AAR Housekeeping

 This is very important - thousands of dollars are at stake
 and we won't get a "do over," so let's be sure we're clear up-front.


 The first ad, approved by AAR, features:

 The second round is

 and leftwingwackos.com

 Cofirmed for the third round ads is



This is probably the last day to get back to me.
 Tommy & Tally are cutting the commercials tonight.

 If you've paid for an AAR ad, and your name's not on that list, please write to ads@bartcop.com,
 give me all aliases you use, name the web site you want promoted and the text to be read.

 One paid-for ad I checked just now gets forwarded to another page.
 That won't work.
 I have to know where the clicker ends up before we can air your ad.

 One last thing - if you confuse me, you're probably confusing your readers/customers.
 I promise you'd make more sales if there was less confusion.


 We'll finish the ads in the next 2-3 days, then pay AAR and look for the ads
 in about 10 days, but we won't do the July 4 weekend, we'll go before or after.

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