We have an update on The Rio

 I have reached Julie and Christian, (both were waaaaay excited about JulieFestWest in Vegas!)
 We have a confirmed date for the September 27-29th weekend.

 Here's the deal:
 We're going to party in Las Vegas that weekend.
 This is as sure as JulieFest2002-DC was gonna happen, and it did.
 We haven't signed contracts on the "where," but we're firm on the "when."
 My best guess is that this will happen at The Rio, where they're saying all the
 right things the right way.  But, ... if the sky was to open up and deliver an alternative,

 ...like maybe Wayne Newton is a big Julie Hiatt Steel fan and would be honored to host
 JulieFestWest at his fabulous Las Vegas mansion and stables just so he could meet a woman who,
 like Captain Kirk in City on the Edge of Forever, had the balance of history in her hand and did
 the right damn thing, instead of taking the easy way out which would've severely hurt this country.

 (P.R.T.!!! - Newton has horses! ...maybe he'll let us ride them?)

 But odds are (that's a Vegas term) the BIG party will be at The Rio..

 So give me 24 more hours for the cement to dry.
 Remember, we're not married to The Rio, but by sundown Wednesday
 we'll be economically married to that weekend.

 ...and, ...if Wayne calls, we're mobile...

 Note to Wayne Newton's people:
 Use the business addy, bc_biz@yahoo.com

 In closing...

 The Rio has waved the "Must-stay-Friday-and-Saturday" rule, which could save you
 $100 on a room Friday night.     That's a free ticket to JulieFestWest!

 September 27-28-29th

 Possible schedule:
 Friday - Visit to Area 51 followed by a tequila orgy at the Hard Rock
 Saturday - boating on Lake Mead, lunch with Julie, followed by the Party of the Year
 Sunday - It's a ghost town - room prices fall like World.Com stock

 Let me hear from you 

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