Under God
   by Jim Higdon


Pull a dollar bill out of you pocket.  Okay, I'll wait...
Well then, see if the Mrs. has one.

How did you know?

Okay.  Now.

The argument that "God" is all over the capitol, money and the Supreme Court, so we ought
to have God in the pledge, doesn't cut it for me.  I'll tell you why.  Look at the back of that dollar.
Look just to the left of "In God We Trust."

You see that pyramid with the eye in it.  That's a Masonic symbol.  It's there because
a good number of the founding fathers were Free Masons, including George Washington.
The fact is that Masonic symbols are just as prevalent as religious symbols throughout
Washington.  Why, the Washington Monument is a Masonic symbol.

Free Masons believe in science, and they believe that God is subject to the laws of Science.
The fact is that Jefferson himself edited his own bible to remove all the "fables" from it.
Our Bill of Rights comes from MASONIC teachings.

I propose we change the pledge to say "under God, as viewed through science,"
and finish it with the end of the Masonic oath, (something along the lines of)
"if I violate this oath, I wish to have my throat slashed, my tongue pull from my throat
by its root, and that I may be buried at the edge of the sea, where the tide meets the shore."

Not only is that a great oath for our kids to recite, it gives it a little more umph.
Of course the religious right wing may have some trouble with this, because many
of the religions in the right wing feel that Masons are close to being a Satanic cult,
and they don't care much for the science part either.

But by the same logic used by the Chimp King, and at least 99 of our
functioning 99 senators, it belongs in the oath.

Jim H.

Jim, I'm with you, but science is Kryptonite to religion.
They won't ever let the word "science" get in the same sentence as "God."

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