case of 'Preemptive Self-defense?'
                      Why don't they KNOW what You 'Know?'

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