You're about to see something from Michael Reagan's website.
I'd say it's an 8 or 9 on the porn scale - and it's on Mike Reagan's website.
(Mike being Saint Reagan's son, the man who makes millions parroting
 his father's money-making yada-yada about family values.)

I'm serious,
if you're a grandmother or a kid, this is nearly as far as you can go, porn-wise.
...and it's on Mike Reagan's website.

Besides, it'll trap your browser and you'll have to hit the "x" in the upper right corner,
but this is truly awful, and you'll want to get out as soon as you get there,
...and it's not even Britney Spears in the faked ultra-graphic porno.

Why do I do this?

It's not for the porn value. This has no porn value. It's just sick.
    It's worse than watching a cowboy spit tobacco into a Tiffany flute, and that's a clue.
It's not because I think Ron Reagan is a porn master
   (But if he approved this, the world's going to find out before the sun goes down today :)
No, my best guess is that Ron got a little greedy and accepted a link that wasn't checked out.
   Listen to me - this isn't for you to see. It's for the other former hard rock club owners
   who've seen everything and aren't easily sicked by ultra-degrading group sex.

Here we go:

In my opinion, this is worse than the urine crucifix.
So, you've been warned - don't write and say "How could you?"
I'm exposing Mike Reagan's perversion, his greed, or his hypocrisy, you decide.

From: cvosburg@pacbell.net

Subject: Michael Reagan website provides helpful links to pornography

1. See Michael's site at  reagan.com

2. Click on 'Guest Info' under heading "On the Radio" at left margin.

3. Near the bottom of the list presented is a link purported to lead to Dolly Kyle Browning's website,

4. Prepare to be surprised at where this link leads...


 Pretty sick, wasn't it?

Why would Michael Reagan have that on his site?

Remember: Blame goes to Reagan!
                     If I reveal the Reagan perversion, don't call ME the pervert.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Rush steps in it big time

Just happened to be listening to the truth molester, Rush Limbuagh, and heard something that I'm sure
will come back to haunt.  He brought up the pundit situation with Enron giving money to pundits for serving
on a useless board or for other made up reasons.  Rush was very outraged about this and asked how you
could trust these pundits writing when they are being paid off.

He said that we have names of some of those that have recieved Enron money but only mentioned the one
"liberal", Krugman, that has received this money.  Then he fumbled around and said there where others without
mentioning them.  The obvious reason for this sudden loss of words is becuase the other presently known
recipients are all conservatives, Noonan, Ludlow, Krystol, and a couple of others.  I believe he really opened
a can of worms that is going to haunt the conservatives for some time.

The amazing thing is that Rush was so confident in the stupidity and lack of curiousty of his audience that he
would feel comfortable selectively telling this story to slam liberals when it is in fact obviously a very damning
story for conservatives.  Everytime I listen to this monster I'm more surprised with the complete lack of any
regard for reality in the hunt for bashing liberals and democrats.

Mark, it's even worse than that. According to the Capital Gang, Krug worked for Enron years ago.
He severed all ties when he moved to the NY Times, unlike those whores you listed who were getting
checks LATELY to scream how pure and innocent Enron really is.

...but as far as Rush gambling that his audience is stupid?

How do you think he made his $300 million?

The strange and convenient death of J. Clifford Baxter
 Enron executive found shot to death

  Click  Here

 That a man only two days away from suicide would be considering hiring a bodyguard
 defies belief. But neither the Times nor any other media outlet has raised the possibility
 that Baxter felt his life to be in danger because of what he knew and could divulge about
 the internal affairs of Enron. Men have been killed for much less..

 There are missing billions here.
 Of course the cops shouldn't have made the "quick call" on the suicide.
 Was Katherine Harris helping out?
 Is the Bush Family Evil Empire up to their same old tricks?
 Will they bury Baxter in Florida and dig him up later?
 (That's what Jeb's contributors do in Florida. you know...)


 ...why investigate anything that might "cause irreparable harm to petitioner Bush?"
 The Appointed King is above the law, always has been.

 Above the Constitution, too.

From: (withheld)

Subject: More on Nelson Rockefeller

This is a great story.

A couple of years ago Doris Kearns Goodwin told Imus that when Rocky died he was, in fact, with a hooker.
Not only that, but it seems he had been surgically "modified" so that he could get an erection by using some kind of pump.
The way Doris tells the story, he died, apparently of a heart attack, and the hooker tries to get his penis deflated and can't.

So, she tries to make him look "normal," as he is sitting in a chair, by putting a copy of the WSJ open over the top of
the erection and slippers on his feet. Trouble is, when the cops get there the slippers are on the wrong feet and the
newspaper is upside down.

It doesn't get any better than this...


Bart, yes, I remember the story.
The woman in question was on the Nelson Rockerfeller payroll.

Her job: Art Critic.

I believe her salary was $50,000.
There were several other 'art critics' on his payroll.
$50,000 in 1979 would be like $250,000 today.

