I Do Not Pledge My Allegiance
    by DLH

Define "allegiance."  Go ahead.  Look it up.  I'll wait.
Look up "pledge" while you're at it.  It's not a furniture polish.
I do not pledge my allegiance to a piece of colored cloth (or paper).  I pledge my honor and loyalty to the ideals
upon which this country was founded.  I do not owe my duty to a symbol or a myth.  I owe my devotion to my family,
friends, and homeland -- those whom, and that which, has nourished and protected me.
I do not live in a country under, or defined by, somebody's mythology.  I live in a nation created specifically to be free
from the tyranny of religion.  We have seen the horrors of equating justice and morality to that idiocy called "god,"
in whatever language -- not only in third-world dictatorships that still murder people (especially women) for disobeying
some paranoid schizophrenic's demands, but even in our own country, when they once burned people (especially women)
to death simply for living alone except for a cat.
I am a true patriot.  I object to demanding that children pledge their allegiance to a myth and a lie, not only because
that demand was instituted because of a witch-hunter nearly as evil as the Bush Crime Cabal, but because it is a
violation of the principles upon which this once-great country was founded.  Those who would demand a child's
worship of that myth and lie are traitors to those principles, and as malevolent as any dictator from Nero to Hitler.
This is NOT a nation "under god," by any name.  This is a nation founded upon, and guided by, the Constitution
of the United States.  Those who violate the principles of that Constitution are the Enemy.
Look up "against all enemies, foreign and domestic."  Those who would force a child to pledge their allegiance
to a myth and a lie -- a nation "under god" -- who use their power to violate the principles of the Constitution
-- are more dangerous to our nation than any foreign enemy.  They should be tried for treason, and executed.

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