Granted, this is probably more suited for MWO,
 but I got pissed off watching Howie giving Bush non-stop Monica.

 Here's how Howie starts the show:

 Welcome to RELIABLE SOURCES, where we turn a critical lens on the media.
 I'm Howard Kurtz, and later in the program, are the media unfairly tying
 President Bush to business disasters from Enron to WorldCom?
 Already, you can tell Howie is worried that his man is being treated unfairly.
 He's two sentences into the program and he's already jettisoned his objectivity.

 Here's a few snips of Howie whining and begging the media to back off Bush.
 Catching a crooked president in on-going felonies in office would be a great story,
 but they don't want a great story - they want their money traion to keep chugging.

 OK, Howie, give us that "critical lense" your promised.

 KURTZ: President Bush talking about the WorldCom debacle last week and
               joining us now two White House correspondents, Dana Milbank of the
               "Washington Post" and Martha Brant of "Newsweek".

               Dana Milbank, you wrote the other day that these mounting corporate
               scandals might scratch Bush's Teflon, but why report it before it happens?
               Wishful thinking on your part?

 Can you believe that?
 Cable spent entire shows on crappola like: "What if Monica had become pregnant?"
 even tho every bit of testimony supports ther FACT that he never had intercousre with her.
 Did Howie whine about the media getting ahead of themselves then?

 KURTZ: This was Paul Krugman in "The New York Times", also "Salon" magazine
                resurrecting a 1989 incident in which the SEC looked at George Bush's sale of stock
                in Harken Energy while he was a director of that company. He was ultimately cleared
                by the SEC. This was 13 years ago. Is it fair for the press to resurrect that now?
 Howie, if I was there, I'd slap you.
 You guys went after Clinton for checks he wrote in the goddamn seventies, and you're whining
 that Bush is being questioned about crimes he committed in 1989?  What's wrong with you?
 And the SEC that "cleared" Usurper was his Daddy's SEC!
 Did you forget that, Howie?

 KURTZ: But where is the evidence that George Bush's history as an oilman or his contributions
               from industry have anything whatsoever to do with the misaccounting (ph), as he put it.
               Other people would call it evidence of fraud at WorldCom, at Enron, at Arthur Andersen,
               Tyco, Xerox. I mean these things - this has been going on for years, why blame the president?

 Protect, Howie. Protect!

 KURTZ: Any downturn in the economy will hurt any president, just as presidents get blamed, get credit
               when the economy is going well. But isn't there a media subtext here? The narrative for Bush
               has always been in the pocket of big business and so forth. Isn't the press trying to rope him
               into these corporate scandals?

 No, the press has been protecting this Illegitimate Fraud since he announced his candidacy.
 Jesus, the press won't even ask Bush how many felonies he was caught doing in his life.
 Worse, they KNEW he was the stupidest man to ever run for president and they invented
 "Gore the serial liar" to have something to write about.

 Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer and others keopt telling us what "fantastic command" Bush had
 on foriegn policy matters when the handjob can't find Europe on a map!
 Look at your words, Howie!
 Look how you're doing everything you can to protect the man who lost the election.

 KURTZ: But another subtext is Bush has appointed, as Democrats would put it, a bunch of regulatory
               foxes to be in charge of the chicken coop and they're not cracking down. But the problem with
               that storyline is that a lot of this misaccounting, this hiding, inflating of profits and hiding of costs
               took place during the Clinton administration years, which they also didn't crack down on this sort of ...

 When you're losing the debate on the facts, drag Bill Clinton's name into it.
 Howie, could you possibly be more of a whore on the Bush payroll?

 KURTZ: Do you think it was fair for reporters Wednesday to pepper Ari Fleischer with questions
               about this 1989 SEC case involving George W. Bush?
 Of course it's not fair, Howie!
 But it was plenty fair to pepper Clinton's spokespeople about Monica's tongue, right?
 You guys played the whore for YEARS inside Clinton's zipper, but when Resident Dim Son
 screws a few thousand investors on an insider stock deal to line his already-rich pockets,
 it's none of our business, right Howie? What were those reporters thinking?

 KURTZ: Now conservative commentators, Martha Brant, Rush Limbaugh and others, have tried to
               blame some of the recent corporate scams and meltdowns on Bill Clinton. They say he set
               a bad example for the country. He showed he could lie and get away with it, so is that a reverse
               kind of "let's drag in the political figure we don't like and pin the tail on him."

 KURTZ: You're saying there's no parallel ...situation between Monica Lewinsky
                and WorldCom's $4 billion of misstated profit?

 Make him stop!
 He's giving Monica to Rush so Rush will play that clip on his hate show today.
 Pigboy doesn't come on here until 1 PM and I GUARANTEE that clip makes today's show.
 Howie knew if he quoted Ego-Boy that he'd get a mention, so he whores out again.
 And Howie, when you said the underlined sentence, thanks for being "fair."

 To suggest Bush isn't the most braxen and bald-facved liar EVER top sit in the Oval Office
 is just another example of Howie earning his check from the B.F.E.E.

 Then the subject changed, so Howie stopped lying.



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