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Stop calling women "sluts"


Whether you accept Rosie's difference of opinion or want to skewer her for it,
you really could reconsider your heavy-handed use of words like "slut" and "whore"
when criticizing women whose opinions you disagree with.  It's misogynistic and insulting
to many women, like myself, who might otherwise agree with a lot of what you have to say.

It's enough to make me stop reading bartcop, one of the three sites I read every day.
There's enough woman-hating in the world; I don't need to read it in my political surfing.
So think about it, Bart....and come on, evolve with us!


But Sanda, what if my theory is correct?
What if she's stabbing her old friend in the back to create a media splash that will let
everyone know she's back on the stand-up circuit? And in the process, she's giving
aid and confort to the neanderthals who would like to see her lose her kids.

Rosie is many times a millionaire, but it seems she wants more.
If I'm right, wouldn't that make her a whore?

If a woman says, "I think guns are bad," I wouldn't call her a whore.
If a woman says, "I don't think we should be in Afghanistan,"
I might call her a dove, but I wouldn't call her a whore.
I always try to use the appropriate word.

One thing I didn't mention in that rant:  Whoever Rosie admires, I'll bet a ten-year,
$200 million investigation deeeeeep into their private life might change her opinion of them.
I'll bet if we investigated Rosie, and threatened everyone she ever met with death in prison
unless they gave us some dirt on her - I wonder how sweet she would smell when it was over?
Who among us would look good if everything we'd ever done was on the front page
of every newspaper and on every cable channel 24/7?

She knows this dirt about Clinton partly because he's pro-black and pro-gay.
If Clinton was a Republican, we would never have heard Monica's name.

And calling Clinton "disgusting" and saying "I hate you,"
while snuggling up to Bush isn't my idea of being a "good Democrat."


 Abortion - Post-conception contraception

 That divine Democratic sacrament by which Liberal women can secretly expunge
 their bodies of the inconvenient results of their own licentious promiscuity. By sweeping
 their love affairs and irresponsible drunken rutting under the rug, abortion elevates women
 into the ranks of the gods, deciding who will live and who will die.  It shows the world that
 women have a greater claim on the lives of their children than do the children themselves,
 that the Unborn are mere property, like slaves (or furniture)
    -- from a right-wing website called

 Are those comments fair to George W Bush?
  George paid for an abortion in 1971

 Are those comments fair to Pickles Bush, who is pro-choice?

 Are those comments fair to Barbara Bush, who is pro-choice?

 Are those comments fair to George Herbert Herbert Bush,
 who was pro-choice until Von Reagan offered him the VP slot in 1980?

 Are those comments fair to Nancy Reagan, who is pro-choice?

 Are those comments fair to Dan Quayle, who, in 1992, said he'd support his
 daughter's decision to "murder" her unborn baby if she became pregnant?

 Are those comments fair to Bob Barr, who wrote a check to an abortion mill
 so a doctor could "murder" his unborn baby daughter?   (When asked why,
 he told Larry King, "Because my wife and I share a joint checking account,"
 as though that demonstrated some philosophical difference to his "murdered" daughter.

 I think should be more fair to Republicans.

Subject: Scalia Calls Kettle "Black"

>From "The Washington Post"

"Seldom has an opinion of this court rested so obviously upon nothing but
 the personal views of its members," Scalia wrote (in a recent dissenting opinion
 arguing that the U.S. should continue to murder "retards" in the name of the State).

 I was having my coffee and actually did a classic TV "spit-take" when I read that.
 It took me awhile to quit laughing.  "Seldom," indeed, Tony!  So seldom, that the
 last time I saw an opinion turn on the "personal views"  of  the members of the Court,
 you fascist thugs were cramming Dubya Bush down our throats!

 Hypocrisy, thy name is Scalia!

 Robin W

Subject: Love your show, Rosie!

Dear Rosie:
A few facts for your perusal:

-- Ken Starr, not Bill Clinton, was the person who ruined Monica's life.

-- Every single Republican politician and media personality who attacked
Clinton for having an affair and trying to conceal it (much like you
concealed the truth about your own sex life for so long)  was, in fact, an adulterer:

Rush Limbaugh on Marriage #4, last I checked)

Bob Dole (loads of mistresses and a second Trophy Wife)

Newt Gingrich (who married Wife #1 to get out of the Vietnam draft, then
divorced her on her hospital bed right after she had had cancer surgery --
and, though he's not Catholic, is trying to get a Catholic annulment of
Marriage #2 so that his Catholic Wife #3 can marry him in the church)

Helen Chenoweth (of whom a promient Idaho GOP politican once said: "Helen is
living proof that you can literally fuck your brains out.")

Dan Burton (whose private life makes yours and Bill Clinton's look like Mother Teresa's)

Bob Barr (on Marriage #3, cheated on both previous spouses)

Tim Hutchinson (R-Arkansas, gets special hypocrisy points for being a Baptist
minister and conducting his concealed affair at the same time he was voting
to impeach Clinton for his concealed affair)

And this is just off the top of my head.

Gee, I wonder when you're going to criticize George W. Bush for being a drunk driver,
or being AWOL for two years from the military during Vietnam -- not to mention his being
joined at the hip to Big Oil and stealing the 2000 election.  But that would take courage,
wouldn't it?  It takes no courage to bash or to lie about Bill Clinton -- the media loves people
who do that.  But they don't like it when people dare point out the truth about George W. Bush.


Tamara Baker
American Politics Journal

Subject: Yeah Right...

> Second, he told the truth when he said he'd haver had sexual relations with Monica.
>  -- Bartcop

Yeah Right... try telling Mrs. Bartcop [that] the next time you get a blow job
in Vegas that it was not sexual relations.