I thought at the time, 'Man, imagine what a $50,000 hooker must be like'.
Now I wonder if that's the going rate for having sex with a goofy GOP nutcase fascist.

What would one charge for Ashcroft?

ha ha

So all Clinton had to do was call Monica his "art critic?"

Ever been polled?
Now's your chance!
Take the quiz.

Why The Free Market Failed Enron

 Click  Here  then vote on the right

I voted with the majority.

ha ha

Navy Submarine, Ship Collide Off Oman
Accident: One of the vessels, the USS Greeneville, was involved in a
deadly incident last year that killed nine people aboard a Japanese trawler.

 Click  Here

According to the Navy, fatcat Enron contributors, in fact, were not at the controls this time.

...fatcat GOP contributors from Enron were not at the controls this time.

From: carrell@biochem.wustl.edu

Subject: WKRP episode

You wrote:

> "Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap broke into his studio & stole 'em back."

I'm sorry, but this is wrong.
Please return your pop culture credentials to the front desk.

It is true that Johnny and Venus "watergated" the place, but they got scared off by a siren
(I believe it was a passing ambulance) and got nothing. Herb then went in posing as a gay guy
and got nothing. Then Bailey (hold that thought... mmmmmmmmmmmmm...) and Johnny went in
posing as ex-Playboy model Ginger Gregg and her ex and got the photos.
(sidebar: there was a Ginger Grigg that was a writer or something for the show.)

But thanks for bringing the memory back up.


Nolo contendere...

And it's a good time to remind people that  bartcop.com  is not a research facility.
Hard to believe, but I have been proven wrong on small details, which is not the same
as admitting liability or culpability in the aforementioned allegation.

If you see something on  bartcop.com  don't run with it, check it out.

Friends in High Places
    by  William Rivers Pitt

 Click  Here

 Enron was allowed to fiddle with California's power while lifting their wallets due to the efforts of Senator Phil Gramm,
 Republican of Texas.   Gramm blasted a new law through Congress in 2000 that took the buying and selling of electricity
"off the books," according to Public Citizen researcher Tyson Slocumb.  Before the passage of Gramm's bill, which went
 against the recommendations of then-Treasury Secretary Rubin and Fed Chairman Greenspan, the Federal Energy
 Regulatory Commission had been making noises about price caps because of the extreme energy costs being levied
 against California energy users.  After Gramm's law was passed, attached as it was to a must-sign bill, Enron's energy
 trading moved beyond FERC's oversight powers.  Enron's profits quadrupled in the next quarter.  It should be noted
 that Gramm has accepted some $100,000 in political contributions from Enron during his time in politics.

 ...but this can't be right.

 Gramm said he was retiring to spend more time with his Enron director.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Random Thoughts

I just spend my time here in the North Maine Woods watching the snowfall,
hacking around on the computer and watching the Pats kick ass.
I tell ya if I knew a bookie, at 15 1/2 point spread...

Hey, I'm with you.
I expect the Rams to stomp 'em like ants but I can't give up 15 1/2 points

Oh btw, you know that the Kennebunkport "White House" has it's sewage go
directly to the ocean, it's "grandfathered" when it comes to sea-side septic..
remember that Boston Harbor ad back in 1988, we do!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave, I believe you on that pollution thing.
In Bush's case, "grandfathered" means it was paid for with Hitler's gold.

Last thing?

...it's Kenny-bunkport.

Who do you think paid for that property?

Mrs. Enron says family near bankruptcy
 Linda Lay says husband ‘would do absolutely nothing wrong’

Click  Here

"We can't live on $600 million."

Biggest game of the year!
How many interceptions for touchdowns will Aeneas Williams get?

Send your opinion to 

Friday night, the funniest woman in America, Wanda Sykes,
is doing a pre-game thing on Bourbon Street for Fox Sports.

 You heard it here first 

   Click  Here

 Ted Olson dating so soon?
 What would Betty Bowers say?

Heard on the Mike Malloy Show

Malloy: (Recounts the story of  bin Ashcroft all in a tizzy because the breast of a 1930's aluminum
               statue of "The Spirit of Liberty" was over his left shoulder during a lie session with reporters.)
               More specifically the nekkid boob of the statue, was over his shoulder.

               He wants it covered up ... now ...dammit ... or somebody is going to be sent to Cuba and tortured.

"So, ...we have another Funnyboy, ...this one's on the radio.
  Mike Malloy, ...Mike Malloy...  I've seen that name on a list.
  He was either on the al Qaeda list or the pagan list.

  Mike Malloy, ...Mike Malloy, ...sounds Egyptian.

  Well, ...we can't afford to err on the side on leniency
  so take this Malloy character into custody but don't tell his family.

  We'll torture him and get to the bottom of this.
  I little 'Giuliani time' will loosen his tongue.

  If he's innocent, most of the scars will heal. "

From: Sharon

Subject: Geezer Rock Classics

Hey bartcop,

I was reading the story about Paul and Mick, and thinking about this little problem I have.

