BIG-Time Bonus Issue

 Bush Smells Like Old Money
  In which Dubya and Dick snicker at
  corruption charges, and the war excuse weakens

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 You just know we're at war because clearly there is just no room for
 accusations of Bush's former corporate wrongdoings or economic bilking, or
 of Cheney's simply astonishing connection to the oleaginous Halliburton
 corporation, which signed a cool $73 mil worth of oil deals with Iraq while
 Dickie was still CEO just a handful of years ago. Whoops, shhh. War.

Subject: Bears Run Wild As Bush Is Compared To Hoover

It's like 1929 all over again with George W. Bush at the helm instead of Herbert Hoover.
Wall Street suffered yet another major sell off today as investors continue to panic.
Bush spoke to Wall Street only yesterday to try to calm fears and avoid a major selloff like the one today.

A little over 2 years ago, under Bill Clinton, the DOW closed at 11,723 (1-14-00).
Today, the DOW closed at 8,813, and that's a drop of 2,910 points or 24.8%.

A little over 2 years ago, under Bill Clinton, the NASDAQ closed at 5,049 (03/10/00).
Today, the NASDAQ closed at 1,346, and that's a drop of 3,703 points or 73.3%.

Losses of this magnitude would have made Herbert Hoover resign. George W. Bush has been
in office only 18 months. We cannot afford to leave him in office for another 30 months or everyone
will be on welfare. Given the present state of our economy and the huge budget deficit, which was a
huge surplus under Clinton, perhaps George W. Bush should resign.  He could let a more capable
leader get us out of this recession, which soon will become a depression if fortunes aren't reversed
immediately. Now is the time for Bush to get patriotic and do the right thing for all of America and resign.

Greg Whitman
Columbus, Ohio

 Bush Not Tough Enough
        by Lou Dobbs

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 President Bush's first mistake was flying to New York to deliver his speech
 on Wall Street. The problem of endemic corporate abuse is no longer a
 Wall Street problem, it is a Main Street problem.

 As the CEO of the American people, the President should have required that
 the heads of leading business groups and the stock exchanges come to Washington
 and meet in his office to hear his demands, on behalf of American investors.

Subject: Smirk smirked all the way through

You didn't happen to notice that our favorite Wonder Chimp smirked his way through
the entire Wall Street "reform" speech.  When he said CEO's would be held accountable
he broke out into a big smirk and lowered his head to hide his lying demeanor from the cameras.
All throughout the rest he was fighting his own smirky instincts, trying to grimace whenever a
smirk was about to surface, speaking to his notes and the lectern, not the microphone or cameras.
Find a copy of the video, you'll see.

Apparently Wall Street picked up on it, showing it's confidence in Smirky by hitting it's
lowest levels since 9/11, and beyond.  Even they know the SOB-in-chief is lying, and
things will not get better anytime soon.  But what I'd like to know is when was the last time
the Dow was this low previous to 9/11?  I think it hit it's big low during Poppy's reign and
saw steady upticks immediately upon Clinton's inaugural, but I don't remember.
Wanna throw that one out to the group?

Thanks, and keep the faith.

 A Time for Dissent in America
    by Richard Reeves

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 The presidency seems to be going to George Bush's head. With each morning's
 paper or evening's news, depending on your preference, our leader is jumping up and saying truly
 extraordinary things, some of them preposterous, some stupid, some terrifying.

This is Field Marshall Ashcroft.
We got a runaway member of the press.
His name is Richard Reeves and he's Al Qaeda!
I can smell it on him!  Send the Torture Chopper!
Fly his ass to Cuba and give him "Guiliani Time!"

 Foxes, Henhouse
    by Eric Alterman

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"And second, if “W” has miraculously seen the light and realized that “self-regulation is not enough”
 when it comes to big business, just what the hell is going on with his environmental policy? Why can
 these same liars and thieves be trusted not to dump illegal pollution into our air and water when we
 know they are stealing their investors blind every chance they get? The only drama left here,
 is whether the media intends to let him get away with it."

Of course they tanked. Wall Street loves this loser,
but they won't bet on him like they bet on Clinton.
Maybe they're into "buying opportunities"

Subject: George W. Bush

To the Editor--

Has the Washington Post chosen the year of the 30th anniversary of Watergate
to quietly drop its claim to being an aggressive source of investigative reporting?

