"Many observers believe that the 2000 presidential election story is over and dead.
 I don't.    Rather, I think these events are going to return to haunt future elections,
 not to mention the Senate confirmation hearing of the next nominee to fill any vacancy
 on the Supreme Court. For example, after reading these books, I would not be surprised to
 discover that Enron's political largess was somehow involved in the Florida vote-counting debacle."
    -- John Dean, who knows about crooked Republican administrations.

 John, you need to read more  bartcop.com
 Enron PAID for Bush's Florida rape with a $100,000 donation to pay Baker & the mobsters.

 Bush returned the favor to Enron with a $250 million tax rebate

 Thanks to Jim in Rochester for the assist

From: jjtest@ismi.net

Subject: A challenge for Bartcop

My fiancé doesn’t understand why I’m always bitching about the GHP.
She is a Democrat, but seems to favor the pink tutu crowd.  When complaining about my ranting,
she says that I have nothing nice to say about any Repug, which tells her that I’m too biased.

So here’s the challenge:
Can you list 5 truly good deeds done by someone with an (R) after their name?
I think it would be a good demonstration of your “fair and balanced” reporting.

 I can say some good things about Republicans in general:

1. They don't stab their president in the back.
    Unlike the idiot Democrats, they stand behind their man, even when he's wrong.

2. They're not scared bunnies wearing pink tutus.
    Our side sits around trembling, waiting for Mr. Rove to give us orders.

3. They stand up for what they believe in.
    Democrats don't have a goddamn clue what they believe in.
    And if they did, Rush would straighten them out and they'd thank him for his help.

4. They vote as a block, which is a tremendous help to their president.
    Clinton's biggest problem was convincing the Democrats to vote with him.

5. They have balls.
    Even tho they don't allow blacks and gays and they hate women, they SAY they do,
    and they almost won the 2000 election on bravado alone. Meanwhile, the trembling skirt
    Democrats won the damn election, but they didn't have the cajones to claim victory

 How did I get in a party of pitifully scared losers?

You are no Franklin Roosevelt
The media’s laughable comparison of Bush and FDR

 Click  Here

 A new media tic -- likening George W. Bush to FDR -- is already so widespread
 that it's apt to become a conditioned reflex of American journalism.

 By the time Bush gave his State of the Union speech, countless reporters and pundits
 had proclaimed GWB and FDR to be kindred inspirational leaders -- wildly inflating
 the current president's media stature in the process.

 Ain't that the damn truth?
 The paid-for whores of the right so dominate the print and broadcast media,
 people who fail to pay attention might believe that it's true.

From: dfalchek@teisprint.com

Subject: Reno Wacks Blacked Out Bushes

Gotta love Janet Reno. She passes out at the podium. When met with a barrage of "fitness to run"
questions as she leaves the hospital, she takes shots at two generations of blacked-out Bushes.

"Well, George Bush Sr. fainted at a dinner," she told a reporter who asked if she is STILL going to run against Jeb.

As they continued to question her health and condition, she quipped:
"I'm great. At least I don't bump on my cheek."

She said it wryly, like everyone knows Smirk's fall was BS.
Encouraging..... Maybe Janet can show Democrats how to fight like men.

(Considering Jenna, Barb the Lesser, and Noelle,
  losing consciousness must be some family sport -- like croquet.)

 ha ha

 Down by Law:  Government Gangsterism at Work
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 During the last few months, at least 6,000 people have vanished off the streets of the United States.
 Kidnapped by government agents, they have no idea when-or if-they will be released from prison.
 The Bushies say these people overstayed their visas, that they have links to Al Qaeda, that they
 don't wash their hands after using the toilet, that America is safer because they're behind bars.
 Is any of this true?

 Who knows? Since they haven't been granted access to lawyers or allowed to call their families,
 no can talk to them. Bush says they have no rights because they're not American citizens.

 ...meanwhile $4 TRILLION dollars has disappeared from the Treausry.

 Al, why didn't you fight for us?
 You promised you'd fight, but you laid down, instead.

Consumer Consumption
 by Cliff Downing

“A complete loss for words”  Part 2

 Click  Here

 From: An Aussie reader

 Subject: Arthur Anderson

 Phewee is it hitting the fan for Andersen!

 In Australia we were feeling a little insulated from the Enron debacle, but now the headlines
 in the paper are about Andersen and  HIH insurance.  HIH's collapse was the largest in Aussie history
 - a loss of multiple billions - and it turns out - you guessed it - Andersen gave them a clean bill of health
 3 months before their complete and utter collapse.


 If this keeps up "Andersen" is going to be a synonym for "fuck up"!

 I tried to watch Bush's State of the Union - but man - they interrupt him every other word
 for a standing ovation - that's not a speech.  I couldn't watch it.


 Rick (and Michelle)
 I didn't even watch it, tho I know it was my job :)

 I popped in during commercials and Smirk would say,
 "It's wrong to leave a small child behind," and the idiot GOP would spring to their feet
 with this forced applause/cheering charade that was phonier than those new Bush budget numbers.

 Thanks for the report.

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