My boyfriend has been teaching me bass guitar.  He also plays 6 and 12 string has been trying
to teach me the benefits of simple bass lines a la early Paul McCartney. Stuff like I -V-I (CGC on a C Chord).

He got me a Fender fretless jazz bass and tuned it in fifths (C-G-D-A), since I can't think in fourths,
due to years of classical fiddling.  So I could play it like an extremely large fiddle.

I wish I had Bill Wyman's phone number so I could ask him to teach me the bass line (not just the chords)
to "Start Me Up".  Do you know anyone proficient enough in bass to write it out for me? In bass clef please?


If anyone knows that, send it to Sharon

"I hate to speak in front of porn."

Liberal bias in media is a myth
 Letter to The Advocate; Baton Rouge, La.; Jan 11, 2002;

It seems the liberal-bias myth is rearing its ugly head again. The Advocate has just printed at least two columns
on the subject, by Thomas Sowell and William Rusher. While there is plenty that is wrong with media coverage
in this country, charges of media bias are misleading oversimplifications.

Ten multinational corporations own virtually all broadcast, Internet or print media in this country - General Electric,
Viacom, AOL/Time Warner, Disney, AT&T, News Corp, Liberty, Sony, Bertelsmann, and Vivendi. Who really
thinks Jack Welch or Rupert Murdoch would appoint radical left-wingers to run their businesses? These companies
depend on other big corporations for their advertising revenue - big corporations that don't want news that equates
to bad PR. They also have huge vested interests in parts of the conservative agenda, such as deregulation, that will
further increase their already- vast influence and profits.

Let me make something clear - when the media give saturation coverage to Chandra Levy and her relationship
to U.S. Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., but show no interest in a dead woman (Lori Klausutis) found in the office
of U.S.Rep. Joe Scarborough, R-Fla., that's not liberal bias.

When George W. Bush's DUI became public knowledge, the story became
"Did Al Gore leak the story as a dirty trick?" and not,
"George W. Bush committed a crime, and successfully covered it up for more than 24 years."
That's not liberal bias.

When Lexis-Nexis lists almost 14,000 stories about Bill Clinton's having been a draft dodger, but fewer than
50 stories about George W. Bush's having been AWOL from the National Guard, that's not liberal bias.
When the new administration took office, it demonstrated its intent to "change the tone" in Washington, D.C.,
by smearing the outgoing administration with charges of vandalizing the White House and Air Force One.

Rather than insist on proof, even a single photograph, the media trumpeted these stories 24/7. When this slander
finally wsa debunked by a government investigation, the media quietly retracted the allegations. That's not liberal bias.
When William Rusher has to use 20-year-old statistics to support his claim of liberal bias in today's media, it might
be because there's no current data that support his claims.

A pair of quotes:
First, William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and former chief of staff for VP Dan Quayle
- "I admit it: The liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used
as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures."

Second, Pat Buchanan, who I'm sure needs no introduction to your readers:
"I've gotten balanced coverage and broad coverage - all we could have asked. ...
For heaven sakes, we kid about the liberal media, but every Republican on Earth does that."

Both quotes from Norman Solomon's "Politics: What Is Disinformation?" San Francisco Bay Guardian, Aug. 8, 1996.

S. Healy

Counter Update
  from Marty at BartCop E!

Both the 'Garbage' & 'Michael Dare' pages have received over 1000 hits
(1047 for 'Garbage' & 1486 for 'MD')

I know what this really means.

It means almost 1500 people read that great Michael Dare-John Belushi story,
and the 60 who clicked on the Garbage sample got caught up in it and clicked on it twenty times each.

I'm so deep into this beautifulgarbage CD, the songs are so draining my mind of any concentration,
...and now the lead guitar parts from each song are playing in my head.

Y'know, I have other things to do.
It's hard to think with some damn pop songs rollercoasting thru my small brain....

Consumer Consumption
 by Cliff Downing

“The Strongest Economic Forces in America”

 Click  Here

Black Hawk Down

You know all the hype over the movie and the book Black Hawk Down?
Lot of rightwingnuts are taking some damm cheap shots at Clinton over it.
I heard either Pigboy or Howie Carr say Clinton had blood on his hands because of it.
He should have given them the stuff they needed, tanks, gunships, etc.
He didn't and therefore he killed them.

Well I'm hear to tell ya that ain't so, Joe.

Click  Here


It was Colin Powell who stopped the local commanders from
getting armor and gunships to support the boys on the ground.

There was a recent report that came out by the Senate Armed Services Committee, a GOP-controlled
panel. In it General Downing, a four-star general, was quoted on the record as saying he asked for them
and that General Powell opposed them and the Rangers regard this as having had a significant negative
effect on their ability to deal with that conflict.


Raptous, no it was all Bill Clinton's fault.

Don't you read the papers?

Don't you watch the cable shows?

Here's how it works:

If it went bad, Bill Clinton did it.
If it went good, it was Reagan's leadership from beyond the grave.

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