I could understand this move if, in retrospect, you decided you and certain of
your "newspeople" had gone overboard in unfairly hyping the admitted lapses
of the Clinton years and of the purely partisan Watergate investigation which you,
wittingly or dimwittedly, aided and abetted. If that is the case, please announce
your decision to the world and apologize to the Clintons, and I will say no more.

If, however, you still claim the role of investigative watchdog, please unleash the
"dogs", and your vaunted attack-mode editorial staff, and point them toward the
Bush Administration. God knows they (Bush himself, Cheney, Pitt, White etc, etc)
have given you enough material to fill your pages for years to come.
Where is the outrage?, to coin a phrase. I follow the Post closely, and I still have hope,
but your performance over the past 8 to 10 years falls far short of the proud tradition
of excellence I remember so well.   Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Baxter,

  Veterans have a friend in
 Veterans Speak

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 As a veteran, I am amazed that any veterans group would allow
 "awol" Bush or "I had other priorities" Chaney to speak in front of them.
 I know these two have no shame, but where's the outrage?

 Bill Clinton built the economy so strong that millions of men left the military.
 Many of them went from making less than minimum wage to $60K a year,
 and they HATE him for it.  But Reagan and Poppy Bush, who screwed them
 so they could enrich the already-rich, are their heroes and that's crazy.

 Bill Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home
 and the military wants to scream "faggot" at him as a reward.

Subject: McVeigh, religion, and his reasons

You may remember that Tim picked his bombs-away date with care: April 19,
the anniversary of the Waco conflagration. I put it to you that Tim's mass murder,
ultimately, was revenge in the name of self-appointed child-screwing messiah and
all-around knucklehead David Koresh and his particular brand of religion.

Excellent point!
Another religious mass murder

The Waco conflagration was a turning point of sorts for Tim, crystallizing his
anti-government sentiment into a decision to "do something." Naturally, he had
a great deal of help from the right in this: a steady fact-free diet of radio propaganda,
"troo fax" xeroxed pamphlets and videos about the Waco incident and the Ruby Ridge
standoff, NRA fundraising brochures about the governement's plan to take everybody's
guns away, and ever-helpful militia members he'd meet at gun shows who no doubt threw
more fuel on the fire.

All of which conspired to shout endlessly at him, "Do It! Do It! Do It!" like a crowd
gathered beneath a man on a ledge. Shameful, and the Rush Limbaughs and
Linda Thompsons of this world, in inciting this madness, have much to answer for.

Lastly, an excerpt from a Time interview (Begala said he was an atheist:)

TIME: Are you religious?

MCVEIGH: I was raised Catholic. I was confirmed Catholic. Through my military years,
I sort of lost touch with the religion. I never really picked it up, however I do maintain core beliefs.

TIME: Do you believe in God?

MCVEIGH: I do believe in a God, yes. But that's as far as I want to discuss.
If I get too detailed on some things that are personal like that, it gives people
an easier way alienate themselves from me and that's all they are looking for now.

Yes, we wouldn't want anybody to feel alienated from Tim.
 Chris V

by Wizard of Whimsy

 Subject: Moon claims to be Messiah
 Evil news for evil times.

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 Moon lost it. I saw a blurb on C-Span about how Moon is
 taking out 7,000 word ads proclaiming himself the messiah.
 Supposedly he is the messiah in the four great religions.

 Unfortunately I can not find the ad. I did find the link below.
 From the link Moon has been making these strange claims for quite a while.

 I wonder, does this make the Washington Times the voice of God?


 Sure it does, and if Christians had any sense, they'd be worried about
 Moon's friends in the B.F.E.E. making Moonism the mandatory American religion.

 Subject: The secret of pool


 I play pool like you, and I posted this up to the Billiards Digest bulletin board.
 Thought you'd be interested. I called it "Learn all 3 cuts!"

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 Note: I love a post with numbers

  U. of Ottawa Professor Says Evidence Shows
 U.S. Helped Plan 9-11 Attacks

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 In a question and answer session after the lecture, not one audience member
 questioned that the Bush Administration needed the attacks in order to mobilize
 public support for a war to control Central Asian oil reserves and the cash
 from the Afghani opium trade.

Lucky me, I hit the trifecta!

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