Thanks for the inspiration

Monday, fired up thanks to you, I went to my state capital and registered
for the primary for my district's congressional seat.  A copy of the press release
I mailed out to the local papers is below.

Keep up the fight, and since paypal sucks, I'll mail you a check to help cover
your part-time war.  (Not too big a check, I have to save up to print some fliers.)

best wishes,

Brian Davis

Brian Hollister Davis for Congress in '02
For Maryland's Second District

Contact: Brian Davis
Tel. (410) 325-1149

"I want to give people a real choice this year," says candidate Brian Davis.

Political newcomer Brian Davis announced his candidacy for Maryland's second
congressional district this week.  A registered Democrat, Davis said he was prompted
to run due to what he saw as a lack of choices in this year's primary.

"Like a lot of Democrats, I'm still angry about the 2000 Presidential election," Davis said.
"I think the voters were cheated out of their clear choice.  I didn't hear any of the candidates
saying they would go to Washington and give the 1,145,782 Marylanders who wanted the
Gore agenda their voice in government back.  So I decided to step up to the plate myself."

Brian Davis, a 34 year old computer support technician for the Baltimore
City Personnel Department, has never run for elected office before.  "As I see it," Davis said,
"people deserve a representative in Congress who understands what they live with every day.
I'm not some political hack who tried to throw hard working people out of their homes in
Middle River.  I'm not a wealthy banker trying to buy the prestige of an elected office.
I'm just a guy living paycheck-to-paycheck, the same as most people in Maryland."

Davis says that if elected, he'll do all he can to help the working people of Maryland.
He hopes to restore the Clinton-era budget surplus by proposing new legislation to keep taxation fair.
"Welfare to corporations will cost Americans more than $170 billion this year, and in war-time
that's just inexcusable.   It's ridiculous that American businesses can open a post office box in the
Caribbean and pay almost no corporate income tax.  If John Q. Smith of Anytown, U.S.A. tried that,
he'd be in prison quicker than you could blink."

"I wish I could guarantee the voters a living wage for any American willing to work, to create new jobs
in manufacturing and farming by pushing renewable energy incentives, and a Canadian style single payer
universal health insurance.  Since I can't make those guarantees, I will promise this.  I'll do everything
I can to speak for the citizens of Maryland and their interests, up to and including standing on top of
my desk in the House of Representatives and shouting at the top of my voice."


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