Sorry pal, but you are out there...


Peigh, you need to concentrate on the legality of the situation.
This was Gingrich (cheating on his wife) trying to use the courts to destroy Clinton
but Gingrich got spanked, instead.    Clinton won, and history records that.

Whatever Mrs. BartCop might think about about some hypothetical subject doesn't
change the fact that under DC law, "sexual relations" means intercourse.  By all accounts,
Clinton and Monica never had intercourse, that's why she called him "a creep", because he
refused to have sexual relations with her. That means he told the truth.

What if a man has intercourse with a woman, but not oral sex.
If he is asked, "Did you get oral sex from her?" and he answers, "No," is he telling the truth?
Of course he is - he answered the question asked.

Rebuttal is welcomed...

 Subject: THANK YOU BC!!!

 ...for taking Rosie to the woodshed for WELL deserved hiding .
 Any day now I expect to hear she has changed her daughter's name from Chelsea to Laura
 I use to look up to her, but no more.


 Feedback from yesterday

U.S. Unemployment Rate jumps hits highest in nearly 8 years - May 3, 2002
Major crime increased in the United States last year for the first time in a decade - June 23, 2002
Dow Jones average Loses 21% of value since W took office

Dear Bartcop,
All of the above is true.  Yesterday, the California Supreme Court gave our companies permission
to provide less benefits for workers over 40, but did we hear one word of outrage from the pink tutus?

But today, when they heard that "under God" was ruled unconstitutional in S.F., the pink tutus broke
all Olympic records to rush outside to recite the pledge with the words "under God" and broke all
Congressional records to pass legislation in protest of the SF court ruling.  As I sit here unable to
get a job for over six months, I had to watch the pink tutus take immediate action on something that
does not make one damn bit of difference to my life or the life of every other unemployed American.
Senator Byrd even went so far as to call the judge "stupid."

No, Senator Byrd, YOU'RE the one that is so DAMN STUPID that you don't know what your
priorities should be!  Bartcop, that whole incident made me sit here and cry in frustration!

9 million Americans out of work?
MCI cooked its books?
Who cares?  It's more important to
break our necks passing legislation
about "under God" and preening in
front of the court steps to prove that
we are patriots. That's more important
to Americans who don't have jobs!
Bush is our hero.


From: Bob Roberts

           AMERICA FOR THE REST OF US!!!!!!

now that i have your attention. YOUR A MORON.

Bob, it's nice to meet you, too, but I think you mean "You're a moron."
I wouldn;'t want people to think you were uneducated.

go take an economics class and youll learn that the economy was
setup to boom no matter who ran the country,

Why, that's not what the Republicans said.
They said Clinton's economic plan was "a guaranteed disaster," remember?

a monkey could have ran it and it still wouldve happened.

No, a monkey was appointed over the will opf the voters and look what happened?
And while that monkey was talking to cows in Crawford Texas, the FBI and CIA
were sending memos that a "big strike" was about to happen soon after Sept 10, 2001.
Too bad that monkey likes talking to cows more than doing the job he was appointed to.

Clinton is the worst thing that ever happened to man-kind let alone the GREAT US of A.
and your not far behind.
Bob Roberts.

Eight straight years of peace and incredible prosperity was the worst thing that ever happened?

Well, ...gosh, ...I guess, ...if you say so.

...and I think you mean, "you're not far behind."

Subject: Rosie/Clinton

Good rant on Rosie the sellout.
But you keep forgetting. EVERY time someone, anyone, mentions Monica,
you HAVE to mention Jennifer Fitzgerald (vaginal sex, not just a blowjob,
plus six weeks in China on the taxpayers' tab), plus Dubya's illegal abortion
for a 15-year old, and that starlet Reagan raped.

Please don't forget again.

Subject: for what it's worth

I suspect you will get some flack about Rosie.  Just to let you know that I agree with you absolutely,
and we need more BartCops.  The Will Pitt piece, "Rip Out Their Lungs", is key here.  And that is why
I've told you from time to time that I'm "the most hated man in America".  I don't even have a family any more.

If any one factor was instrumental in the destruction of Bill Clinton, it was his pro-gay speech (military)
or '92 (or whenever).  So what appreciation does he get?  And what rewards do his detractors reap
from fools like Rosie, who now, apparently, wants to create an unlivable world for all her children?

I wonder sometimes if it's worth trying.  Seems like all these people are idiots.  I can't understand it.

CROSSFIRE (25th) with Carville and Rangle - and BartCop - make live worth living these days.


Subject: Rosie comments

 Enjoy your site, Bartcop, but have to disagree with your comments about Rosie.

 A BJ is sexual relations, so when Bill said he did not have sexual relations with Monica he clearly lied.
 It sure as hell was not reason for impeachment or Ken Starr's vendetta, but let's be honest:
 a bj is sex & Bill lied about it.

 That first green sentence is incorrect, the second green sentence is correct.
 These are lawyers playing word games, and words have meaning.

 Also keep in mind that they intentionally asked gray-area questions.
 They did that so they could drag this onto the evening news for three years.

 If they had asked Clinton, "Did you receive oral sex from Monica on Tuesday
 February 17th between 2 and 3 oclock?" he probably wouldn't answered "Yes,"
 because he would have known that they already knew that he had.But they played
 word games with him so he played back - and won.

 Instead, they choose to play word games, so they could drag this into our living rooms
 for three years. Clinton logically chose the road that would save his presidency and gain
 the favor of the American people. And since he told nobody, they couldn't get him for conspiracy.

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