The JulieFest Video

 By the time I read Bartcop’s trial balloon for JulieFest 2002 on 2/25/02,
 I had been reading Bartcop for over a year. When I think about it, after
 work and my family, I’ve probably spent more time reading Tequila Boy’s
 rants than anything else during that period (a situation that continues to this day!).

 I’m not sure why a NYC boy like myself felt such an immediate rapport with
 an outraged (and outrageous) Oakie, but I did. Maybe it was the occasional
 hints about his background, which suggested a generational affinity. Maybe it
 was his righteous indignation, mixed with his wicked, sometimes fatalistic,
 sense of humor that got me (Koresh knows!). Or maybe it was that he passed
 my occasionally wrong, but mostly accurate - and still trustworthy - BS Detector.
 When I read about JulieFest, I knew he was serious, and I just “knew” it was
 going to happen. I became an early supporter, and I was there on 4/27.

  I would have bought this video, even if it was just “Ernie with the camcorder”
 - I would have done my own video too - another “family vacation” video - but
 my camcorder lay useless that night in my hotel room.  So for a brief moment
 I had doubts about Bartcop’s claims that this video was “professional”.

 I was there, I saw a guy (Ernie?) with a somewhat expensive looking digital
 video camera, and with some cool looking attachments, but come on Bartcop,
 surely you must be jesting - “professional”? But my BS Detector could pick up
 no odor - maybe Ernie got lucky. In any case, I knew that I had to have of copy
 of this, even if it was grainy, out of focus, and wobbly - even if Bartcop was
 exaggerating. If all the video caught were the speeches and some of the energy
 in the room that night, I figured that it would be worth it to me.

 I am here to say, that I will no longer entertain the thought that Bartcop engages
 in hyperbole. When he is dead serious - and you can tell - you can, as someone
 said, “take that to the bank”. If anything, Bartcop is perhaps too modest when
 he talks about this video.

 This video is more like what TV USED to be, when it ran profiles/human interest
 stories about people who really had a story to tell - like when 60 Minutes used to
 do real stories  - before the “dark days” of TV. “Ernie” (actually, amateur film
 maker Kent Bye) did not get lucky, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he
 spent some time editing this to put it into historical perspective. This is not just raw
 footage of the event as it happened, this is the story of why, and how, this event
 happened. If you were an American, and in a coma during the past 10 years,
 you would still be able to understand the importance of this story.

 “Amateur” Kent Bye has, in my opinion, created a fully professional, and profoundly
 important, documentary film.  I received this video on Friday, June 21, 2002. I watched
 it by myself after work that day - I shook with anger, I laughed, I grinned, and yes,
 I got misty eyed. But that’s just me - and I was there. I watched it again later that night,
 with my family, and my parents - who recently arrived from FL for the summer, and they
 weren’t there. They loved the video, they loved Julie, and they were appalled by what
 had happened to her. This video is powerful stuff!

 So, to those who might be sitting on the fence - and if you were there,  I don’t see how
 you could not -  I implore you to get this video. Get this video and show it to your friends.
 Get this video to see what a true American patriot looks like, and what one sometimes
 has to suffer for being one. Get this video, and play it whenever you need to recharge
 your own patriotic “batteries”! You will not regret it.
 Robert C.

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